Sacred Space and Time

I have spoken about requirements for both spells and for moving within my own life in an article on Perseverance . Awareness, intention, and effort are not new constructs. I am not inventing a new wheel. I am, however, continuously building my awareness of what I need at any given point in time where I must be actively within my own sacred space. Some people refer to this as a mindfulness practice. Other times, I am aware that I must extend my sacred space a little further outward to maintain my preferred level of interaction with others. Some people refer to this as boundary setting.

There are many other levels of sacred space that I have become aware of over time – each of them are requirements for living my intentional, magical life.

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Sacred Space

Circle Casting

I cast circles often. Whether I am connecting to the divine, doing magickal workings, or needing protection, I will create an energetic force field that is designed to keep out any misaligned energetic forces. I use botanicals, witch bottles, amulets,crystals and bells in and around my home and vehicles as permanent solutions of protection just to create layers in case I am not home. Hey, I have a lot of dogs okay?! I have practiced with energy enough that I can do it quickly and almost without effort. These are my sacred spaces that cannot be entered without permission.


I have carved out physical sacred space in my home in the form of altars to deities or the mighty dead. Altars are unique to each person, much like our own flavors added to our practice of witchcraft. Crafted with a purpose and intention, altars are a sacred space of connection.

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What else is Sacred? Time. I know a lot of people who would believe this to be money, but I am speaking about living. While it does cost money to survive in today’s world, the cost is time and effort to live intentionally. That is the currency. It is the currency we give in order to get the money to do the survival thing.

“The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.” ~ Barry H. Gillespie

We view time as such a linear construct that when we become aware of it as a spiral, building on top of yesterday, last week, last month, last year, the last generation, the ancestors, the stardust that put all of this, everything as we know it to be, into motion – sometimes that can cause a bit of an upheaval in thoughts toward time being like a magic circle. An awareness.

Sacred Circles of Time – Self Development

How does one even make time a sacred circle? I make time for personal development and divine connection daily. It is a sacred circle, creating a spiral that builds upon itself in layers. It is an hour a day devoted to myself and to the divine connection that I must have in order to be moving within my life with awareness, intention, and effort.

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Sacred time is the daily clearing of space in my mind and halting its chatter through a meditation practice, so the Universe has greater access to bring into the sacred space exactly what I am needing. It creates the space for us to have a conversation, to increase my awareness, and work in flow with her. It is the daily journaling for awareness of my own thoughts and feelings.

It is the gratitude I profess in written form or in that of prayer to her many epithets or energy forms.

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It is the lunar cycle workings, especially the Deipnon in the tradition I follow.

It is the baths that I take, with the botanicals that I must scrub out of the tub immediately following.

It is the articles that I create for the sake of creation.

It is taking pause.

It is the stillness and silence that my soul is seeking so that the Universe can provide the path away from the overwhelm that inhabits my life when I stop being aware. Today she stopped by for tea and this Revelation is the gift of ‘slow down’ that she gave me.

A candle and a key,


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Perseverance: Sovereignty in the Face of Adversity

The Universe has a funny way of putting me where I need to be. Sometimes I petition her for help, other times I am a part of the plan to get someone else where they need to be. There are also times where she sends me signs and warnings that I must let go of something in order to move forward on my journey. Somehow everything the Universe has ever warned me to let go of has turned into a battle of wills.

She has had to pry it out of my life as I desperately clawed at it in effort to hold onto it.

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That is the thing about her warnings, they are subtle at first, but then her message gets louder when I am not paying enough attention. It usually springs forth as adversity or a crisis: obstacles that are preventing me from getting where I need to be or shattering the image that I am living the life I want to be.


I feel it is safe to say that most humans face adversity in some aspect of their lives. Loss. Grief. Sadness. Fear. Worry. Overwhelm. I have experienced moments that defined how I moved in this life. The death of who I was before an event in my life and the rebirth of myself after that event. It is in those moments that I had to choose how I was going to move in this life.

Do I allow the adversity to stop me in my tracks and become stagnant?

Or do I move forward to persevere by healing from it?

Will I choose to be defined by the adversity I have faced, or do I choose to be defined by my perseverance? Both taste of truth. Which one is going to allow me to stand in my power, my sovereignty, and be free? It will always be perseverance. Every time. It is an inherent power.

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When it BIG sucks

Let me be clear – adversity sucks. Things sometimes suck and sometimes it is not a little amount of suck, but BIG suck. It has left me reeling, raw, full of emotions, and needing to heal. This is not always a quick process nor is it ever truly over. Every time I hear a certain song, smell a certain fragrance, drive down an old, familiar road – I break open again a little bit. This awareness of healing as a necessity is how I began to stand in my power and be free. Accepting responsibility for my own healing is tough. The journeys I’ve embarked on to heal the things that hurt me is where the freedom is.


Facing the obstacles, confronting each one that is standing between me and my beautiful life, and then choosing to reach higher. That is perseverance. It is being responsible for my own truth. It requires awareness, intention, and energetic effort. It requires me to be real with myself, a speaker of truth, and embrace the power I hold over my own life by letting go of what no longer serves me.

Triformis of Spells and Sovereignty

Awareness, intention, and energetic effort are the triformis of spells in my craft. They are the groundwork for the spells I cast, and it is the same for how I move in my life when it comes to healing.


