Finding the Medicine of Scorpio

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This month has so far found me being rebellious, my inner observer seeming to become more challenging. After the new moon in Scorpio, many of us may feel overly sensitive to our own thoughts, feelings, or actions that may not fit into a societal status quo.

The upcoming Mars transit in Scorpio, especially when squaring off with Saturn, may heighten this sensitivity.

The medicine of Scorpio this season is so much that it will feel like death and destruction. At the same time, it requires being aware of how we must show up, daily, with intent to challenge ourselves to use that energy in ways that make an impact.

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Scorpio, the poisonous scorpion, that can be deadly but also healing (used in anti-venoms and studied in cancer treatments) asks us to perceive the medicine we need. It’s our perception of the hidden wisdom and medicine of what waits for us in the dark, in our own darkness, of embracing and deeply connecting to it that allows it become medicinal.

It is also committing to the understanding of where we are disconnecting from it.

For my dark moon divination, I received Apocalypsis, Art, and Destruction. For me, the medicine was clear in that what appears to be apocalyptic is in fact uncovering the hidden parts required for my art, my fire, my creative endeavors, and destruction (was reversed) inwardly appears to be a maddening when we do the deep work of integrating the parts that we are told to not like, not show, not acknowledge. Like cancer, those things proliferate in the darkness until we self-destruct in a way that brings it into our awareness or in some cases actually become physically ill. Scorpio is an initiator of the deep dark: it will bring that which is dead in us back to life. Transforming and transmuting are the medicines we seek.

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Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (it is also ruled by Mars, a lower individual octave of Pluto) and according to Arroyo (1975) it is a part of the outer trio of planets responsible for transcendence, transformation, and the energy associated with individuation of our true selves. Arroyo (1975) continues:

“This group symbolizes the most profound sources of change in life, transcendent dimensions of experience, and the most subtle energies to which we are attuned. These forces affect our more conscious faculties through inspiration, flashes of insight, intuition, innate knowledge not learned through the intellect, an urge to merge oneself in a greater whole, and a strong impulse toward refining one’s deepest nature.”

When I think of Pluto, I think of the Goddesses who call the underworld home. The darkness or shadows that they represent, the torches they carry for us. Anyone who has been over to our sister site Dark Goddess Collective knows we just completed a cycle of connection with Hel and we have welcomed in Nyx. She is the darkness, and she is of the nature of the hidden and the underworld.

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Challenging Saturn

It makes sense that this is a time of getting into that which is hidden, uncovering what lies beneath, and redefining our boundaries as Mars transits Scorpio and squares Saturn. It may be cause for redefining my witchcraft practice and my relationship to that which is otherworldly or numinous. It could be that we find the holy in our darkness because we accept our truth as it is and not as taboo (such as being a witch, enjoying sex, or even deciding to use my voice loudly). I have found holy there because it’s not just in the heavens, and it doesn’t necessarily require a person to translate the messages or a special place to connect. It has never been disconnected from us in that way. The hidden things are simply wanting to reveal themselves and our hidden purposes in this life from a place already within us.

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Based on past transits this year, I also can see the medicine of Scorpio becoming actionable when we redefine the boundaries of how we live, work, play, and create. The current societal structure of work to make others rich, with only enough energy to make it to the end of the workday or week without anything left to do something that sets our hearts on fire.

  • What are those things we are longing for?
  • What does it mean to be abundant and joyful?
  • What does it mean to experience enjoyment and what do I want to create for myself?
  • How does this look in my life?


Navigating the dark with Scorpio can be challenging. It can be hard to lean into it, fear and being uncomfortable come with the territory. It feels like poison, sometimes like death, but the only difference between poison and medicine is the dose. Take it slow and feel into it softly with curiosity. To get us started, here is a 3-card tarot (or oracle) spread that is helpful:

A candle and a key,


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