Why Witchcraft is Home


Have you ever noticed it? We may find it when we are blending incense or creating new potions. It is that space of knowing, where nothing else matters except that very moment. We pour our ingredients from the heart, and we have our energetic vibrations attuned to each one. We are home. It is that moment of pure bliss, of working in unison, and wholeness is found right where we are. Witchcraft is home because we become more rooted, we connect with our own rituals of living, and we reclaim our innermost wisdom.

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One of the ways witchcraft feels like home is its ability to foster rootedness. It allows (even encourages us) to look at the ways in which we are not currently rooted into ourselves or connected with our ancestors. It is this slow ‘down’, downward, into the rich soil that connects us to our ancestors, ourselves, and the Earth.

We can attune to the ways our ancestors were in relationship with the land, with phases of the moon, with the seasons.

This rootedness allowed an inner knowing for when to plant crops, which plants were medicine, and how to use them to heal each other. This rootedness and relationships are one of community. Of a tribe grounded in relationship with plants, stones, seasons, and each other that fosters joy even in times spent navigating hardships.

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Witchcraft is home because it is a reminder that there is no one right way to live.

When we can grasp that our relationships are ours and are based on our experiences plus perceptions, we become more open to the possibilities of rooting deeper within ourselves. Witchcraft is home because it is a reminder that the ancestors walk next to us every single day as we foster our own rituals of living.

Rituals of Living

Witchcraft is more. Of everything. It is more than just a practice. It’s more than just what we do every single day. It’s more than a habit and it’s more than just what you can be productive at. Witchcraft is home of the wild, the unknown, and is the space encouraging our own curiosity.

It is a home with the space created for our own intuitive understanding of the meaning of relationship.

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We see it with correspondences and when we are getting deeply in communion with the other spirits of this world. The relationships are present in our potions, our incense blends, our knowing of what medicines work to treat what ailment, and what astrological force presides over that ailment. Our lives become a ritual of wholeness, our home in witchcraft becomes the sacred medicine that guides us to live life on our own terms. We learn to open the closets and remember the secret passageways. It is our initiation. Our witchcraft is the home where we can intentionally investigate those dark places to reclaim our wisdom.

Reclamation of Inner Wisdom

Our home, the places that we call ‘home’, is where we lay down our shield. Our armor. We are accepting of who and what we are. Home is where we are safe to dive deeply into those depths. We can face the things that required the armor in the first place. Witchcraft can guide us through our radical acceptance of shame, guilt, and fear without retribution. Our Goddesses and the Universe guide us forward, lighting the way so that we can feel even more at home in our witchcraft and in our skin. Witchcraft allows us to make a mess and then learn how to clean it up.

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Witchcraft connects me to my purpose and my passion, allowing me to connect with others who were wanting to walk the same path.

Reclaiming our wisdom requires the rootedness, it requires the ability to own where we are, and to radically accept that our nature reflects the spark of the divine. It is then that we open the door to deeper knowing. We can reclaim the practice of sitting with a plant for hours before we are able to really understand its properties.

We learn to be multilingual, reclaiming the wisdom that has been there all along.

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Such as the inner knowing of how a crystal can help clear a space, how creating a rite using this specific symbol will be more powerful, and then reading those same things you already knew from scientists to affirm just how much wisdom you carry in your bones already. Witchcraft becomes the home to your own wisdom, your ability to perceive and experience things in your own way. That’s the beauty of witchcraft, no two experiences must be the same for both to still be valid. This is why Witchcraft is home for many of us.

A candle and a key,


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Awaken The Ancestors

As the veil between worlds thins and sunlight wanes, the time of deep Witch’s work begins. Many of us are turning inward, getting rooted a little more deeply, and we are every bit closer to those who made us. They echo through the veil and through time and space.

They reverberate in our blood with every heartbeat.

We have ancestors, spirits of place and land, and the spirits of who we no longer are because of who we are becoming. Any one of these can provide a connection that supports our awareness and our work. As we awaken the ancestral tribe echoing within, we can traverse the thinning veil where they may shine a light on the path to greater becoming.

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Of the Ancestral Tribe

Whether we know our roots or just starting to grasp what it has taken to bring our spirit into a genetically coded body, the ancestral tribe can be both a source of strength and detriment. We can connect better by seeing symbolically through the lens of our own ‘root’, the first chakra. This is where the first echo begins, when we know that there is something tribal or of our animal nature (survival) that is preventing us from thriving in ways that align with our intentions.

It is here that they show up as strength, echoing for our attention on what we need to release into the earth during this season to create the space of growth in the next.

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Of the Earth

The prelude of this journey at the Autumn Equinox allows us to get into connection with the land where we reside and where we perform our own sacred rites. We see the landscape changing, dropping the leaves that make space for new growth and we see seeds falling to earth from which they will sprout. Our journey with spirits of land and place mirrors the journey of honoring our own cycles of spiritual release, rootedness, retrieving nourishment, and regeneration. The spirits of land and place connect with us deeply if we are open to the messages and it is complementary to the echoes of our own mighty dead.

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Of Becoming

There are many layers and journeys of becoming. I wish I could say there is a magical formula I wield that allows for one and done spells of becoming. The cycles and patterns of nature, of humanness, require a dynamic interchange between where we are now, where we have been, where we are going, and our experiences in those places of being.

It is a liminal space of standing at the center and awakening all the people we have ever been.

It is noticing the amazing spectrum of where and who we have been that allows us to take a present-day inventory of any remnants of the past still lingering with us that no longer belong. It is a sacred time-walking journey of releasing back to the past those things that do not align with our intentional life we are building in the future.

