Leveraging the Storms

Welcome to 2023, we’ve entered the Season of the Seeds! True to the natural rhythm in the Northern Hemisphere, the storms have been relentless. In the midst of gathering storm water, I began to feel into that energy a bit more.

It’s been storming for humans since the beginning of time, it’s been especially so for witches throughout time.


We have been in the middle of massive storms globally for 3 years now: from actual, devastating storms to the ones that we’ve experienced as the best and worst of society, structures, and foundations.

Photo by Johannes Plenio via Pexels

Upon reflection, I recognize that I have learned (although not an adept, yet!) to leverage and align to the power of some of these storms. In all of their facets, their thunderous arrivals, this tempestuous energy of storms can drive creation as much as it can drive destruction.

The more I think about what has been “destroyed” or crumbling over time, especially personally, the more I realize that the storms were necessary. Perhaps you can relate?

Moving with Storms

In our community, Dark Goddess Collective, we are getting into the energy of the ancient Roman Goddess Tempestas. I’m collaborating and teaching with others on using this energy as a natural methodology of seasonal force into form. How can we understand and leverage this energy into the nourishment of our own seeds planted for 2023?

The 3 Bodies

There are 3 bodies we possess that allow us to better understand how some of this energetic force is transmitted and how we come to “know”. From how we come to “know” to how we come to have the capacity to comprehend, hold, and use that energy constructively (turn to form). These bodies are spiritual, emotional, and physical.

Hear more:

The Energy

When storms are coming, some us can feel it in our joints or actually feel the pressure changes (sometimes it’s so subtle we miss it). During the storm, some of us grab tea and watch the trees dance, the lightning play, and the water in various forms fall to Earth. It’s a symbiotic relationship of force into form. It houses all of the Elements of initial creation, that pattern of nature espoused in that which known as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Photo via Pixabay

What if we could use this energy, leverage it, and get into the space of knowing fully the energetic frequencies behind it? How would we recognize the storms in our lives as they come up? In what ways could we align our magic with it, our own knowing, and increase the probability of successfully navigating those moments (such as the ones over the last three years)? How could we use those moments to become wildly abundant? I am putting my odds on Tempestas to break open the seeds of my own next season!

A Candle & A Key,


Want to learn more on the ‘how to’? I have you covered here.

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The Bridge of Turtles

The year of the Spider is almost over for me. I’m strongly aware of how she transformed my entire way of seeing the world (and my place in it). I hold gratitude and a deep reverence for Spider as the new inscription upon the bones revealed themselves on Hekate’s Night.

Photo via Pixabay

The Bridge

“Bridge” has been revealing itself, as a focus word, for a bit now. Well, at least my recognition of it, as I think I’ve been the bridge more than I realize. Now I’m accepting it. It’s not just me that has this beckoning to the word. The message of ‘bridge’ is one of alignment, of support, and direction. To be the bridge is to connect that which is disconnected.

It’s still a form of weaving.

I think Spider taught the lessons of weaving and time walking for myself so I could recognize the power of weaving for and with others as the bridge. It makes sense as the private community is launching, where the bridge is being built to create connections between humans and magic (including the bridge between a human and the unique magic they wish to call to the surface).

Photo by Author

The Turtle

Much like Spider, Turtle came to me mid-year and kept showing up! I took a trip where Turtle motifs kept popping up (I mean, beaches do typically have that) and it was a trip that reminded me to slow down.

There was a beautiful turtle figurine I found in a shop there. Its shell was purple.

That is when I noticed the universe sending me a message. I brought it home with me. The day after I got home from this trip, my husband came inside to show me a little friend he found in the front yard. You guessed it: a turtle. I made him take it back outside and pulled some of my strawberries from the garden to give Turtle.

In the past shamans, priests, and priestesses were the keepers of the sacred knowledge of life. These individuals were tied to the rhythms and forces of nature. They were capable of walking the threads that link the invisible and visible worlds. They helped people remember that all trees are divine and all animals speak to those who listen.” ~ Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

Photo by Author

Turtle Teachings

The energy contained within the spirit of an animal is an emanation and reflection of that which we need to connect with. From their habitats, habits, physiology, and markings, we can learn from them by allowing them to provide the medicine and knowledge.

Initially, I remembered the I-Ching, an ancient Chinese divination text and the shell of Turtle. The primordial feminine energy translation or awareness came soon after, the 13 sections upon the shell reminiscent of the lunar calendar.

