Daring to Care

Welcome to Cancer Season! Cancer season brings about the waters, whether it is finding ourselves near a body of water or the waters of the body that create community, family, and moments of deep connection. As we move past the Solstice, we can review the landscape of our lives with deep reverence, gratitude, and care.Continue reading “Daring to Care”

Celebrating Fire & Season of The Blood

As we head toward the welcoming of Summer, of abundance (in the northern hemisphere), I often pause to honor the garden that is me and the garden I am nourishing. I take an inventory and it includes the following: Season of The Blood Whether we see this time of Sacred Fire as something to celebrateContinue reading “Celebrating Fire & Season of The Blood”

The Heaviness of Awakening

Waking the inner witch or even initiating into witchcraft as a practice (spiritual or otherwise) has been the best decision I have ever made. I say “decision” because it seems to be one of either embracing our own unique power or rejecting it entirely. What is hard to grasp here is the weight of suchContinue reading “The Heaviness of Awakening”

Why Witchcraft is Home

  Have you ever noticed it? We may find it when we are blending incense or creating new potions. It is that space of knowing, where nothing else matters except that very moment. We pour our ingredients from the heart, and we have our energetic vibrations attuned to each one. We are home. It isContinue reading “Why Witchcraft is Home”

Everyday Magic: Meditation

The first time I fell asleep… The second time the colors were brighter… The third time I learned to fly without wings… The fourth time I could see with my eyes closed… The fifth time I awakened more… The sixth time I time traveled… ~ Stormie I have spoken before about the importance of anContinue reading “Everyday Magic: Meditation”

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