Sacred Space and Time

I have spoken about requirements for both spells and for moving within my own life in an article on Perseverance . Awareness, intention, and effort are not new constructs. I am not inventing a new wheel. I am, however, continuously building my awareness of what I need at any given point in time where I must be actively within my own sacred space. Some people refer to this as a mindfulness practice. Other times, I am aware that I must extend my sacred space a little further outward to maintain my preferred level of interaction with others. Some people refer to this as boundary setting.

There are many other levels of sacred space that I have become aware of over time – each of them are requirements for living my intentional, magical life.

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Sacred Space

Circle Casting

I cast circles often. Whether I am connecting to the divine, doing magickal workings, or needing protection, I will create an energetic force field that is designed to keep out any misaligned energetic forces. I use botanicals, witch bottles, amulets,crystals and bells in and around my home and vehicles as permanent solutions of protection just to create layers in case I am not home. Hey, I have a lot of dogs okay?! I have practiced with energy enough that I can do it quickly and almost without effort. These are my sacred spaces that cannot be entered without permission.


I have carved out physical sacred space in my home in the form of altars to deities or the mighty dead. Altars are unique to each person, much like our own flavors added to our practice of witchcraft. Crafted with a purpose and intention, altars are a sacred space of connection.

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What else is Sacred? Time. I know a lot of people who would believe this to be money, but I am speaking about living. While it does cost money to survive in today’s world, the cost is time and effort to live intentionally. That is the currency. It is the currency we give in order to get the money to do the survival thing.

“The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.” ~ Barry H. Gillespie

We view time as such a linear construct that when we become aware of it as a spiral, building on top of yesterday, last week, last month, last year, the last generation, the ancestors, the stardust that put all of this, everything as we know it to be, into motion – sometimes that can cause a bit of an upheaval in thoughts toward time being like a magic circle. An awareness.

Sacred Circles of Time – Self Development

How does one even make time a sacred circle? I make time for personal development and divine connection daily. It is a sacred circle, creating a spiral that builds upon itself in layers. It is an hour a day devoted to myself and to the divine connection that I must have in order to be moving within my life with awareness, intention, and effort.

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Sacred time is the daily clearing of space in my mind and halting its chatter through a meditation practice, so the Universe has greater access to bring into the sacred space exactly what I am needing. It creates the space for us to have a conversation, to increase my awareness, and work in flow with her. It is the daily journaling for awareness of my own thoughts and feelings.

It is the gratitude I profess in written form or in that of prayer to her many epithets or energy forms.

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It is the lunar cycle workings, especially the Deipnon in the tradition I follow.

It is the baths that I take, with the botanicals that I must scrub out of the tub immediately following.

It is the articles that I create for the sake of creation.

It is taking pause.

It is the stillness and silence that my soul is seeking so that the Universe can provide the path away from the overwhelm that inhabits my life when I stop being aware. Today she stopped by for tea and this Revelation is the gift of ‘slow down’ that she gave me.

A candle and a key,


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  1. WOW!! I can’t even believe I’m reading this. This is so meaningful and TIMELY (no pun intended) for me it’s unreal. Thanks for being there.

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