Photo via Pixabay

The shell also being home, and the life of turtle being between water and land, reminds me that home is where I birth it.

It reminded me of the land I call home is also known, by its Original Indigenous Stewards of the Land, as Turtle Island. In this space of home, I can walk across thresholds, like the turtle, over the shore from water to land (and back again). The most interesting part is that not only am I learning from Turtle, I’m learning that I too can be the shore itself when I must. I’m welcoming 2023 as one of being The Bridge of Turtles, and it is so.

A candle & A Key,


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One Sovereign Witch: My Top 5 List of Sh*t to Ponder

As I stand in the space of the void, honoring the in between and the dark, I found major themes emerging for myself. As I pondered more and spoke with other leaders in the magical community it became apparent that this is not just a me theme. It is a collective theme of the practitioners of magic. I recognize we are in a space where there is so much noise that the only thing to do is ponder the noise that is a distraction (and removing it) so we can step out of the void into collective alignment.

Cosmos and galaxy that look like an Ouroboros
Hoag’s Object via NASA Hubble 2001, The Boundary is beautiful!


Boundaries are an important framework for how we connect, contribute, and live. When incorporated into our magic, those boundaries can help us define sacred space and our integrity. However, there are two things that came forward to me recently.

Boundaries, as a framework, have sometimes been translated as something geared toward others instead of ourselves.

For example, we state something is a boundary for us without necessarily discussing the consequence for boundary violations (or even enforcement for that matter). Which leads me to the next idea for pondering: are my boundaries for safety (for me and others) or I have I used them in the capacity that keeps me caged from effectual growth? I think in certain circumstances we will find they are both, and then revisit how we discern them from each other.

Photo by max ravier via Pexels


Sometimes we want to take everyone with us, especially those that we love and have time invested in. Through the good and the bad, we know we want them to stay in our inner circle and grow with us. We want to use our voices, our magic, our connections, and sheer will to pull people along with us. We want them to enjoy success as we define it without recognizing that our friends can love us and define success differently. The greatest theme coming forward is one of reevaluation. If I stop pushing, pulling, and trying to drag everyone where I am going, how are they going to show up in my life? The answer comes in ways that I never expected, including moments where I recognize it is possible to have friends that I care about deeply but can’t be pushed or coerced into growth with me.

That is not my journey, it is theirs, and I have no right to take them to places they are unwilling, unable, or uninspired to go for themselves.

A theme to ponder is how can I love them deeply and from a distance that allows me to continue in my magic?  How can I be a good friend and set appropriate limits to the amount of noise I am allowing myself to be invested in with regards to friends I have currently outgrown?

Get in the magic! All the way! Photo by Paz Shots via pexels


The practice of magic and the structures of magic we adhere to are unique to each of us, even those that have been initiated into different flavors of magic or whatever labels we take on in our study of magic. It is exactly this that I ponder, how are the structures and the practice of my magic bringing me what I want within the pillars of health, wealth, and my sacred self?

How am I connecting to magic and am I still curious about new things?

There is something to be said for recognizing that some of our magic is now habit and we don’t intentionally connect with that habit. Not all habits are amazing, including magical ones. A part of magic is combining the new with the sacred reverence for the old. In what ways should we move toward connecting and integrating those parts?

Sharing our knowledge is where it is! Photo via Pixabay.


This is going to be the one that gets my ass handed to me but hear me out. The magic that we hold in our practices, the research, the data, and the great lengths we go to in an effort to remember what was lost (to prevent it from happening again) deserves this conversation. From the tiktoks about closed practices and how certain practices are not meant for others to the gatekeeping of “this is the only way to practice”:

I sit with it, think about it, and then decide, as I always do, that my magic cannot be gatekept.

I don’t want magic, in any capacity, to be buried and forgotten again, like the Eleusinian mysteries or other ancient magics. Why create more divisiveness when the Goddesses are clearly calling us all collectively to use and share our magic with each other. From our unverified personal gnosis to deeper conversations that can change even one perspective, how are we gatekeeping magic and if we had to time-walk 200 years into the future to see our magic completely taken out of context because we gatekept the fuck out of it, how would we feel? Just something to ponder.

Photo via Unsplash – The Void is real, we need to sit in it a bit and ponder.

Funeral Rites & The Void

Sitting in the void can feel like an entire heavy world of stuckness. Where do we go from here? What have I let go of? What haven’t I let go of, but I definitely should?

