The Stretch & Radical Rebellion

I have felt the tension of polarities, the stretching between dualities upon a vast spectrum of who I am and who I am becoming. Sometimes, this stretch towards becoming threatened to snap back. I know I am not alone in this. In fact, it is not just me as a microcosm either. The entire macrocosmContinue reading “The Stretch & Radical Rebellion”

The Season of The Culling

The Season of The Culling is making its way to us and I find myself more empowered to harness this season from a place of full ownership. From the lessons and the abundance to those things that must see an end: this season conjures up the images of the Queen protecting all that she stewards in preparation for the next season.

Daring to Care

Welcome to Cancer Season! Cancer season brings about the waters, whether it is finding ourselves near a body of water or the waters of the body that create community, family, and moments of deep connection. As we move past the Solstice, we can review the landscape of our lives with deep reverence, gratitude, and care.Continue reading “Daring to Care”

Celebrating Fire & Season of The Blood

As we head toward the welcoming of Summer, of abundance (in the northern hemisphere), I often pause to honor the garden that is me and the garden I am nourishing. I take an inventory and it includes the following: Season of The Blood Whether we see this time of Sacred Fire as something to celebrateContinue reading “Celebrating Fire & Season of The Blood”

Astro Witch: Libra Full Moon

This is courtesy of our Circle, Dark Goddess Collective, an offering to enjoy this full moon ~ Kaycee The archetypal energetics of a full moon is flavored by the various impacts of other planets in other signs. This full moon in Libra is going to be impacted by a Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries. Let’sContinue reading “Astro Witch: Libra Full Moon”

As the Fire Returns

The Spring Equinox, or Vernal Equinox, is celebrated as the moment of balance between light and dark as the sun continues its return to us here in the Northern Hemisphere. The images, symbols, and celebrations of the return to abundance with the return of the Sun are everywhere. As the fire returns, I want toContinue reading “As the Fire Returns”

Renewal with Saturn

We collectively experienced a Saturn Cazimi this week, and many of us are being impacted by its influence. Diving deeper into an understanding of the signature of Saturn, what “cazimi” means, and how we can work with it (instead of against it) will ensure that we navigate this moment with a sense of greater purpose.Continue reading “Renewal with Saturn”

Leveraging the Storms

Welcome to 2023, we’ve entered the Season of the Seeds! True to the natural rhythm in the Northern Hemisphere, the storms have been relentless. In the midst of gathering storm water, I began to feel into that energy a bit more. It’s been storming for humans since the beginning of time, it’s been especially soContinue reading “Leveraging the Storms”

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