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The Preparations

In witchery, it is often a learned practice to slow ourselves down through meditation, the use of plant allies and their sacred smoke, or shamanic drumming and breathwork. It could be any number of things utilized to create a space of awareness required to listen deeply. Here are some possible tools that may help to get into that space:

An Incense

Certain plant spirits can help calm, soothe, and encourage our ability to see. One of my favorite ways to connect is through using a mix of Lavender, Mugwort, a small amount of Benzoin, and Yarrow. This can also be used as an offering for those who we will be calling forward for guidance.

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An Oil

The great thing about oils is that they can be used for so many things, but my favorite is using it to anoint objects and myself. Try creating an oil with Mugwort, Bay Leaves, Rosemary, and Lavender. Whether you choose to heat over low heat (never boiling) to coax the medicine out of the plants for your journey or choose to let the plant material diffuse in a jar in a dark place for days, this is an amazing third eye blend.

Awaken the Ancestors

Prepare yourself as you would for any deep work, lighting incense, creating your protected space, doing breathwork, or simply by having space and time to yourself for 20-30 minutes. Once you are in a space of calm and ready to connect, anoint your third eye with an oil.

Ask the ancestors to awaken and provide wisdom.

Ask the spirits of land and place to be with you and receive your offerings.

Call forward the past versions of self that will welcome the pieces you still hold on to that no longer align with who you are becoming.

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Imagine them sitting around you. Do you smell anything different? Has the energy changed? Open yourself up to receive their messages, continue to breathe deeply knowing you are grounded, you are safe, and you are connecting. Once you have received their messages, offer the ancestors and spirits of land and place some of the incense before they depart. The past versions of self, offer them thanks and incense for who they are and speak what you will be returning to them soon.

Once you are done and back in everyday consciousness, write down the messages you have received. Sit with it over the next few weeks as the veil continues to thin. Take note of any dreams that you have during this time as more messages may come forward.

A candle and a key,


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Meet Me at the Cauldron

We gather wisdom in circles, you can find us in the forest

We gather inspiration around the cauldron, you can find us near the flames

We all provide a piece of the potion, we are wild and untamed.

Photo by JalynBryce via Pixabay

The Wheel of the Year continues to turn, and we are in the amazing Libra season of balance. As day and night balance, turning towards darkness in the northern hemisphere, I am reminded that the season gives way to renewal and rebirth. We all go inward, but for the first time in a very long time, I feel called to gather around the cauldron with others.

The pandemic has made it difficult for most to gather around an actual cauldron, but also easier to connect to others. Gathering around the cauldron of a mystical internet platform video call may not feel very intimate, but it has created the space for others separated by great distances to join us in adding their part of the potion of wisdom that we can all share.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

The Language and Layers of Symbols

The word cauldron, the root being Proto-Indo-European ‘kele’, is a type of pot or kettle. The root word means warm or ‘to shout’. The root is also associated to words such as council, declare, proclaim, reclaim, and reconcile. The root reflects in it the layers of symbolism, the image, the metaphor, of the power of gathering around the cauldron. Anderson (1995) quotes Arsem, implying usage of the cauldron (among other images of the witch) is multilayered from domestic uses by women to women who are powerful and feared by men:

“…these images are simply the activities of women’s work through the centuries – cooking, preparing remedies, making clothing, and cleaning. But they are also images in European and New England folklore, fairy tales, and mythology that are associated with the Crone. They are images of powerful women, wise women, and women who are feared by men.”

Rituals and mythologies of women gathering around the cauldron, of carrying the cauldron within, are not regional specific. We see it the story of Cerridwen, we see it in the gathering of Korekore women as described by Dr. Tererai Trent (2017). The cauldron is a metaphor for a place of birthing, creating, healing, and really seeing each other. When witches gather around the cauldron, it is the birthing place of change energetically, within and without.

Photo via Pixabay

To reflect this in a deeper sense, Crosby (2000) uses “Cauldron” in the title of her book on feminine spirituality and literary works of reclamation of herstory. The cauldron, as the symbol of life, death, and regeneration where she states “wise women, the witches who combine the varied ingredients of myth, history, searching, pain, and hope as they concoct their potions. The fire of imagination transforms these elements into a brew that empowers those who dare to drink from the cauldron. The reader, having drunk this potion, sees herself and her world with new eyes, and takes her own place as the creator of change.”

When We Gather

I find it important to note that when we gather, we become rooted like trees in that moment together. Like the mycelium that connects trees, we can each provide to the other that which is powerful enough to nourish, to allow a deepening where needed, and be connected to each other.

It is how we initiate change and not just around the cauldron.

It is how we re-member.

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

We call back to us that which has been lost, we return to that cauldron that which must be transformed, and we walk away closer to wholeness each time. In whatever way we choose to connect, I have found the most important part of gathering is just showing up with the openness to finding a tribe.

A candle and a key,


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Feature Image Credit: cottonbro via Pexels


Anderson, J. D., & Arsem, M. (1995). Cauldron, spinning wheel, broom: The spinning tales series of Marilyn Arsem. Null, 15(3), 244-254. https://doi.org/10.1080/10462939509366119

Crosby, J. C. (2000). Cauldron of changes: Feminist spirituality in fantastic fiction. McFarland.

Trent, T. (2017). The awakened woman: A guide for remembering & igniting your sacred dreams. Enliven Books.

Spirited Season of The Witch

I felt her through the breeze

That spinning of the wheel

I saw her dancing with the leaves

The fallen are her seal

I heard her nails on the trunks of trees

As I prepare her meal

What I love the most about witchcraft and my own personal practice is that there is no one right way to do things. This weekend, I found myself deeply invested in time with my home and the land where I have made my house a home. The warmth has given way to coolness and the leaves have begun their yearly descent. I found the first of her gifts to me, reminding me that there is not a specific time to begin my own deep journey through the spirited season of darkness.