There are so many things in the space of the void that deserve funeral rites so we can step over the threshold to weave the next phase of beginnings.

How can we honor (and bury) the things that have us one foot in the void and one foot over the threshold? Especially since I feel like the Goddess is screaming “in or out and close the door”.  Are they obstacles to our passion, purpose, and magic? Are they boundaries we put in place to keep us small and safe? Are they friends we don’t want to leave behind because the company we keep will find fault with our inability to do the work they should be doing themselves? Ponder away, give funeral rites where needed, and close the damn door.

A Candle & A Key,


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When Towers Crumble

The Lunar Eclipse has brought about a heaviness. While I’m hopeful it’s from a pending revelation or something to be revealed, this heaviness is one we’ve been experiencing in waves over the last few years. It feels a bit more intense and I believe it’s because the Saturn/Uranus square (although not exact) has come back into play.

When Saturn and Uranus square off, we have a pattern emerge. COVID, collective uprisings, and resource/supply chain issues.

It feels like structures we’ve been holding up are crumbling ~ Photo via Pixabay

It Feels…Crumbly

While the energy is intense, there is a small comfort in understanding the natural order of things. My inclination towards restlessness becomes a little less and I’m reminded that everything must change. The Earth is cycling through changes, the structures and foundations the collective are built upon are cycling through changes, and I, too, am changing. I have found, sitting within that intense energy, a certain freedom. And maybe that is the great revelation or what is being revealed:

There is a type of freedom found when we accept impermanence and the crumbling away of all things that do not evolve our connectedness to this natural order of change.

Pluto ~ Photo via Pixabay

Impermanence and Pluto

This awareness of impermanence can cause distress, but we know not everything can stay the same. In fact, I would say nothing stays the same. Everything must change. I have been personally impacted by it and over the course of the COVID pandemic It has come into full view for most of us: the death, the grief, and the breaking down of supports we have heavily relied upon.


Pluto is very much teaching us that there is growth to be had, but we must let go of our grasp on wanting things to remain the same, simply because we are uncomfortable. In fact, Jupiter and Neptune sextile Pluto in the sky to further reinforce this shift.

For those of us in the USA. This is also the Pluto return year for the country and it’s an election day. This too is heavy, intense, and crumbly.

Sometimes the natural order takes over for growth ~ Photo via Pixabay

Intensity and Growth

When the energy is intense, it has been easy to stay in a state of being concerned, confused, anxious, and fearful of what comes next. In the Season of the Bones, as things crumble and are shed away, we can intuitively get back on the ground and pick up the vibrations there. When we use our craft, and our knowing, in this way, we can get curious. Curiosity allows us to use the intensity for growth to dive into impermanence. However, it will not be through the lens of loss, but the building of fortified bones, structures, and ways of being to create and weave anew.

A Candle & A Key,


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You can also find additional offerings and lessons over at Darkgoddesscollective.com

Dark Goddess Collective, A Revelations of a Witch Circle, will be launching soon. This is a community focused on those who are
interested in doing the deeper, life-changing, intuitive work of reclaiming
their power with Dark Goddesses and a tribe committed to fostering change in
their communities.

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Veneration of The Bones

Samhain is my time of the bones. Within us resides the signature of the bones before us and all of the ones to come after. If we look around our communities, we can see the bones of where we call home too. In my own community, the trees are losing their leaves quickly revealing the structures of trees and limbs, the fire of life dropping to the ground where the rest of the bones reside

The Flame and Ash

This year, the altar of remembering is growing larger. It’s not just the veneration of ancestors and the spirits of place, but those who shared my bones in this life. I am using my connection to Themis to be able to open the channels of the bones. This includes the bones of the trees. Bones of my bones. An amalgam of that which is Within and without. It signals to the energetic world my understanding of the importance of this connection of here and now. The connection to the signature of the DNA within my bones and the signature of the bones of the trees cannot be overstated. I bring the outside in. And I bring the inside out.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Here’s a peek at my own practice:

The Altar

In working with Themis, I created a strategic altar and a Black Sacred Candle. It includes a sigil to the planetary themes, intentions, and very specific offerings. I added the human and serpent bones (beads and vertebrae) and then added the ancestral keys and ties to spirits of the land.

