Magic and Medicine of Edges: Under the Oak Tree

I added a hammock to my backyard recently. If I am being truthful, it was my partner’s idea and we set out to make it happen. A day later I was wrapped in a cocoon of parachute material at the edge of our property enjoying the breeze and swaying ever so gently.

My Goddess brought the tea…

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The Edges

At the edge of our property, on our neighbor’s land, is an exceptionally large oak tree. There is something about edges, about being at an edge, and then a realization within my consciousness that I never spend time here at the edges of my property. The longer I laid in my hammock, staring up at the oak tree, I realized that I have not been visiting the edges of anything lately. Not intentionally any way.

When I think of an edge, I think about being faced with a choice to remain the same or take a risk. Looking up at this oak tree, on the edge, wrapped in a cocoon – I was not at a loss for the symbolic nature of what was being presented to me by the Universe. I can choose to remain away from the edges, wrapped in the cocoon of safety, or I can use this moment as an initiation in learning to fly as I send myself past the edge.

That is the magic and the medicine of edges, it forces a choice between staying exactly where we are or the challenge of intentionally leaving the safety of our cocoons to grow and to fly.

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The Journey to the Edge

While out there, I was contemplating the lessons that liminal spaces bring where I am both a student and teacher. This lesson happened to be on connecting with a plant in the wild to have an intuitive experience, a coming together in the liminal space, with the edge of the plant comes into direct contact with my own energy field, before deep diving the historical uses and magical correspondences associated with it. COVID-19 is rampant where I am located, and I made the choice that this is about as wild as I was getting.

In my decision to connect to the Oak tree, I had to create the space and it is a journey to connect to the plant kingdom.

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. I relaxed my gaze, my eyes almost closed, and began to feel my body and mind relax. I began to focus on my heartbeat, the magnetic field it creates through which my own energetic cord of the middle world flowed outwardly to connect. While this is happening, with a soft gaze I can see the tree. I can see its beautiful leaves and where it has new growth. I can see the moss growing intricately. I can see under the areas of the canopy the leaves create where birds are perched. With my ears I can hear the birds chattering and the leaves fluttering in the breeze. I need more than this. I chose to approach the edge of my senses and then I chose to trust myself and my intuition.

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From the Edge, Go Further

I must know this tree in the same way that I know my own heartbeat that I feel in my chest now. I must understand its vibration. I must be able to meet the Oak tree vibration at the very edge of my own and to do so I must either raise or lower my vibration to that frequency. Like a radio antenna or scanner, when I am searching for a radio station or scanning for music.

I stay with my breath and let my own energetic cords out a bit further until I find the edge and the mighty oak tree…

It is familiar, like visiting an old home, a rustic cabin. The vibration is like a slow and steady heartbeat, mirroring the one in my chest. It feels of safety, of wisdom, of the knowing, of the growth required for the outward expression of truth, purpose, and passion. It is the ability to stand tall with deep roots, learning to bend instead of break in challenging moments. Of prosperity and creation of ecosystems for others to thrive in their connection to me.

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The Medicine

Separation is very much an illusion, it is a human response to the magic and medicine of edges and the trust we place in ourselves to know things intuitively, a wisdom from the heartspace instead of only using an analyzing logic. The mighty oak reminds me of a way of being that is ingrained within all of us, if we are brave enough to heed the call back to the wild. Back to our own wilderness. It is our home, our connection to self and to everything within and without.

I unwrapped myself from my cocoon and my journey to the connection with oak to take flight into the research of its history, but the first part of the lesson was the tea the Universe truly gifted to me.

A candle and key,


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