Photo by Nietjuh via Pixabay

Most of us are preparing for the Autumn Equinox (and have been for weeks!), a time for coming together in celebration, veneration, and planting dreams we will harvest in the next season. I love the community and connections I have built and that have been brought forward through time. However, the first acorns and first pine cones along my path remind me that my personal journey starts now. It waits for no one and at a cellular level, my body is humming the witch’s prelude to an inner song of going within.

The Hearth, The Home, The Land             

The prelude to this song is one of the hearth and the home. As much as I would love to go collect all the leaves and create beautiful pretties to decorate my home, this modern witch spent time cleaning and decorating her space with well thought-out, store-bought decorations. The decorations are imbued with intention (and various plant spirits or oil) and arranged on the hearth, altars, doors, and entrance ways. The incense is lit as an offering to invite the Season in. I walk around my home, speaking to her in a love language of deep appreciation, allowing the incense to waft throughout.

Photo by Author

I find my way outside, keeping the incense going, and begin to prepare for the descent. I clean off a special place on the land, clearing the leaves and the witch’s balls that I adore. I reflect and meditate on the past season, the work, the joy, the challenges, and really feel out into the energetic landscape of my life over the last year:

  • What has it taught me?
  • What do I feel in my blood and in my bones for this inner working time that comes with the spinning of the wheel?
  • What do I need to release?
  • What will this release leave space for?
  • How can I use this space to reclaim any pieces of my witch’s spirit and power?
  • Does the spirit of the land, where I sit now, have any messages for me?

The Personal Spinning of The Wheel

Maybe you have felt the breeze of change through the leaves and are unsure what that energy is, that humming under your own skin. Maybe you feel a little stuck in your practice because this year has still been full of challenges and uncertainties for so many of us. One thing is for sure, you know exactly what you need, listen deeply. As you sink into your own Spirited Season of The Witch, I hope your prelude to the song of the dark season comes through loud and clear!

A candle and a key,


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Full Moon Roots

As the second full moon in Aquarius comes upon me, I can feel the full energy of its airy nature drawing out the need for going within. As the outward season also begins to shift, it seems that the full moon is illuminating the need to prepare for this next cycle of rootedness.

The Wheel Spins

The harvest is in full swing in my little piece of the world. I am deeply engaged with the spirit of gratitude, but there is something else just beneath the surface asking me to connect deeper. The wind whispers through the trees as they drop their leaves to finish telling me the secrets of letting go. The seeds hitting the soil, reminding me that coming back to the Earth is where the greatest sustenance is found. I find myself, hands and feet in the mud, contemplating the ways in which I must go within to connect deeper with those buried passions longing to grow roots of their own.

Photo by Yan Krukov via Pexels

Going Within

 As the outside world is heading into the fallow, I know I must go within to find the fallow as well. This full moon will be a ritual of going within to illuminate those dormant seeds, to plant them within the fertile knowingness of what lies on the other side of fallow: the spark and desire that allow the roots to grow deeper, stretch further, and the outward expression of bringing my passions to life.

The Layers

Before we dive into the Full Moon Ritual of Rootedness, the layers of ritual and spell work require a deeper understanding and connection to each part. Will your ritual be successful without this understanding? Yes. Will it be more powerful with this deeper understanding of the layers? So. Much. Yes.

Photo by nightowl via Pixabay

The Moon

The moon corresponds to that glorious receptivity of our inner nature, our deepest truths. Although there are many phases, the Full Moon illuminates the sky and has the ability to illuminate those truths that we may hide from the rest of the world. If we are receptive to the energy, we can draw this down into the ritual for our use.


Every element has a mode of expression: fixed, mutable, and cardinal. It has correspondence to the wheel of the year and to astrological signs. Our astrological signs also have planetary rulerships that allow deeper understanding to the way in which the energies are expressed or how we can harness them fully.

 I like to think of them as keys, the more doors I open, the more truth and understanding I find.

Aquarius is the water bearer and Fixed Air. Water provides life-giving properties on Earth and is associated with our deeper emotional natures. If we think of correspondences of air, it is our thoughts, ideas, communication, and at fixed mode we can see the conceptualization nature of air. It is the drawing down from ethers, a bringing inward towards solidity and realization. Things are no longer flying around out there as thoughts, we are awakened to a deeper need to bring it solidly into being for ourselves. It is this down and in movement indicative of the season we are going into, recognition of what we desire, and the energetic force to root into it fully, provide the life-giving waters, and integrate through Aquarius’ planetary rulers.

Photo by NASA via PBS.Org


Saturn and Uranus are the planetary rulers of Aquarius. Saturn corresponding the solidified structures, tribal and otherwise, restrictions, and boundaries; Uranus on renewal, ingenuity, individuality, and progressive ideas in alignment with our beliefs and gifts to offer the world.

The key here, the lesson that we are drawing down and in, to ourselves, starts with our roots here on Earth and our embodiment of it.

This is including the root chakra (another Saturnian correspondence) related to the tribe we are born into: our families, society, and other environmental factors that have shaped us. To integrate and balance the rulership is to let go of rigidity, structure, and certain ideologies we may cling to, and instead to plant the dream seeds of individual purpose that may have been dormant until now. This is a ritual to bring illumination to those things so we may allow them the space to root deeply while we await the spark of beginning so the branches may grow upward and outward.

It is a discovery of what we want and how to release what holds us back.

Gabriela Cheloni via Pexels

The Full Moon Ritual of Rootedness


  • An egg (hardboiled) or seeds (recommend the egg if you are burying in the yard versus in a planter)
  • A pot or planter with dirt (or dig a small hole in your yard)
  • A small candle (chime candle) and holder
  • A lighter
  • Dirt, sand, or salt to fill a plate
  • A plate
  • A toothpick to shape the dirt, sand, or salt.

Important: During the contemplation stage, the first thing that comes up for you is going to yield deeper insight. Don’t question it. After the ritual you can contemplate it deeper once the ritual is complete.

