Embracing the Inner Flame

The Summer Solstice, the pinnacle of the Fire element, is a personal favorite. The landscape in the northern hemisphere is full of fire signatures, of the abundance radiating outwardly in the form of flowers and fruits, the bright and beautiful sun as the energy of such life. I go even further with the fire because I search for ways that I can embrace my own soul spark through the reflections of that element around me and within me, with the heart.

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The Inner Landscape of Abundance

The landscape of abundance is present all around us, but it is also present within us. Going inward this time of year brings an awareness of our vibrance, the speeding up of our outward actions, our desire to connect and our desire to create. Even in the transition from the pandemic to the new post pandemic has strengthened humanity’s ability to engineer innovative ways to connect with others and maybe even more importantly: strip away the things that no longer matter. In the fiery summer season, it is a reminder that the element of fire does both. It creates and it destroys. It transforms.

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The Essence of Spiritual Fire

I have found the essence of fire in my own journey and the alchemical steps leading to transformation. It is the alignment between heart and mind, the synergy required to come into my own purest expression. The ability to get into flow and to recognize the expression of fire in others, in our ecological landscape, and to accept fully that the energy of fire is changeable. From spark to flame, our own fires are meant to be embraced, explored, and appreciated for the abundance it brings even when it is fundamentally changing our personal landscape.

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The Original Spark

Understanding the primordial fire and how it presents itself to us, within us, and how it interacts with our wholeness (the interactions of all elements within us) is a key to developing our knowing of it. Our personal gnosis of our own deep spiritual connection to primordial fire is evolutionary, it provides a transcendent function: we can harness such a dynamic force with greater balance and bring it into form. We can create and bring our visions to fruition – the ultimate expression of fire.

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Soul Spark Oil

I created a personal Soul Spark Oil a few years ago and I have been tweaking it ever since. The thing with Soul Spark Oil is the suitability based on gnosis of self, specifically the astrological chart. The purpose of the oil is to align the fire of the heart with the mind for a greater understanding of expression. The ability to draw in the soul fire in the form of the spark versus the entire raging fire. This oil can be used to anoint the heart center and third eye chakra regions (this depends on the plant allies you choose, if there are baneful plants in your oil, please only sit with your oil) to align the fire of the mind and the heart.

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Here is the correspondence formula I have used to craft mine:

Your Sun sign plant – a plant with a correspondence to your sun sign

Moon sign plant – a plant with a correspondence to your moon sign

Mercury plant – the plant with a correspondence to Mercury, the walker between the worlds, the assistant between your sun and moon to help with communication and alignment.

Fire Plant – a plant with a correspondence to the fire element OR part of a plant associated with fire element within a plant (think of the ultimate expression of the plant, its flowers).

Sacred Plant – a plant that is sacred to you that you already have a well-established relationship with, for me this is Nettles.

Olive Oil

Additional Tools:

Cheesecloth (to strain out plant materials)

Glass jar to hold the oil once complete

A small pot

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Gather your materials and direct them, chant to them, sing to them, or read about next level layers in spellcrafting.

Craft your intention for the oil itself, maybe something with how you intend to create a personal gnosis of the fire within.

Place a cup of Olive Oil into a small pot and place onto the stove on low heat. Place the plant material into the pot with the oil. We want the oil and the heat to extract the properties of the plants, but do not boil.

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The Method:

Heat on low heat for 10 minutes, then cool for 10 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 9 minutes, then cool for 9 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 8 minutes, then cool for 8 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 7 minutes, then cool for 7 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 6 minutes, then cool for 6 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 5 minutes, then cool for 5 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 4 minutes, then cool for 4 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 3 minutes, then cool for 3 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 2 minutes, then cool for 2 minutes. Repeat your intention to your oil.

Heat on low heat for 1 minute, remove from the stove. State “As I will it, it becomes so”.

Let the oil sit for ten minutes or until cool enough to strain through the cheese cloth into your chosen jar. Tips and tricks: You can reuse the plant material to dress a candle for use with the anointing of the oil daily for the next week or two to get into the space of awareness with your inner fire. Journal about your encounters with your oil and the plant allies that you use to create more awareness of the inner flames. Embrace the way you own the experience of the fire.

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May your inner spark or flame guide you into the next season,


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