The Besom

The Besom for me is used to clear out the energy of a space but also to pull in specific energy too. The intuitive selection of leaves, the colors, and the specific plants have a very personal meaning. The way it is placed is just as important as the way it is made. Notice the difference in placement below, see if you can feel the difference.

The Call

There are numerous ways to call to the bones, to invite them in as guests in a sacred place and time. I have seen extraordinary chants and invocations, dances and drumming, and a vast mixture of all of them. My call is simple, I light the candle and I move the besom.

The Love Letters of Remembrance

“For here, what is remembered lives” ~ The Gates, Let it Begin Album, Starhawk and Reclaiming & Friends (1992)

I write. Surprise (haha)! However, our remembrance doesn’t have to be love letters, it can be eulogies in story form, or even saying specific names out loud. It can be silent, holding an idea or picture in the mind. It can be an understanding of the powers present upon the altar that are honored here as a part of the reverence to the spirits of land and cosmos. I write, with the little papers painted with pomegranate blessings, to take with me from flame to ash at The Fire & Dance for The Dead.

Photo by Adonyi Gábor via Pexels

The Fire & Dance for The Dead

This is a special moment of the year. A moment of pause in the space of both the living and the dead. I start a fire and around the flames we go, speaking the messages from pomegranate painted papers and tossing into the flames. I have added music and let my body dance the spiral around the bonfire, in any way I choose. It is a sacred time, where the bones meet at the fire, all reduced to ash. It is a beautiful moment to come to back to life as the great weaving continues. Once I am done with the fire and the dance, it is time to gather the whispers and the messages to carry me across the threshold.

No matter how you celebrate Samhain, if it is one night or three, may your connection to your dead and the spirits of place be one that you feel in your bones.

A Candle & A Key,


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Dark Goddess Collective, A Revelations of a Witch
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Get Your House in Order: A Witch’s Guide to Messiness with Valor

Put the tea on, come sit with me. The Goddess is awaiting us at the table for deeply sacred conversations. The veil is lifting, and before you can meet me at the cauldron to greet the spirits of land and our ancestors, these conversations are necessary.

Too Much or Not Enough?

Perhaps the title is misleading, this is not a guide on cleaning your home or your physical surroundings. Not that cleaning your home or physical surroundings is a bad thing. However, there is a metaphor that applies regardless:

When we declutter, cleanse, and purge our places and spaces we usually find that it gets messier before it gets better.

Image Credit: Thirdman via Pexels

In the world of the Witch, it is time to create the space for greater focus and clarity. This is a crucible for our own growth, magic, and discernment of what has become too much and those things which are no longer enough. It is going to require true valor on an individual and collective level.


With the Full Moon arriving in Aries, it is illuminating the valor we carry individually and collectively. Do not be fooled, it is a fiery energy that can ignite our greater intuition, or it can burn it down.

Why is this important?

It is perhaps important to understand that real courage and bravery, real valor, comes with a cost. We are working hard, in this time of towers, to come together in such a way that we bring about effective change. If we are not successful here, the cost is more of the same powerful vs. powerless. If we are successful, then we must know that it is going to get messier before it gets better.

We must be brave enough to see our magic for what it is and what it is not, without making excuses for it.

Photo Credit: Mezuno K via Pexels

You will have to admit authentically what is no longer serving you and then do the work to remove that. You will have to admit authentically what is too much for you and then do the work to step back and find your lane. We will also have to admit exactly where we are on our path, where we are strong, and where we need more help. None of us know everything about magic or all paths, and that is okay. It would be boring if we all knew it and it would be boring if our magic was all the same. We find true valor in the unique abilities of our individual magic fostered through discipline and strategy – we need these in our collective magic too.

Photo via Pixabay – Maybe your magic is in herbs versus astrology, it is okay to admit that! Maybe other witches need that expertise from you!


The great thing about this Full Moon is that it is great for discipline and strategy. We can look at the clutter in our lives and where things feel scattered. We can take an inventory and recognize what we have control over and what has control over us. We can get disciplined surrounding our practices, what works, what does not, and choose to keep things that are resonant. We can own what is resonant and we can cull or release the rest. This is a strategy in perseverance, but also the natural order of life: She too releases what is not needed anymore to get ready for what is coming the next season. Another strategy is clearing the space to be guided by our dead, our ancestors, and the spirits of place.