To Begin

Create your energetic space through your normal process, with the above supplies nearby. Take a few minutes to go within, breathing deeply. Once you have reached a state of calm and grounded awareness, you may begin.

Put your dirt, sand, or salt on your small plate evenly. Using a toothpick. draw the astrological symbol for Earth in the center of the plate.

Above the symbol of the Earth draw the astrological symbol for the moon and then next to it, the symbol for Aquarius.

On the left side of the Earth symbol, draw the astrological symbol for Saturn.

On the right side of the Earth symbol, draw the astrological symbol for Uranus.

At the bottom of the Earth symbol, place your candle and light it.

Hold your egg or seeds in your hands.

Photo by Author

The Visualization

As you are holding the egg or seeds in your hands, turn your eyes towards the top of the Earth symbol, where you drew the symbol for the Moon and Aquarius. Focus there for a moment. In your witch’s eye, draw the energetic force of the moon down into the symbols. Pull the energy in a counterclockwise motion, through the symbol of Saturn, through the flame of your candle, through the symbol of Uranus, and back up again. Repeat this, visualizing the energetic force picking up speed until your witch’s eye can pick up on the energy creating a wheel of red and orange flames around the symbols. Place your egg or seeds at the center, within the symbol for the Earth element. Visualize the wheel of energy slowing down and sinking into the center of your egg or seeds. Breathe deeply, you are now in the space of the full moon power of intuitive insight and rootedness.

Photo by Author


  • What within you is longing to grow roots?
  • What passion or purpose within have you hidden deeply? Let the full moon illuminate it for you now.
  • Where are those roots stretching? Do they touch and illuminate any others that you may have hidden? Are they all connected in various ways?
  • What needs to be removed to provide the space to bring these rooted ideas into reality?
  • Like the seed or the egg that brings an essence forward into reality, it must first shed its outer layer that is restrictive (although protective). What is one thing you are going to shed during the fallow time that is arriving?


Take your seeds or your egg and bury it in the pot or in the hole you have dug in the yard. Place your candle on top, saying “As I will it, so it becomes” and blow out the flame to send it out into the Universe upon the air. Send out gratitude to the energetic forces you have called upon.

Take notes about your ritual, any insights that you have that you want to contemplate deeper. Sleep on it, see what the full moon illuminates during the dream time. Revisit the planter and your notes over the next few months as the wheel turns and we dive further inward in the northern hemisphere,

A candle and a key,

Feature Image Credit: Belleza87 via Pixabay
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Leo and Lùnastal

I have been digging deeper into my ancestral line and of course I am always deeply moved by the stars. This season of Leo has illuminated not only my ancestry but also the season of change that Lùnastal represents. While we may be preparing for harvest in a literal sense, I am also sitting with the harvest and the culling that comes with cultivating a life filled with meaning, purpose, and witchery.

Photo by Jez Timms via Unsplash

The Great Purge

I still believe that 2021 has been one of purging and creating space for what we really want and aspire to be as individuals, although it has not been without grief, frustration, cycles of rage, and one of the most important: courage. This year, I have been utilizing owl for both transformation and for a higher view into the darkest nights. Somehow, I knew this would be an ally I needed to see the paths clearly this year. Of course, owl and lion seem to be working together as hunters, preying upon anything left that must be removed. Perhaps you have noticed this in your own life now that I have mentioned it.

Photo by Bisakha Datta via Pexels

Venus and Mars

It wasn’t until Venus and Mars went into the sign of Leo a couple of weeks back did things begin to really heat up. Venus seemed to light up my witchcraft, pushing me to go for what I really want, to stay grounded but clear in my intentions. Mars stoked by the fiery energy even higher, illuminating and heating up the motivation to remove everything I didn’t want to continue to take with me on this journey. While the insights continue to come long after they left Leo, Leo is still shining and illuminating the path forward as the wheel of the year continues to turn.

Still lighting the way forward ~ Photo by Jez Timms via Unsplash


Being of Celtic descent, I wanted to connect to the land in a way that seemed fitting but also cultivated a sense of moving with a heart-centered purpose as Leo, ruled by the Sun, also corresponds with the heart. I wanted to offer up something from the garden that is my life as the northern hemisphere begins to cross the bridge into Autumn.

Photo by Poke Rie via Pexels

I harvested some of my strawberries as the offering to continue to detoxify my world, as an offering to the planet Venus to amplify and fill the spaces I am creating with more joy, more love, and more fruitful self-awareness as I think about how my magic is growing through connecting with others. As the wheel turns, I light my sacred candle as a reminder to celebrate the wins and the losses, the polarities of a life well-lived require both.

A candle and key,


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Evolution in Personal Witchcraft Practices

The one thing I know to be true is that nothing can stay the same, from one breath to the next, our inner and outer worlds are in a constant state of change. It is in that awareness of change that I recognize the beauty of the evolution of my witchcraft practice.

Witchcraft is a practice, it is cultivated, it is ever changing, and I forever belong to it.

Photo by Edz Norton via Unsplash

Reconstruction or Modern…or Evolutionary

Witches are used to not belonging, historically we have always been powerful and thus feared. It has rendered us gleefully to the fringes of society or burning in the center of it. What remains, regardless of where we are situated, is that we are still powerful. I would even go as far to say that we are more powerful now because so many of us are taking a more evolutionary path in our practices of witchcraft. We are embracing the not belonging, whether it be to a set of rules that do not fit us or even to past practices that we no longer find the same connection that once benefited us greatly.

How I always thought I would practice my craft ~ Photo by Gabriel Kraus via Unsplash

What does that even mean?

