Aries Dark Moon

As the Aries Dark Moon rises, I have felt it pushing me a little deeper. To feel around in the dark for my passion. The parts that are longing to be seen, longing to create or to belong. It asks me what I have been putting aside for a rainy day or when I am less busy with obligations.

What am I finding is the deep, darkest depths that has this small spark asking for attention? The thing that will meet me at the crossroads of wholeness?

The thing that makes me feel human and feral?

Photo by Mikhail Nilov via Pexels

This is not necessarily about making a decision but about feeling inwards. It requires a very calm awareness. Free from the noise and thoughts and worries. The only keeping of time is that of the breath. Taking in of information comes in the form of our senses and the output is the slow wave of thoughts that bubble up from heart to mind. The ability to listen in this way will be the guiding force of decisions to move forward with something that you choose, no matter how small, to walk with in your next season. So what about you?

When you go deeper this dark moon, what passion are you finding in those depths?

What parts are longing to be seen, to create, or to belong?

What have you been putting aside for rainy days or days when you have fewer obligations?

What small spark is there asking for attention, the one that can meet you at the crossroads of wholeness?

What is the thing that will make you feel human and feral?

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Starting Small

Overwhelm has a tendency to set fire to our greatest aspirations so this Aries dark moon really seeks that one thing, that one little spark that’s shining a little brighter. Starting small is where it is at. Some of the largest shifts and changes happen tiny bits at a time. Our journeys to wholeness and the building of our own health, wealth, and sacred self don’t happen overnight, but one spark at a time. This dark moon may you discover that spark:

Maybe it’s developing and maintaining a meditation practice.

Maybe it’s taking ten minutes each day to write. Anything – just write.

Maybe it’s taking a class or reading an educational book.

Maybe it’s smaller than that, maybe it’s a better nighttime ritual to get more rest.

It’s the smallest of things that can yield the greatest results. What is your one thing that is going to have the greatest impact on your journey forward? Write it, commit to it, and send your commitment to the universe upon the smoke of your incense this dark moon.

A candle and a key,


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