What Song Are You Singing?

The New Moon for me is a special time of witchery. It’s a great time to set my intentions for the coming month and I always have this habit of wanting to be an overachiever. I hold myself to a higher standard because I have these goals within the many facets or layers of my life. It’s not quite a diamond or an onion to be honest, but the Universe came for tea about all of these intentions and transformed me indefinitely.

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New Moon Rituals

The New Moon is a great time for beginnings and intention setting. This usually begins with a blank sheet of paper, 2 or 3 days before the New Moon, and ends with a goal for each of the self-imposed divisions: I have a mundane work goal, I have a personal relationship goal with my partner, I have a solitary witch/spiritual goal, a RAW goal, an educational goal, and a goal for collaborative efforts within my coven. All the goals. All the time. Even if they are small goals, it’s still a goal or an intention that is seemingly a separate segment or section. I look for key themes across all of the sections as a way to somehow bring it all together and make it fit into a small, precise, overall intention of 9 words or less. Then I begin building a layered spell to use in conjunction with the energy of the new moon. I look for one or two herbs to reinforce the energy I’m creating (asking for their energetic help), a stone, a tarot or an oracle card (let’s face it, I’ve probably got both), and something I can transfer the energy of the spell to, something that I can burn to send the energy to the Universe so I can work towards it while she aligns it for me and allows it to fall into place. Except this time, I couldn’t make it fit and it seemed like she had other plans for me.

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Being Divided

I spent two days frantically trying to make all of my goals fit into an intention, but they were so separated! I would think I was getting somewhere with it and then it would just overwhelm me with the difficulty of trying to bring those separate pieces together. I’m sure now that the Universe was sipping tea by herself, laughing or maybe even rolling her eyes, at how much effort I was putting into this when she was trying to hand me a key or grant me wisdom in that moment. I decided to stop. I began to scroll back through some of my social media and the coven’s network. Twice someone had mentioned a musical artist and I hadn’t gone to check the artist out yet. I made some tea and sat down to listen.

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Separateness Is an Illusion

I really enjoy music and I have found some of my deepest healing in the vibrations and lyrics of many different artists. I’ve found comfort in others’ ability to put my emotions into words, strength in a kick drum, and energy in guitar riffs. This song though, this song took me to a different place. The melancholic chords brought immediate calm and while I wasn’t sure of the exact lyrics, the message was clear. For the last week, the Universe had pointed me in the direction of this artist through others. To bring me the message that all is not divided. There may be parts that grab my focus, but just like music, it all comes together to create a beautiful wholeness that I call a song. This revelation, this key, unlocked the door for my New Moon witchery. What song of my life as a whole am I going to create through my magic for February?

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Tea Time Reflections

The Wheel of the Year in my practice is based on epithets of the Goddess Hekate, that I have a growing personal relationship with. When I speak of the Universe, of the Divine, it is She that I’m speaking of. The epithet of February is Kyria, that I personally translate into sovereign, of the truth, and powerful. The spider, for me, as the weaver of truth and destiny is the animal ally for February. I listened to the song repeatedly and the same magical feeling rose up and out of me onto paper: I want to be all things me. The commonality between every separate item on my list of goals was me. All of those separate pieces are the musical instruments that make up the song of my life right now and where I’m going in my life. It’s unique because I am. Looking at myself and my intention this way, I had a 7 letter intention on self-awareness as the creator of my own song in every interaction in my world as I know it, in the month of February. As a spider, weaving the web of this life and the knowing of Kyria, being sovereign and wholly powerful in it.

May we all find our power, may we all find our voice and instruments to create our unique song!

A candle and a key,


Musical Inspiration: Chelsea Wolfe – Be All Things

Album: Birth Of Violence

To learn more about the meaning of the album or song: https://www.papermag.com/chelsea-wolfe-birth-of-violence-2640379591.html?rebelltitem=23#rebelltitem23

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