We are seeking out knowledge of past practices of ancient peoples, learning from those who have modernized past practices to fit in today’s world, and then actively choosing how to connect and shape our practices to fit our lives. We are wildcrafting our practice, experiencing the fullness of our magic, passion, and purpose through the lens of what drives meaning to us based on our understanding, and experimenting instead of following blindly. We are evolving.


The evolution of my own witchcraft practice has been one of the greatest and most frustrating experiences. It is a period of darkness, almost empty, barely breathing, a winter of the spirit (even in summer!) and I felt like I was grasping for anything. Completely overwhelmed and restless by the nothingness that seemed to be obliterating the meaning of my practice. A dark night of the witch’s soul? The Void. That is a thing.

Seems to fit – I have felt exasperation just searching my soul for meaningful content to release~ Photo by Lucas Mordzin via Unsplash

The synergy comes from embracing where we are and allowing the experience to wash over us with a curiosity and understanding that where there is darkness, there is something coagulating, something gestating, something that will break through into our awareness. It allows the space for the spring of spirit, our collaboration with the abundance we can manifest once we embrace our own cycles of being.

A Working

This is a quick 5-minute working I completed daily over the last few weeks that helped to redefine and evolve my witchcraft practice that I feel fully grounded with and connected to.


  • Black candle (dress it how you feel led)
  • Lighter
  • Intention papers (if you have specific paper you use to write out intentions)
  • A writing utensil

All of the above supplies can be placed on an altar out of reach of children or pets. It needs to be a space that is not moved, if possible, because it is going to be a beacon each day to the universe or your chosen deity. Think of it as a light flickering on and off in the same spot. The world of energy notices that. We as humans notice that too.

You will need a few pieces of paper, one for each day! ~ Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash


Light your candle

  • Drop your shoulders away from your ears, unclench your jaw, breathe in deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth. You want your exhale to be slower and longer than your inhale. Repeat three times while staring into the flame.
  • Put your hands near the candle, palms toward the flame as if you were cold and just wanted to warm them up during a cold winter. Do not put them too close, just enough to feel the warmth. (safe candle usage protocol and fire safety should always be followed*)
  • Visualize the warmth coming into your palms, up your arms, and converging at the heart. Feel the force, the warmth, and the power of the flame caressing your heart center and feel your heart opening to it.
Feeling the warmth of your candle as if it were a fire during the winter ~ Photo by Thought Catalog via Unsplash

Set the intention

  • Chant (yes out loud, even in a low pitch, because of the vibration it creates):

I call myself ‘witch’, my power I own

I seek an evolution, wisdom of crone

The great Sophia, a crown I hold

My heart is open, truth to be told

Do the work

  • Grab a piece of your paper and jot down the first thing that comes to mind that you:
    • Want to connect more fully with in your practice
    • Do not feel a connection to in your practice anymore, but you do out of habit
  • Place your paper over your heart with hands over the paper and prepare to blow out your candle.

Send the message

  • Visualize the warmth and power that has converged in your heart from the initial lighting of your candle
  • Feel it growing and exiting up through your throat with the breath that blows out your candle.
  • Place the paper next to your candle

You can do this each day (for at least a week) and you may see recurring themes at the end of this practice based on your answers that you have collected each day. Do not try to preplan your answers for the next day. Let the answers come as they do in the moment. At the end of the week (or two or three!), sit down and investigate some of the themes you have brought to light. Meditate on them. Sink into your awareness. Trust in the guidance of your own wisdom and evolve your practice to include more of the things you want to connect with and clear out any practices that no longer truly fit or that you no longer meaningfully connect to.



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Embracing the Inner Flame

The Summer Solstice, the pinnacle of the Fire element, is a personal favorite. The landscape in the northern hemisphere is full of fire signatures, of the abundance radiating outwardly in the form of flowers and fruits, the bright and beautiful sun as the energy of such life. I go even further with the fire because I search for ways that I can embrace my own soul spark through the reflections of that element around me and within me, with the heart.

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The Inner Landscape of Abundance

The landscape of abundance is present all around us, but it is also present within us. Going inward this time of year brings an awareness of our vibrance, the speeding up of our outward actions, our desire to connect and our desire to create. Even in the transition from the pandemic to the new post pandemic has strengthened humanity’s ability to engineer innovative ways to connect with others and maybe even more importantly: strip away the things that no longer matter. In the fiery summer season, it is a reminder that the element of fire does both. It creates and it destroys. It transforms.

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The Essence of Spiritual Fire

I have found the essence of fire in my own journey and the alchemical steps leading to transformation. It is the alignment between heart and mind, the synergy required to come into my own purest expression. The ability to get into flow and to recognize the expression of fire in others, in our ecological landscape, and to accept fully that the energy of fire is changeable. From spark to flame, our own fires are meant to be embraced, explored, and appreciated for the abundance it brings even when it is fundamentally changing our personal landscape.

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The Original Spark

Understanding the primordial fire and how it presents itself to us, within us, and how it interacts with our wholeness (the interactions of all elements within us) is a key to developing our knowing of it. Our personal gnosis of our own deep spiritual connection to primordial fire is evolutionary, it provides a transcendent function: we can harness such a dynamic force with greater balance and bring it into form. We can create and bring our visions to fruition – the ultimate expression of fire.

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Soul Spark Oil

I created a personal Soul Spark Oil a few years ago and I have been tweaking it ever since. The thing with Soul Spark Oil is the suitability based on gnosis of self, specifically the astrological chart. The purpose of the oil is to align the fire of the heart with the mind for a greater understanding of expression. The ability to draw in the soul fire in the form of the spark versus the entire raging fire. This oil can be used to anoint the heart center and third eye chakra regions (this depends on the plant allies you choose, if there are baneful plants in your oil, please only sit with your oil) to align the fire of the mind and the heart.

