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As the year of the Owl and the Witch is coming to a close, the great letting go of fear to fly higher has left me swaying in the liminal space of ‘I can’t believe that happened’ and ‘I am proud that I was able to see a different path forward’. I confess: Owl is truly the guardian of Night’s Wisdom. From learning how to see in the dark to releasing what keeps me weighed down and unable to use my own wings, I am in deep and joyous gratitude to my Owl ally. This journey through darkness does not end in wholeness, in fact it brought about an entire web upon this spiral of life I am navigating.

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The Spider

I am not a fan. Well, specifically, I am not a fan of them showing up inside my home. They have, in the past, popped out of nowhere and scared me. I am, however, protective of a few that have made their homes outside. I make it a point to tell the bug guy where I have noticed a spider hanging out and to please just skip that area. Do I get an odd look? Yes. Do I care? Not even a little.

I am not sure where I learned it or if it was ever a story that was told to me as a child, but spiders that are weaving around my home are there protecting me and my loved ones. The ones around the front door are particularly great at catching energetic nuisances or bad vibrations. Maybe this is a knowing from another life or I am tapping into deep stories and truths from the ancestors.

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Her arrival in 2021

I love how Spider showed up for me, showing me a glimpse of the medicine coming for 2022. I was gifted a homemade solar lamp for my back porch during a family summertime pool party. I noticed her immediately near the top and watched her for a few minutes. The gifting party noticed and offered to remove her.

I declined.

I felt like she needed to be with the lamp and with me. I wasn’t scared, it was just a knowing. Home with me she came, I fastened a hook just outside the kitchen window to hang the lamp, and I watched her.

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Deepening the work with spider

Her medicine is deliberate and with intent, in the same way that she uses silk from various spots on her abdomen depending on what its use will be (1). She is patient in creating and weaving her world. She knows when to start over, when to reweave a portion, what areas require stronger connections, and when to leave entirely. Throughout summer and fall, I was watching spider every day.

I am deeply fond of her process of creating her world.

I watched her be courageous and bold enough to have, at one point, built her web so expansive that I had to duck under it through an entire area of my back porch. I didn’t mind. It was thrilling. She was so small but had created this massive world with what I imagined to be a beautiful view.

Be BOLD! Photo by Suman Karmakar from Pexels

Bold and Courageous

A part of my work for 2022 is connecting to this energy of bold and courageous. To embrace taking up space. This is the year of learning to reweave, unweave, let go, focus deeply, create new places, spaces, and connections. We can all weave, unweave, tear it down and start over with the same unwavering authority of ‘bold and courageous’ that Spider revealed to me through her own weaving on my back porch. We just need to know where to start.

Hidden Threads and Attachments

Spider, across many continents and cultures is a universal and primordial creatrix of this universe and humans. Neith, Arachne, Grandmother Spider (Cherokee, 2), Spider Woman (Hopi, 3), and countless others have deep threads associated with the weaving and creating of life.

It is the starting point…

The most powerful starting point I encountered is the understanding of the web created with my very first breath. Look at any natal chart. It is the universal web of energy. It is a beautiful complexity of aspects that embraced us all as we became a whole, individual human with our very own spiral. A galaxy, a universe, from which we begin to walk and create upon the web with her.

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Continuing forward, I found more hidden threads and attachments.

Many of our threads woven in childhood are dependent upon others and the communities or societies in which we belong. These threads can help ground us and balance our outward threads of growth, the way in which we weave outwardly in connection with others. As we grow older, it is this basic level of what has been woven that we may need to review and inventory.

The Work

I found many hidden threads, through layers of my spiral in this life, that tied back to one person or event. I found where my energy of that time or place has prevented my growth because I am attached back to my own energy there in the past. In the past, this has manifested as fear, resistance, or just an inability to move past some unseen obstacle.

In fact, I liken it to being stuck in the web of my own weaving!

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With Spider medicine and Witchcraft, there is this undercurrent of shapeshifting. The witchery creates this shift from being stuck in the web of my own weaving unconsciously, to being fully awakened and conscious of how I can become the spider that is creatrix and weaver anew. I am unbelievably excited about the journey of 2022 and I am so glad you are here for it!

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