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Coming home to Witchcraft


Have you ever noticed it? We may find it when we are blending incense or creating new potions. It is that space of knowing, where nothing else matters except that very moment. We pour our ingredients from the heart, and we have our energetic vibrations attuned to each one. We are home. It is that moment of pure bliss, of working in unison, and wholeness is found right where we are. Witchcraft is home because we become more rooted, we connect with our own rituals of living, and we reclaim our innermost wisdom.

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One of the ways witchcraft feels like home is its ability to foster rootedness. It allows (even encourages us) to look at the ways in which we are not currently rooted into ourselves or connected with our ancestors. It is this slow ‘down’, downward, into the rich soil that connects us to our ancestors, ourselves, and the Earth.

We can attune to the ways our ancestors were in relationship with the land, with phases of the moon, with the seasons.

This rootedness allowed an inner knowing for when to plant crops, which plants were medicine, and how to use them to heal each other. This rootedness and relationships are one of community. Of a tribe grounded in relationship with plants, stones, seasons, and each other that fosters joy even in times spent navigating hardships.

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Witchcraft is home because it is a reminder that there is no one right way to live.

When we can grasp that our relationships are ours and are based on our experiences plus perceptions, we become more open to the possibilities of rooting deeper within ourselves. Witchcraft is home because it is a reminder that the ancestors walk next to us every single day as we foster our own rituals of living.

Rituals of Living

Witchcraft is more. Of everything. It is more than just a practice. It’s more than just what we do every single day. It’s more than a habit and it’s more than just what you can be productive at. Witchcraft is home of the wild, the unknown, and is the space encouraging our own curiosity.

It is a home with the space created for our own intuitive understanding of the meaning of relationship.

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We see it with correspondences and when we are getting deeply in communion with the other spirits of this world. The relationships are present in our potions, our incense blends, our knowing of what medicines work to treat what ailment, and what astrological force presides over that ailment. Our lives become a ritual of wholeness, our home in witchcraft becomes the sacred medicine that guides us to live life on our own terms. We learn to open the closets and remember the secret passageways. It is our initiation. Our witchcraft is the home where we can intentionally investigate those dark places to reclaim our wisdom.

Reclamation of Inner Wisdom

Our home, the places that we call ‘home’, is where we lay down our shield. Our armor. We are accepting of who and what we are. Home is where we are safe to dive deeply into those depths. We can face the things that required the armor in the first place. Witchcraft can guide us through our radical acceptance of shame, guilt, and fear without retribution. Our Goddesses and the Universe guide us forward, lighting the way so that we can feel even more at home in our witchcraft and in our skin. Witchcraft allows us to make a mess and then learn how to clean it up.

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Witchcraft connects me to my purpose and my passion, allowing me to connect with others who were wanting to walk the same path.

Reclaiming our wisdom requires the rootedness, it requires the ability to own where we are, and to radically accept that our nature reflects the spark of the divine. It is then that we open the door to deeper knowing. We can reclaim the practice of sitting with a plant for hours before we are able to really understand its properties.

We learn to be multilingual, reclaiming the wisdom that has been there all along.

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Such as the inner knowing of how a crystal can help clear a space, how creating a rite using this specific symbol will be more powerful, and then reading those same things you already knew from scientists to affirm just how much wisdom you carry in your bones already. Witchcraft becomes the home to your own wisdom, your ability to perceive and experience things in your own way. That’s the beauty of witchcraft, no two experiences must be the same for both to still be valid. This is why Witchcraft is home for many of us.

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