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Here is the correspondence formula I have used to craft mine:

Your Sun sign plant – a plant with a correspondence to your sun sign

Moon sign plant – a plant with a correspondence to your moon sign

Mercury plant – the plant with a correspondence to Mercury, the walker between the worlds, the assistant between your sun and moon to help with communication and alignment.

Fire Plant – a plant with a correspondence to the fire element OR part of a plant associated with fire element within a plant (think of the ultimate expression of the plant, its flowers).

Sacred Plant – a plant that is sacred to you that you already have a well-established relationship with, for me this is Nettles.

Olive Oil

Additional Tools:

Cheesecloth (to strain out plant materials)

Glass jar to hold the oil once complete

A small pot

Photo by Kadarius Seegars via Unsplash


Gather your materials and direct them, chant to them, sing to them, or read about next level layers in spellcrafting.

Craft your intention for the oil itself, maybe something with how you intend to create a personal gnosis of the fire within.

Place a cup of Olive Oil into a small pot and place onto the stove on low heat. Place the plant material into the pot with the oil. We want the oil and the heat to extract the properties of the plants, but do not boil.

Photo by Edgar Castrejon via Unsplash

The Method:

Heat on low heat for 10 minutes, then cool for 10 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 9 minutes, then cool for 9 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 8 minutes, then cool for 8 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 7 minutes, then cool for 7 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 6 minutes, then cool for 6 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 5 minutes, then cool for 5 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 4 minutes, then cool for 4 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 3 minutes, then cool for 3 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 2 minutes, then cool for 2 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 1 minute, remove from the stove. State “As I will it, it becomes so”.

Let the oil sit for ten minutes or until cool enough to strain through the cheese cloth into your chosen jar. Tips and tricks: You can reuse the plant material to dress a candle for use with the anointing of the oil daily for the next week or two to get into the space of awareness with your inner fire. Journal about your encounters with your oil and the plant allies that you use to create more awareness of the inner flames. Embrace the way you own the experience of the fire.

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May your inner spark or flame guide you into the next season,


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The Wisdom of the Waning

The Moon is magic in all her phases. The moon represents our internal waters, our intuition, our feeling sense, and our knowingness within our very bones. We know it impacts the oceans and our bodies. The ancients used the moon as the calendar, keeping time before “time”. They knew the patterns and watched the sacred feminine amongst them mirror it in both their journeys and energy, the very ebb and flow of life. Many witches understand the phases of the moon based on the Triple Goddess, she who is the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

The moon and the ebb and flow of the tides, mirrors the ebb and flow of our lives ~ Photo by Roberto Nickson via Unsplash

Magic of the Waning Moon

The waning moon is special, staying with the Triple Goddess theme, it is that period between Mother and Crone and death – it is wisdom and transformation. It is the path of lived experiences but also the understanding of endings and beginnings again. From growing and creating and birthing outwardly to coming back inward, turning within, understanding the lessons and being wise or sharing the knowledge.

The waning moon has much to teach us about going inwards.

Expressions of the Waning Moon

The full moon has been likened to a woman with child, I liken it to being full of creative energy, the ultimate expressions of an essence that is manifesting (how many of us have paintings, writings, or other things we have created and called it “our child”?).  However, the growth of anything (our children, our art, our purpose) to its full potential requires sacrifice, experience, and wisdom. A power of the waning moon is that we know to become fully into ourselves, we must release our greatest struggles (especially those internal thoughts that are not of us but may have been passed down to us).

Releasing and removing things not of us (recognizing the wisdom that such realization will provide) is not only a great sacrifice to my Goddesses and the Crone, but allows me to raise my vibration that much higher.

What I believe a Crone Goddess would feel is joy at our ability to release to her what blocks our path ~ Photo by Guille Álvarez via Unsplash

Magic of the Waning Moon

In my own personal practice, the magic of the waning moon is in drawing down the wisdom on what we must release or remove. It took a long time for me to understand and digest the fact that it is not just to release what does not serve us any further (it is, but there is more!). It is about recognizing the patterns of what does matter when we face or understand that who we are right now can change tomorrow. The absolute fragility of the human body but the not the energy of what we are in essence. The power of the waning moon is the death of a thing simultaneously partnered with the knowledge that ‘death’ is always right behind us.

We sacrifice what does not matter in the grand scheme of this life to achieve our highest vibration and outward manifestation before we transform again.

That may sound horrific but here is the deal: death is coming for us all and if we fully came into that realization, really sat with it, we would know instinctively what we would rather be doing to thrive, be fulfilled, and enjoy what we can of our time here. It is what dreams, purpose, and inspirations are made of. It is a driving force to remove the absolute distractions that keep us from recognizing what we are driven to do from our heart. It puts into perspective what we care about and helps remove the trivial things that do not move us closer to our own greatest works.

Big Waning Moon vibes!! By Beau Taplin

Rituals of the Waning

While I could have simply stated “this is a time for removal magic and removal magic means this….”, there is a level of understanding that must be had about our part in the journey, of coming into our own power or sovereignty through releasing things that keep us on the safe and comfortable journey we are okay with instead of passionate about. Removing or releasing things creates space for deeper wisdom, awareness, lessons, and guidance to arrive that nurtures us forward on our journey.

The Adding on the Waning

I get questions about magic workings during the waning moon specific to witches looking to add to their lives. Add abundance. Add passion. Add a thousand dollars to their bank account because they need it within 30 days, so they want to do the spell right now, but the moon phase is not “right” because of a belief that the waning is about subtracting. I will say that there is no “right” or “wrong” phase of the moon to work magic, there is simply how we channel the energetic ask in conjunction with specific correspondences to the energetic causal level of manifesting, so it works with us in the material world level.

We are required to get creative!