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi via Pexels

The Dead, The Ancestors, & Spirits of Place

The act of taking an inventory and releasing what does not resonate for us any longer is a great strategy for deeper attunement to our magic. It is also a great way to clear the lenses through which we honor, acknowledge, and connect with our dead, ancestors, and spirits of place. If you cannot feel them all urging you forward on your path, now more than ever, it is time to make the space for them to come through. Getting our houses in order allows this to happen, even when it gets messier first.

Photo by Michael Kessel via Pexels

Finding Clarity on the Full Moon

This Full Moon, my gift is “Questions for Clarity”. I hope they serve you well:

  • What in your practice are you still doing that does not feel authentic or are you doing because someone else told you that it must be done that way?
  • What are the places and spaces you inhabit that no longer provide you with what you need and what keeps you there?
  • If you were to change your practices or if you were to release your inhabitance of places and spaces that no longer provide you with what you need, what do you think would happen?
  • What are specific things that I can release that allow me to be open and authentic?
  • How do I define success in magic?
  • How do I define success in total?
  • How do I define discipline?
  • In what ways do I own the discipline of my practice?
  • What has proven challenging?
  • What do I know that I could do to create space for what is to come but requires me to release a certain amount of control?
  • In what ways can I clear the space to be open to new experiences and learning from others?
  • Can I accept that I am not an expert, and I don’t have all the answers?
  • How am I going to create the space to meet others at the cauldron to foster change?

A Candle & A Key,


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Feature Image Credit: Belleza87 via Pexels

Autumn Equinox: A Bridge to the Wisdom of the Dark

Before you meet me at the cauldron (and before the ancestors greet us with open arms), we must prepare to cross the bridge that the Autumn Equinox puts into place. All equinoxes and solstices are powerful because they highlight a change, a turning of the wheel that is the natural, cyclical order. However, I find this one to hold a particular potency.

Photo by Francesco Sgura via Pexels ~ Are you brave enough to cross the bridge?
When courage requires we act in unison, are you able to align with the deep, dark feminine that calls you forward with rest of us?

As we move into Libra, we know it isn’t just about the air of change being swept in. Nor is it just about looking at the balance of our lives as we stand at the center.

No. There is more.

It isn’t just about what we need. It feels deeply rooted in relationship, in our way of being, and how we must find our places of impact together. This time, it is more than the scales and winds of change that is the Equinox. The Dark Moon, Mercury Cazimi, and an opposition to Jupiter make it the crossroads we’ve been waiting for. It is an alignment for unified action: initiating us into ownership of our journey, realigning with purpose and intent, and the courage to pivot in relationship to humanity – not just ourselves.

Photo via Pixabay

Are you brave enough to cross the bridge?

Are you brave enough to be the bridge?

Review, Reset, & Rebalance

There was an image that kept popping into my dreams for a few weeks, it was our Goddess of Justice, but in pillar form as the Goddess looking three ways. Wielding the scales, a sword, and in one hand the blindfold that has been removed from her eyes is wrapped around a torch. This image revealed to me that rituals and rhythms are important, so is our ability to change them based on intuition. Below, you will find a practice and prompts that will allow us to look three ways during our liminal time of reviewing, resetting, and rebalancing in preparation for the season of the witch.

Conjuring Our Images


As a part of reviewing, we look to where we have been this year. Pull out your journal and review the last year. For each month, write down one word themes that seem to be present and speak to you. Create an image for each month that captures these one word themes perfectly to you, it could be a sigil, or you could create a small board for each month with images you find.

Photo via Pixabay


Once you have your review complete, we can reset. Like my own image of the triple Goddess, we are going to look both ways while standing at center and owning it. Here are some questions or prompts that may be helpful:

  • If I had to combine all of the images and themes for each month, what would the major theme be for this year for myself?
  • Are there any patterns that I did not notice that are now clear?
  • How many themes were present that involved others and justice?
  • Are there any themes that feel like side journeys or loose ends?
  • Is there anything that feels like clutter or themes that are present but do not fit (what stole my focus from important things?)?
  • Were there any themes that moved me to action, especially those that were not just about me?
  • At what points did I feel the most abundant and what were the major themes present during those times?
  • What feels unfinished?
  • What feels imbalanced?
  • What feels like loss and is it personal or does it involve humanity at a larger level too?
  • What ways have I contributed to or been responsible for some of these things that feel like losses?
  • After taking this inventory and reviewing the last year, in what ways am I prepared to navigate the bridge into the dark?
  • What am I willing to sacrifice as a bridge to personal growth?
  • What am I willing to sacrifice as a bridge to the growth of humanity?
  • In what ways have I been the bridge?
Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA via Pexels ~ Could the name of the photo taker be coincidence?


