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Today, and perhaps for the last two years, the tower time of society has been heavily present in my witchcraft. From workings for Ukraine to the baneful ones that my ancestors would shriek in pure delight over, there is something about the ferocity of them. This work has required being spontaneous, agile, and feral. It is that wilderness of the unknown that keeps drawing me in.

She whispers “Sit with me, run with me, dance with me – be who you are and not who they think you should be

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Doing Wild Work

The first time I understood what wild work meant to me, it was during what I call an ‘inopportune time’: Shit hitting the fan, a lot of meetings, high stress, tensions running high at work and at home. The to do list that I continuously added to was out of hand. I felt an overwhelming sense of anxiety, doom, imperfection, and failure coming over the horizon for me.

Then it happened.

She whispered, “What if you just don’t?”

That is when I understood wild work and being feral to mean unsubscribing from the narrative that is currently at play (especially within my realm of responsibility) and using my own spontaneous witchcraft to interrupt that energy abruptly. I have come to the realization that witches who do this, who recognize it, who become aware of it, are feral witches that embrace the wild and unknown with curiosity, pleasure, joy, and a fulfilling happiness.

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Leaning In

We have choices. We can lean into the unknown and be curious about it. We can run from it, close our eyes, and hope to resist change. However, change is required to be among the living.

If we can accept change as a requirement, it becomes easier to accept that it is up to us how we navigate it.

Being curious is what led me to witchcraft. Being curious is also what leads me to experiment in the ways I practice. While I still maintain a corporate life, I have also joyfully used witchcraft at work to change the nature of how and when I work. Whether it is agrimony around my desk (when I know I will be dealing with folks I butt heads with) or a spell for clarity around systems that reduce the number of hours I spend working (so I can get back to the wilder work I am passionate about), I lean into owning how I impact change and how change impacts me.

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Pivot Fiercely

There is a moment that feral witch will reach, it is the moment that the witch understands the need to pivot. This pivot is fierce, it is a reclamation of how we play and create. Maybe you have seen it when it happens. Maybe you have been looking at yourself in the mirror when you caught a glimpse of it.

There is this undeniable spark of soul that glows in a witch’s eyes.

We gain clarity on what we need, we remove things that are taking up the space meant for what we need, and sometimes this too looks like chaos. Our whole universe rose from that same energy, so I encourage the ability to pivot into it, to navigate and utilize that energy to play and create the universes we center ourselves in.

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Embracing That Witch

Perhaps in the time of towers, it is just beginning to sink in that we deserve to live instead of only survive. That just like everything on this planet, we deserve to be. Maybe that spark is just beginning to show in your eyes, and you feel it singing to you as the blood moves through your veins. It is a feral idea that the to do list, while important, is not the only thing that measures our worth and the productivity is not increasing our connection to the wild sacred spirit that longs to just be.

Seeking Clarity

This is a tarot or oracle spread that can assist us in finding a thread that we can follow when we need a little more clarity surrounding our own next steps towards our sacred wilderness.

Created by Kaycee Reeves

A candle & A Key,


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  1. Very tapped in to witches on an individual level and globally – great focus – helps add to my own clarity – thank you.

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