When Towers Crumble

The Lunar Eclipse has brought about a heaviness. While I’m hopeful it’s from a pending revelation or something to be revealed, this heaviness is one we’ve been experiencing in waves over the last few years. It feels a bit more intense and I believe it’s because the Saturn/Uranus square (although not exact) has come backContinue reading “When Towers Crumble”

Autumn Equinox: A Bridge to the Wisdom of the Dark

Before you meet me at the cauldron (and before the ancestors greet us with open arms), we must prepare to cross the bridge that the Autumn Equinox puts into place. All equinoxes and solstices are powerful because they highlight a change, a turning of the wheel that is the natural, cyclical order. However, I findContinue reading “Autumn Equinox: A Bridge to the Wisdom of the Dark”

“Bad” Emotions: Top 5 Things I Learned

Logically we understand that humans have emotions, and those emotions impact our thoughts and behaviors. Or is it that we have a thought and then an emotion and behavior? What I know is that there is a connection between the three that interact almost simultaneously. Although many of us have done a lot of innerContinue reading ““Bad” Emotions: Top 5 Things I Learned”

Health, Wealth, & Sacred Self

After this last full moon ritual, I found myself doing the work (the work we all must do) of asking some really challenging questions. The hard ones. The ones that remind us all that we can do hard things. I love this time of searching the inner landscape for what will make it bloom andContinue reading “Health, Wealth, & Sacred Self”

Why Witchcraft is Home

  Have you ever noticed it? We may find it when we are blending incense or creating new potions. It is that space of knowing, where nothing else matters except that very moment. We pour our ingredients from the heart, and we have our energetic vibrations attuned to each one. We are home. It isContinue reading “Why Witchcraft is Home”

Divination: Leaning In

When I intuitively know there is something deeper that I need to understand, how can I truly build up and connect to the divine for guidance? This is not a restless feeling, it is more of a curiosity. Where am I going, what am I here for, what is my purpose, and who is coming with me?

Magic and Medicine of Edges: Under the Oak Tree

I added a hammock to my backyard recently. If I am being truthful, it was my partner’s idea and we set out to make it happen. A day later I was wrapped in a cocoon of parachute material at the edge of our property enjoying the breeze and swaying ever so gently. My Goddess broughtContinue reading “Magic and Medicine of Edges: Under the Oak Tree”

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