Rebalancing during this time is the pivot to the present and the future.

  • What can I harvest or cull that will clear up the clutter and allow greater focus on both personal growth and my own collaboration/connection with others?
  • Where am I needing to revision or repurpose my journey?
  • What is not in alignment for an initiation into the wisdom waiting in the darkness?
  • What am I wanting to learn?
  • What is my intention for the next year?
  • In what ways am I seeking more clarity and about what specifically?
  • What actions can I take to reset, repurpose, or revision my current path to one that I feel fully aligned with?
  • In what ways am I prepared to meet moments that require action for the good of all even when that may be challenging?
  • In what ways do I see the world pivoting and how am I pivoting to meet it?
  • Do I feel the need to pivot hard and if so, where?

This Autumn Equinox of the northern hemisphere is going to be an initiation, the beautiful Dark Moon as a torchbearer leading us to the bridge that we will need cross ourselves but with each other in lock step. The wisdom that we find there is sure to call us together more than it ever has, and we can plant the seeds of the next season in unison.

A Candle & A Key,


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Retrogrades and the Turning of the Wheel

Astrology has intrigued me for many years and there is a fundamental knowing that the planets impact the Earth. To think that they would not also impact humans seems like a fallacy. Currently, we have many planets in retrograde (when it appears to be moving backward). What is a witch to do when that happens as the wheel of the year is turning?

Reflect, discern, and pivot where necessary!

Photo via Unsplash


The turning of the wheel towards Autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere) or Spring (Southern Hemisphere) reminds me that it is a great time to reflect over the last season as we prepare to enter a new one. With retrogrades, it is a great time to reflect upon when that planet was last in the zodiac sign it is currently in (or the last time it was in retrograde). It is entirely possible that those same things personally experienced may be making an appearance again. It comes at a perfect time, because we are turning the wheel already where we may need to discern a deeper truth and pivot where necessary.

As a side note, it is in these moments where journaling and keeping our own personal records become important.

A common understanding of planets in retrograde is Mercury (because it happens often). Here are a few questions to ask ourselves:

  • When was Mercury last retrograde?
  • What was going on our practice and in our life at that time?
Photo by Airam Dato-on via Pexels


Discernment is an important tool of the witch. It means to have “the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure” or hidden (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Etymology from dictionary.com reveals “Its base word, the verb discern, derives from the Latin term discernere, meaning “to separate” or “to divide,” from dis-, meaning “apart,” and cernere, “toseparate”.” From etymonline.com, “krei” is the “Proto-Indo-European root meaning “to sieve,” thus “discriminate, distinguish”.”

In searching for deeper wisdom and truth, we must know that it’s made up of logic and intuition. The embodiment of both, paired with lived experiences, guide us in our ability to translate the world around us and impact our decisions. Our discernment and intuitive foresight may have driven us to act in ways we may not have completely understood (certain decisions or purchases made or even sacred conversations had), but now, in retrograde season, make perfect sense. We also may look back on our journals and recognize a theme that we are in fact revisiting now.

It may come up that we need to pivot just like the planets that are in retrograde.

While it may feel like we’re going backwards, it is with an understanding that it is the only way forward too.

Photo by Polina Chistyakova via Pexels

The Pivot

We see it in the world: the death of the Queen, Ukraine retaking land in their battle torn country and Russia forced to retreat, the great return of unionization in the US (believe it is Chipotle unionizing), and even in the personal lives of many of my closest friends and witches.

If we stand in the space of reflection and discernment as the wheel turns, we recognize that our toes are in that liminal space ready to pivot. For those working with Spider, it is her time of pause before she tears down her web, unweaves one portion, or reweaves in a different direction. Sometimes spider will disappear altogether. She looks for a new place and space to call her own where she will weave differently. I’ve been watching her, noticing the shift in her patterns as well. They match our own.

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Bring it Together

The moments of reflection, discernment, and pivot points give way to clarity. This is information that we can use to determine our future path of growth, and a deep sense of gratitude for where we’ve been. As eclipse season and the equinox approaches, it’s the time of harvesting what we can – of being abundant, and the space between this season and the next. What will we need to release and what will we continue to cultivate? Do we need to pivot hard? Is there a balance to be found? Whatever keys are to be yours, I hope they make their way to you now.