You know the things…you do…~Photo by Author

During the waning moon, if I am wanting to add abundance then I know I need to get specific about exactly what it is that I want and what is keeping me from having it. There have been many times that it came down to removing my own blockages of awareness to the opportunities that present themselves. I added in some correspondences by way of incense, wrote my intention, crafted a sigil, completed my ritual, and then set out daily with the intention to be aware of the opportunities that are going to be created because I channeled the energy to make it so.


I lay upon the altar

This warrior of resistance

She does not falter

I integrate her existence

Resistance is something of an energy vampire that we create for ourselves. It is a challenge to remove sometimes so the waning moon is a perfect time for magic on this energetic force that we all have. I see it in my own practice and my life, she shows up in many ways. She is glorious in the way she moves: challenging my priorities, shifting my focus away from what makes my heart happy, drawing in outside influences that provide various hiccups during the day (sometimes real hiccups so I can’t even make it through a meeting properly), and sometimes just by keeping me locked in my own head confronting notions that do not matter. For example, being fearful of making a choice because it may be the wrong one and then I feel horrible about it or like an idiot.

The only way is through.

Sometimes through looks like this: yes, I know that I am human and humans make mistakes, but I learn with every mistake. Am I more of an idiot to make a mistake or to never make a choice at all? Would it feel more disempowering to arrive at the waning of my physical existence wondering “what if” or will I be empowered, knowing I made the choices to learn and continue on the path of my work during this lifetime? Sometimes we must politely smile and let our heart tell our shadow it’s speaking now.

Your heart telling your warrior to shhhhhh!! Also, just yes.

It has taken years of work to get my own resistance under control, to integrate her into my life, but ever so often she still creeps in like a trash panda (also known as a raccoon and I love them too) wreaking havoc on the leftovers in the garbage bin that I will have to wade through and clean up. Luckily, the magic of the waning moon and a talisman assisted in creating a boundary touchstone for my workspace that has kept her firmly in her place with me.

Resistance Talisman


  • Polymer Clay
  • Obsidian chips
  • Clear quartz
  • Juniper berry tincture (you can take your own and place in vodka overnight, mash a little in the morning)
  • Paint brush
  • Aluminum foil
  • Toothpick
  • Glass cup

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Take your polymer clay and roll it into a ball, about 3 inches in diameter. Use your glass cup to roll it out into a circle until it is about ½ an inch thick. Place onto the aluminum foil (this is you can put it in the oven later easily). Use your small obsidian chips to create a boundary around the edge of the polymer clay circle. Obsidian is a powerful ally in many ways: protection, grounding, and being comfortable facing the uncomfortable. Think about this as you are placing each one and pushing it into the polymer clay.

Polymer clay is amazing ~ Photo by Author

Place the clear quartz at the center. I chose clear quartz because its properties allow us to choose what we need it for, in this instance, channel your intuition and wisdom guided by the heart. Sit with it for a few minutes so you can contemplate the things you are resisting that you know in your heart you need to remove the resistance to. At the center of this talisman is your heart space intuition.

Imagine your inner warrior, commune with it, understanding that the only goal is to keep you right where you are because it is comfortable – and she doesn’t have to do any extra work keeping you safe. You are going to tell her that her only job is to jump the obsidian stones, she is not allowed to pass to the boundary to the heart stone in the center when it comes to the goal she has kept you from working toward. You have created a boundary on a specific goal. Now that you have created it, take the juniper berry tincture and paint it in between the heart stone and obsidian chips. This reinforces the boundary and amplifies both the boundary and amplifies the heartspace intuition.

Place this in the oven for about an hour or until the polymer clay is no longer soft.

The magic in this piece cannot be overstated! Photo by Author

The Waning Moon Activation

Now that your talisman is done and you have given directions to your warrior within, it is time to call down the power of the waning moon to remove any further resistance to your goal. Set your intention on what distractions you want to remove, focusing on calling the waning moon, the goddess energy of the Crone, down into your heart center stone so it will allow you to see what clearly matters and removing the rest. Give as an offering anything that you are removing so it may be transformed into something else.

After your ritual, place your talisman in a place where you do your work as a touchstone for when you encounter resistance. You can send the resistance into the obsidian step stones around it and focus on amplification of the heart stone in the center.  

A candle and a key,


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Summer of Sovereigns: The 3 Assertions

The song of the birds

The hug of the warm breeze

Letting go of the absurd

For I am made of magic that frees

Every single day, witches across the globe wake up and know their magic. They know the song of their hearts, they know how to align such songs with the world around them, and they harness their individual wills paired with focused actions to ensure the outcomes are in their favor. They hold within them the power of their own truths, their desires, and the will to be sovereigns.

Photo by Ksenia Yakovleva via Unsplash

Assertion 1: The Remembering

Every single day, there are witches just now remembering they are witches. They are waking up from dreams that show them the path forward or teach them something new. They are remembering the power that is inherently theirs and they are learning how to harness their magic in newer, different, or modern ways. They are looking to mentors, they are looking to coaches, they are enrolled in mystery traditions, becoming members of Covens, and they are doing the work to align themselves with the true nature of their own witchery. They also remember magic is not one-size fits all, magic is unique to every witch. Our personal experiences and ability to connect or interpret our relationships in our own circles of influence are sacred matters to the witch. No two journeys are exactly the same, I am remembering to embrace mine.

Photo via Melissa Westbrook via Unsplash

During this summer of sovereigns, the greatest remembering is that our magic is our magic. It is acceptable to be a tradition of one. While it is beautiful to share our magic, to learn and teaching others, we also remember to take what aligns with our path and leave the rest. We remember that our own intuitive nature is a voice, like our own heartbeat, reverberating loudly when we encounter the crossroads of that which will keep us aligned or that which no longer serves our purpose. The witch remembers how to translate and decode those reverberations, to follow the energetic signature forward and make decisions that reflect our sovereign nature. The witch remembers to listen to the song of the heart and reach for the paths carrying notes allowing our great symphony of magic to continue.

