Renewal with Saturn

We collectively experienced a Saturn Cazimi this week, and many of us are being impacted by its influence. Diving deeper into an understanding of the signature of Saturn, what “cazimi” means, and how we can work with it (instead of against it) will ensure that we navigate this moment with a sense of greater purpose.Continue reading “Renewal with Saturn”

One Sovereign Witch: My Top 5 List of Sh*t to Ponder

As I stand in the space of the void, honoring the in between and the dark, I found major themes emerging for myself. As I pondered more and spoke with other leaders in the magical community it became apparent that this is not just a me theme. It is a collective theme of the practitionersContinue reading “One Sovereign Witch: My Top 5 List of Sh*t to Ponder”

Being ‘In’ the Journey

I recently attended Mystic South with some other amazing pagans and witches. It was eye opening, how many people are ‘on’ their journeys instead of ‘in’ it. While there may not seem to be a clear delineation between ‘in’ and ‘on’ in this instance, grab some tea ~ the universe was definitely there to highlightContinue reading “Being ‘In’ the Journey”

“Bad” Emotions: Top 5 Things I Learned

Logically we understand that humans have emotions, and those emotions impact our thoughts and behaviors. Or is it that we have a thought and then an emotion and behavior? What I know is that there is a connection between the three that interact almost simultaneously. Although many of us have done a lot of innerContinue reading ““Bad” Emotions: Top 5 Things I Learned”

The Great Revamp

The beauty that I am finding in the Winter season is the heightened sense of awareness of my own inner workings and the calmness that has overtaken my inner landscape. I have found myself at a threshold, reflecting upon the journey of 2021 while simultaneously looking forward to the journey of 2022. Indeed, many ofContinue reading “The Great Revamp”

Embracing the Inner Flame

I have found the essence of fire in my own journey and the alchemical steps leading to transformation. It is the alignment between heart and mind, the synergy required to come into my own purest expression. The ability to get into flow and to recognize the expression of fire in others, in our ecological landscape, and to accept fully that the energy of fire is changeable. From spark to flame, our own fires are meant to be embraced, explored, and appreciated for the abundance it brings even when it is fundamentally changing our personal landscape.

Spellcraft: Next Level Layers

Many of my articles are conceptual in nature, storytelling even, where I am pulling together psychology and spirituality to foster a higher level of intentional living or consciousness. This method creates a type of synergy where awareness has the space to flourish and allows others to dig deeper into their own lives. It is likeContinue reading “Spellcraft: Next Level Layers”

Magic and Medicine of Edges: Under the Oak Tree

I added a hammock to my backyard recently. If I am being truthful, it was my partner’s idea and we set out to make it happen. A day later I was wrapped in a cocoon of parachute material at the edge of our property enjoying the breeze and swaying ever so gently. My Goddess broughtContinue reading “Magic and Medicine of Edges: Under the Oak Tree”

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