Courage of Chiron

I am a seeker of Wisdom,
Of Knowledge
Of Connection to the Seen and Unseen
She gave me a key
to Chiron

I have always found Chiron to be an interesting asteroid (some call it a planetoid) and energetic archetype. The myth of Chiron as the healer who could not heal himself, but instead chose mortality as the transformation to healing through the underworld. He struck a deal with the Gods, to give up his immortality so long as Prometheus’ suffering was also eased, having been banished to a mountain where his liver was eaten daily as punishment for bringing fire of the Gods to Earth. The archetype of the Wounded Healer is born and orbits between the seen and unseen in our sky and serves us well as a reminder of our own journey to healing within and without.

Photo by Jorge Gardner via Unsplash

The story, like my own journey, is that of healing and illuminating the path to healing for others. This is not such a surprise, the societal uprising of the times is a call being heard globally. If we cannot heal because an environment or structure prevents the healing, then we will dive deep and face the wound to transform it and grow. We are a society hearing the call. It is a call that makes us investigate ourselves too. To take an inventory, recognizing in what ways we have been living away from our own truths or not singing our own song. Separate from our inner nature because of societal structures that have programmed us away from our inner fire into complacency and silent complicitness.

Chiron is in Aries, during the Summer of Mars (Aries’ planetary ruler) ~ Things are heating up now!


Taking an inventory of ourselves and lives requires courage. Most journeys do! The things that make us uncomfortable feel overly risky and we can become fearful. Acknowledging the way we are programmed and our own wounds that are not healing is difficult. Chiron offers a medicine that does not taste very wonderful at initial dose, but it is journey of pure magic: Learning to use our wounds as the medicine to heal. To transcend, transmute, and transform onto the path of our truth. We become the healing force in our own lives, shedding away our programming, those rigid structures, and we become balanced, whole, and true to ourselves. These journeys of our own allow us to be the guides for others who are beginning to hear the call to their own authenticity, personal power, and healing. Like the symbol of Chiron and a sign from the Goddess Hekate, it is a key to unlocking the doors at the very edges of our own individuation.

Symbol of Chiron, image created by Author

The Transit

Many of the modalities for healing throughout the ages do not follow the allopathic route (modern medicine) of today’s society. The modalities for healing were for the whole person. Holistic. Mind, body, and soul. All of the elements and energetics. The seen and the unseen, much like Chiron’s transit in the sky. It transits between Uranus and Saturn, the edge of our solar system between what we can see with the naked eye and then that which is no longer seen. As a higher octave of Mercury, the androgynous walker between the worlds and of communication, Chiron brings the medicine to our perspectives, our practicalities, in the seen world (Saturn) and allows the relationship to spring forth and heal or promote our sovereignty, our unseen soul-purpose, and our internal individuality (Uranus). We are returning to the medicine of wholeness in our lives.

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From our Indigenous Tribes and First Nations People to the practices of ancient pharmakeia, the wholeness of a person was understood. Healing required medicine for both the seen and the unseen parts. Many involved medicines of a whole plant: salves, teas, spagyrics, etc. It involved the wholeness of the plant for the wholeness of the person. I do not deny the power of modern medicine or the necessity for it. However, modern medicine doesn’t take into consideration that by breaking apart medicinal plants to only the part that is to be an active ingredient, it has broken the great spirit of the plant that works as a whole plant for the whole human.

 It should then also come as no surprise that modern medicine is not a medicine of wholeness.

Left photo by Calum Lewis via Unsplash, Right photo by Gabrielle Rocha Rios via Unsplash

Modern medicine in many ways seeks to ease the symptoms versus asking the question “how did the body create the environment for that ailment to flourish?” It is the same in our own transits and society today, how did we get here? How did we get to where we are so broken apart from our own authentic selves, our own deep and natural parts, the seen and unseen? Chiron begs the question, what has happened that we are so far off our unique transit? We are reawakening, hearing the call back to our unique journeys, and the path back to our true transits in this incarnation requires transformation.


Chiron was recently considered retrograde and in accepting the key to Chiron from my Goddess, it most certainly felt like I was going through my own retrograde to my path of authenticity. You may feel it too. We are beginning to realize that we are no longer able to be complicit or silent about our own injustices or those we see happening to others. We may begin to see just how intolerable our lives have become after this pandemic, quarantine, social uprising, and recognizing our own inner voice for perhaps the first time. We are rising.

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That tiny voice I had ignored for years, telling me to take the 5 minutes in the morning to think of 3 things I am grateful for. Not because it is a task in a planner to check off, but because I know that type of focus and presence creates the positive space for more goodness to arrive. It is the voice that drives us towards our passions and creativity, but our Saturn tells that voice to quiet down because it does not pay the bills or it isn’t viewed as a way to achieve anything “great” in society.

We continue to shush that voice.

Many times, we stop hearing our inner guide. We effectively douse the torches illuminating the path we should be walking. The path that is in alignment with our soul and with our authentic self. Only now that voice (Uranus) is calling louder and we are peeling back the layers to heed the call back to our wholeness, truth, and authenticity. This is not a retrograde. This is heeding that call and having the courage of Chiron.

Photo by Carolyn V via Unsplash

Authentic Power or Fear…

Hearing the call and heeding it are two different ideas entirely. Perhaps you have been hearing it but not sure what to do with it. Perhaps it is fear because you are in fact listening, but it requires deep change within. Fear of change, fear of risk, fear of taking action, fear of the unknown.

Fear is so relatable, I see you.

Change is the only thing that is certain, and it is coming for all of us. Fear can be such a challenge to navigate because it is our alert system. A good place to start might be asking ourselves what is underneath our fear? What is causing it? Why does this make us uncomfortable? The goal is not to be fearless, but instead to be fearsome. To be fierce. In our growth, in our wholeness, and in our integrity. This is not an aesthetic, this is an unabashed force from within that requires us to be disciplined. Disciplined enough to have faith in our authentic ability to navigate the layers of risks, adversity, and change. It serves as our inner power to claim our own healing and transformation through the wounds and injustices that would see us remain silent forever if given the chance. Rise.

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In the Beginning

In the beginning there was me. Held safely in the darkness within, allowed to grow until I was ready to burst forth into the world and carry out the purpose of this life. I am betting it was the same for you. If you are fearful of outward change, no matter the reason, I find it is best to start within as that is what we have control over. Our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Begin with a daily sacred practice that is unique to you. It encourages Chiron energy of healing and transformation, by focusing on what we can control. It does not require hours a day, in fact my own magical practice is 20 – 30 minutes a day.

Photo by Author

Here are some examples of daily practice items that may help to create the space for healing, transformation, and wisdom:

  • Lighting a candle or incense
  • Daily veneration of a deity or prayer
  • Gratitude statements (not centered around things, but experiences)
  • Daily Intention
  • Meditate
  • Dance/Chant/Yoga
  • Music/Playing an instrument
  • Journaling/Record Keeping of your daily practices
  • Divination (Tarot, Runes, Scrying, throwing the bones, pendulums, etc.)

Here are some journal prompts that may help that little voice become a little louder for you, they most certainly changed my life when a personal mentor asked me to contemplate them:

  • What is your ideal job or way to spend your time, if you could do anything in the world?
  • If you had $10 million, what would you do?
  • Fill in the blank: “In my life, if I don’t ____________, I will be unhappy.”

Really deep dive these questions and then find the common thread between them. You might discover a passion, a goal, and a way forward that the tiny voice is whispering to you regarding your own truth and transit.

May you be fierce!

A candle and a key (she really brought the tea),


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