A Candle & A Key,


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The Importance of Sacred Conversations

Revelations of a Witch has long been my personal creative venture surrounding my craft. It’s about what I have learned, what I observe, how I experiment, and document my pursuit of purpose, magic, and passion. It can be especially helpful for other people who are deepening their practice, just curious, or looking for new perspectives.

I don’t do it for money or fame.

It’s a time capsule of the sacred that I am. My words are powerful and so are yours. Written or spoken, our words have the ability to transform each other, uplift, or tear down. In our words lives a sacredness that manifests as connection. However, far too few of us are connecting through that lens.

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Sacred Spaces

In the Witch world, there is so much wisdom and also a lot of comparison: Who is better at being a Witch, who is actually reclaiming the word and living it, who is a Professional Witch (and then the looking down upon them because they make their living that way and live a comfortable life). These are all human tendencies, and for Witches it helps us and it harms us. When looking for where we fit, who can we connect to with like-mindedness, and who has magic similar to ours, it may feel a lot like acceptance and belonging. It feels safe.

To be honest, I don’t blame, shame, or want to guilt anyone for searching for safe.

Look around, look at the last 3 years, we all need our safe spaces. However, it can harm us when we are unable to be curious, unable to have a differing opinion or perspective, and unable to speak up because what makes that space safe sometimes becomes a place lacking growth. In those spaces, it lacks a certain sovereignty and personal accountability in a time when the divine feminine is no longer asking that we reclaim it – she is requiring it. It’s going to require sacred spaces and sacred conversations.

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Sacred Conversations

Aside from the sacredness of connecting deeply with others (which should be enough), there are other important considerations for sacred conversations: differing perspectives, learning experiences, new ideas, and growth with grace and gratitude.

Differing Perspectives

People are diverse. We go through life perceiving the world as it is for us:

  • the interactions we’ve had with others
  • the spaces and places we live, work, and play
  • our education, our parents, and our ability to survive/thrive

If we take into consideration that another person may see the exact same scenario and process or perceive it differently than we do (and let’s be real, we’ve all had those moments!), then communicating from a place of truth is sacred. Even if the perspective is different than our own, neither are invalid. When we take time in sacred conversation to listen, instead of trying to prove we are correct or our way of thought/perception is the only way, we create a connection of wisdom and belongingness that is powerful. Sacred conversations aren’t about winning. It’s about learning.

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Learning Experiences

Another important feature of sacred conversations is the ample opportunity to learn and grow, even if that means letting go! So often I see or have been impacted this inability to let go of a person, place, idea, or vision because we don’t want to get real. Not getting real, not having that conversation, not being uncomfortable for a moment, not pivoting, or waiting for the “right time” is the biggest roadblock to our own growth and our purpose. Maybe the learning experience is that not everyone is meant to go with you on your path. Maybe our passion and purpose that we envisioned has changed. The learning experiences are vast, and if we keep allowing things, people, and places not meant for us to take up that space then there isn’t space for what is meant for us.

Photo via Pixabay ~ Sometimes we will have to traverse the path alone.

New Ideas

When we pivot towards the sacred and sacred conversations, the muse will sometimes appear with new ideas, new ways of processing our world, and really big magic. I’ve watched as someone listened to another person speak about her flavor of magic and instead of the space for criticism (or the dreaded “you do magic wrong”), the sacred space provided an openness for curiosity to take up residence instead. I watched the excitement build during the exchange, the connections taking place, and it was absolutely glorious to watch both people learning from each other.

Photo by RF._.studio via Pexels ~ Sometimes those sacred conversations don’t go as planned.

Grace & Gratitude

Not every Sacred Conversation is going to go well.


Even those of us with a great deal of clarity or tact are not immune to miscommunication or misperceptions. This is especially true with the written word because it lacks tone, facial expressions, and other non-written/verbal cues. It can lead to defensiveness. When we become defensive, we need to understand what triggers it and why it feels like a personal attack because it hinders our ability to continue with a sacred conversation.

If it feels like a personal attack, we need to meet that moment with a mutual understanding that it is a reflection of everyone involved.

