Aries Dark Moon

As the Aries Dark Moon rises, I have felt it pushing me a little deeper. To feel around in the dark for my passion. The parts that are longing to be seen, longing to create or to belong. It asks me what I have been putting aside for a rainy day or when I amContinue reading “Aries Dark Moon”

Health, Wealth, & Sacred Self

After this last full moon ritual, I found myself doing the work (the work we all must do) of asking some really challenging questions. The hard ones. The ones that remind us all that we can do hard things. I love this time of searching the inner landscape for what will make it bloom andContinue reading “Health, Wealth, & Sacred Self”

Embracing the Inner Flame

I have found the essence of fire in my own journey and the alchemical steps leading to transformation. It is the alignment between heart and mind, the synergy required to come into my own purest expression. The ability to get into flow and to recognize the expression of fire in others, in our ecological landscape, and to accept fully that the energy of fire is changeable. From spark to flame, our own fires are meant to be embraced, explored, and appreciated for the abundance it brings even when it is fundamentally changing our personal landscape.

Truth and Faultlines

“What would the world be like if we all knew we could get these instant, radical, lifechanging transformations to happen simply through the power of ideas being presented to our minds, through the natural use of words on our bodies.” Kristin Rivas, The life-changing power of words, TEDxRainier, 2014 Transformative insights do happen in anContinue reading “Truth and Faultlines”

Initiation into Witchcraft: 5 Things to Know

Witchcraft is not a hobby.
You can have all the shiny things you want. You can have the aesthetic even! Just remember this honest warning: collecting is not connecting. You can collect 50 tarot decks, 35 stones, buy all the books, and collect herbs with the intention of using it all for spellwork or rituals. However, rituals and spells versus successful rituals and spells are not the same things. Successful rituals and spells require work and that type of work does not stop.

Everyday Magic: Meditation

The first time I fell asleep… The second time the colors were brighter… The third time I learned to fly without wings… The fourth time I could see with my eyes closed… The fifth time I awakened more… The sixth time I time traveled… ~ Stormie I have spoken before about the importance of anContinue reading “Everyday Magic: Meditation”

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