Awareness references the ability to see and comprehend the world around me and my internal world. Seeing the symbolism in my life as it is the only way that the Universe can communicate with me. Whether it be dreams or the fact there are crows in my backyard that will not be quiet right now. Awareness includes being cognizant of emotions and thoughts taking place within and how those are outwardly expressed in my actions.


Intention refers to the objective of whatever action will take place or whatever specific thing I am looking to accomplish. It is the thought form that I am looking to manifest into my reality and the plan to get there. This is not wishcraft, it requires a plan but the divine can help align things for me to have the greatest impact.

Energetic Effort

Energetic effort refers to the action. Bringing awareness and intention together, and then some energy to help send my message to the universe and sit back to let her coordinate while I work on what I can control: my own plan of action. I might use the energies of the elements, plants, or stones to give additional energy, focus, or higher vibration to the intention as I send it out.

A Personal Spell ~ Photo by Author

Where to start…

Deep diving our lives is always a great place to start when we have decided that adversity will not define our lives. Sitting with the things that we don’t talk about and journaling about it will create the space for acceptance of those things that we cannot change. While this does not mean it should have happened to us, it simply means that it did and we cannot change the past. I cannot face something that I do not even acknowledge, which means I also cannot heal from it until this part happens. It is an initiation back to my personal truth. It means I call my energy back to me from those moments of being powerless that will make me whole, sovereign, and powerful now.

This is the beginning of awareness.

The Nyssa.

The Initiation.

This is where the path to freedom and living an intentional life starts.

I wish I could say it is easy to do, but that is not the case. Acknowledging the things we need to heal from is ugly, hard, and can cause distress. If distress tolerance is not a strong point, please seek help from a licensed professional. I am a firm believer in the power of psychology as a path to freedom and sovereignty when needed!

A candle and a key,


Unique Journeys

Today a friend of mine posted an article with a collection of witchy books and it conjured up a reminder of just how much I would love to be an author. I want to write for a living and all my proudest, albeit hardest, moments have come after books that I have truly connected with. The books that brought me to my ‘aha’ moments, books that made me question everything I believed in, stood for, and beckoned me into a life worth living. Yes, “those” books and yet, some of “those” books weren’t on this list that my friend posted.

It made me realize just how many witches are around that do not resonate with the word ‘witch’.

They do not claim ‘witch’ as theirs, but the work that they have done is nothing short of magic. To be at their own crossroads and provide us with a written guide of what do (and in some cases, what not to do!) to make it through the crossroads we may also come to face. When an author can connect with others through the written word and tell a story that inspires action, that inspires others to change, create, and connect with their world on a deeper level, that is magic.

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Regardless of any of the authors identifying as ‘witch’ or not, I have come to realize these authors were called to tell their stories to help, teach, and inspire others. It was not a call to do so for money, it was a call to heal themselves while creating a guide for others. Many times, authors create for the love of creating.

It is the passion and the fury of the fire that burns within them.

Witches will say it came from the divine and that the spark of an idea came on suddenly. Authors who do not identify with the word ‘witch’ will fundamentally say the same things. Witch or not, we are connected by the very same threads that are weaving a winding path to greater understanding and connection to our world and the cycles of death and rebirth.

Unique Journeys

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Unique Journeys Along the Cycle – Death and Rebirth

I don’t even really like to call it a cycle, as it is more like a spiral really. That will be for another Revelation. How many times have we collectively heard of this cycle of death and rebirth?

Take pause.

Whether you identify as ‘witch’ or not, really take pause here and think about it. In the physical world we could look at the seasons. In metaphors, how about ‘putting an argument to rest’? Being ‘born again’ or ‘putting down roots’? How about ‘turning the page’ or ‘closing a chapter’? The seasons change in a beautiful cycle of decay and rot, the letting go, in order to lay the foundation of rebirth (starting again) in the coming year. Putting an argument to rest by resolution so those involved can move forward anew. Being born again implies the death of the person before the rebirth. Putting down roots is the birth and growth that will ultimately decay. Turning the page and closing a chapter are rebirth and death.

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We all have unique journeys within this cycle. There are times in life which we may refer to ourselves as being the person before an event and the person after an event. From one moment to the next, one year to the next, one divorce, one marriage, one death of a loved one, one death of an animal, one pay raise, one argument, and one dark moon away from a new cycle of death (letting go) and rebirth (starting again). I am no exception. It has repeated the cycle through different constructs and actions, either my own actions, thoughts, and feelings or the actions, thoughts, and feelings of others. It is here in this cycle where I have stumbled and found my guidance towards my truth in books.

Finding Personal Truths in Books – The Real Revelation

These are books of healing, of death, of rebirth, of creation, of great magic, of love, and of connectedness. These things are the beautiful strands of the universe written to guide us toward our own truths, woven intricately together by some of my greatest teachers. Some own ‘witch’ and some do not. Here is the thing, truths do not have to be complicated, but many times they are difficult lessons when we are having to fight our way to it. Sometimes something must die (be let go) in order to stand in our truth (be reborn). I am here, with my revelations, after exactly 4 books were written, right on time and waiting to guide me through each death and subsequent rebirth. They each led me to the other in a cycle (of course they did!) and that cycle brought me right here, today.

To you.

To the you that is reading this and searching for your own guides, your own truths, and your own paths.

Revelations of a Witch was conceived and born from the teachings of healing, death, rebirth, creativity, magic, love and connectedness – above all else it is a guide for fierce personal empowerment and self-love.

A candle and a key, for Willow and Gypsy,


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