When we can understand that, we are also open to giving a bit of grace to ourselves and to others. Many times what feels like a personal attack is one person wants to be seen or heard, or they’re telling us what they need from us. And here’s the deal: sometimes it’s something we’re are unable to provide. If it requires that we step away, that’s ok. If it requires a change that is difficult, that’s an opportunity to show up and take personal responsibility (that’s growth!). Learning to have a little grace with each other goes a long way and allows gratitude for the learning experience or different perspectives to make an appearance.

Photo via Pixabay ~ This is an initiation into alignment to change the landscape of the societies in which we live.

Not a Request

The divine feminine has made it clear (in so many ways) that she’s no longer asking for us to align in sacred spaces and have sacred conversations. Building alignment through discourse and connecting with others (even when there is no agreement to be had) is a requirement of the change we want to see in ourselves, each other, and in society. We are more powerful together and we become more sovereign and strategic too. So clear the space, have the conversations, connect with each other authentically, and watch the landscape of lives change.

A candle & a key,


Dark Goddess Collective, A Revelations of a Witch Circle, will be launching soon. This is a community focused on those who are interested in doing the deeper, life-changing, intuitive work of reclaiming their power with Dark Goddesses and a tribe committed to fostering change in their communities. Make sure you have subscribed to get updates!

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Being ‘In’ the Journey

I recently attended Mystic South with some other amazing pagans and witches. It was eye opening, how many people are ‘on’ their journeys instead of ‘in’ it. While there may not seem to be a clear delineation between ‘in’ and ‘on’ in this instance, grab some tea ~ the universe was definitely there to highlight it for us all.

When I finally arrived at Mystic South ~ Kaycee

Exhilaration of Fear, Failure, and Fallibility

While I was there, I also presented a workshop, the Spider and the Spiral. Spider has been my ally this year, looking deeply at how our webs are woven and utilizing certain concepts. Being my first workshop in person, I was wholly unprepared despite my best guesses and the hours of working with clients to showcase and explain the impact of spider. For she is all around us and I have no doubt that she led me to this point in my journey to learn.

From the Webb Telescope ~ Is it ironic that the name is Webb or that there is an image like a spider?

The Presentation

Knowing what people really want and whether I can provide them with forward movement (even if it requires the magic of walking through time first) is important. Once the presentation was over, even with a kinesthetic prop and some explanation, I recognized that it was not enough. It forced me to recognize that my own way of weaving for myself (and others), and what I do in the audience when others weave for me, is not how everyone looks at the journey.

Yes, yes I did bring an original and used fishing line to recreate the webs we weave.

Some of them are ‘in’ their journey, accepting full responsibility for the way they are weaving now and are doing so consciously. There are just as many that are ‘on’ their journey, they are searching and going through the journey, but they are still somewhere between owning it and full on denial that the magic of being in the journey requires a deconstruction and awareness of the web woven thus far. It was exhilarating because I felt failure in a different way, fallibility in a different way, and I was fearful in a different way.

The Sacred Conversations

This exhilaration popped up when I was able to have some very sacred conversations during the workshop. Many people react to direct challenges as something to be angry about (I believe there are times that I have in the past and probably will in the future, because it is a part of being human). I felt failure because some of the questions I thought I had directly answered through verbiage in my workshop were not answered in a way that was digestible to my audience, were not answered at all (brought up later by my best witches who always give fair, sound, and constructive feedback), or they did not like the answer I gave.

It showed me that I am fallible and fear began to creep in during these Sacred Conversations.

I recognized immediately that being a witch in the journey is far different from a witch on the journey, because the value of safe over sacred is strong for those on a journey. It also forced me to look at the framework of the private network I am building and the course structure of Spider & The Spiral. I want to help people to own their magic, to be in their journeys, and I have no doubt I can get them there. What I cannot do is the work that is required for them to be ready for it or make them accept that they are not always going to like the answers they find while they are still ‘on’ it versus ‘in’ it.

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Spider Teachings

There is nothing wrong with being ‘on’ a journey and there is nothing wrong with valuing safe over sacred, in fact I believe that is where all of the 101 containers start with witchcraft. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to rise to appreciate sacred over safe.

It also means that this exhilaration, in part at least, comes from the understanding that Spider also doesn’t care if I like her answers either – I can be in or on my journey too.

The Spider brought me to Mystic South to learn and to teach, to weave and to unweave, and to come back with her medicine in a form that is palatable for those ‘on’ and ‘in’ their journeys. This impact is required to weave change forward, especially in a time when we are going to be forced to align in weaving destruction to create something better for all of us.

A Candle & A Key,


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