Photo by Dolo Iglesias via Unsplash

Sometimes this is the hardest part of being sovereign because the song will (at some point) require us to shift and change our path. We may even feel resistance to it because we know the shift will be uncomfortable – the reverberations will get louder and ultimately the experiences can lead to this great remembering of the language or song of the heart. An orchestra of one is sometimes required because only you know the song.

Assertion 2: Releasing Expectations

Summer of Sovereigns has come to me through releasing the expectations of what my magic (and life) should: be, look like, or sound like. I released others from their expectations as well. Witchcraft and the practice of witchcraft does not have a set of requirements that one must follow. The expectations we place on rituals, outcomes, or what magic should feel like remind me that there are no absolutes in witchcraft. One witch takes 3 days to write a beautiful ritual for the full moon and another witch takes some garlic skins and rubs them on a piece of paper that has a sigil on it before it is cast into the fire…who has the most powerful working? They are both powerful – it is the witch behind it that makes it so. Stop measuring the magic you have against the magic of others. Release the expectations of how witches should practice their magic and the expectation that magic is just going to come in and bedazzle the fuck out of your life.

Photo by Joel Muniz via Unsplash

Release the expectation of belonging and fitting in with other witches. There has been an explosion of teachers, mentors, or groups with their own flavors or traditions. I released the expectation that they should be able to teach me everything there is to learn about magic, about Goddesses, or about how I can connect to the energies of this world.

These teachers are amazing, and they all deserve to be paid for their work, but the best teachings and teachers come from those who allow us to have our own full experiences without having to conform to an agenda.

I already live in a society that expects and praises blind conformity, so it is a sovereign measure to stop placing myself and my witchery into some of those boxes required to belong or adhering to the absolutes of others. My magic (and sovereignty) exploded into this beautiful mosaic of organic power and freedom to expand once I released the fear and expectation that I can, should, or would do anything to fit in or be a part of any group. It is sovereign to do my own research, my own rituals, my own discovery of connections through my own witchery. Going back to assertion number one, trusting my relationship with my Goddesses, myself, and the energetic influences or interplay between myself and the world around me is where true sovereigns reign.

Photo by Dmitry Vechorko via Unsplash

Release the expectation that to move forward in life as a witch that everything must be figured out right now and that those things are unchangeable. Maybe even release the expectation that growth and forward movement should look a certain way. My beliefs, my desires, and my magic are most powerful when I bring all three together with the understanding that there is an ebb and flow to life and magic. What is important is how the witch can live intentionally and with energetic allyship in a harmonious balance not controlled by outside rules or the expectation that the outcomes will be exactly as we intend right now. This instant.

Assertion 3: The Circle is Cast

This year I planted black dahlias and black lilies in large pots, to be able to arrange them on my patio in a circle. The climate and landscape of this summer is different, I wanted to celebrate and cast the circle in a space of darkness, the wholly holy sacred space, from where all things grow and bloom in a unique way and in their own time. I choose to cast the circle in remembering my own song, releasing expectations, and calling back to me within my circle all of the energy to be focused on growing to be a better person and witch.

In the spirit of sacred circles, that means being sovereign over my focus of study, my boundaries, and what I allow to be in my circle of influence.

Casting the circle required taking an inventory of my desires, retrieving my power from things that do not align with my focus, and casting out what no longer belongs. Within the circle is the commitment forward to living a life better than yesterday, to write for witches still remembering who they are, and to be unequivocally in my magic “from the heartspace”.

Black Charm from Harts Nursery on the left and Black Satin from Sunny Meadows Flower Farm on the right

Summer of Sovereigns Circle

The Summer of Sovereigns begs the question: What do you desire? Desire is an energy that pushes us forward, like a craving that will not stop until you have it right where you want it. When it comes to witchery, we may have a thousand desires:

  • Learn tarot or other divination practices
  • Learn more about embodied witchery
  • Learn about stones
  • Learn about herbalism
  • Learn more about your decision making
  • Learn more about where your fear comes from
  • Learn to paint
  • Learn to Lucid Dream
  • Find a mentor
  • Find a community free from dogma
  • Learn to assert better boundaries
  • Learn to recognize the symbolism in your life
  • Learn to craft a working for your purpose
  • Spend more time getting to know your ancestors
  • Spend more time outside
  • Begin a meditation practice

The possibilities are endless, but for the Summer of Sovereigns Circle, what three things do you desire that will make you feel more sovereign in your wholeness as a witch? The first step is becoming aware of the desire and beginning your relationship with it. You can do this by bringing three red pillar candles into your circle, plus paper and a red pen or marker. Red, the color of blood, that which gives us life, can also give life to the relationships you are creating with your desires. Call each of them in, one by one, as you light your candles. Look behind the desire for the bigger “why”. Say it out loud.

Photo by Antonín Daněk via Unsplash

Sit with each of your desires, feel the energy of each, and then envision the relationships coming to life as a journey you are embarking on this summer. Take your paper and red pen and write each of your desires down, leaving plenty of space after each one. In any relationship, there is work on both sides to be done for your journey together to be one that is mutually satisfying. Under each desire, write out your next steps to foster the relationship forward so your desire may understand how to reveal itself and its uses to you better. Sit with those for a while, just breathe and write down anything additional that may come up for you.

Complete your closure process for workings and blow out your candles. Envision the smoke carrying your desires out to the universe, summoning them to you as you begin your work. If you use battery powered candles, turn them off and on three times, envisioning the flickering lights as a beacon to draw your desires to you. Keep your candles on the altar and light them each day as you begin your work to foster the relationship with your desires, sovereign in your magic forward.

A candle and a key (my witchcraft set me free),


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Feature Image Credit: Photo by  Melissa Westbrook via Unsplash

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