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After my initiation and the Spring Equinox, I found that the space and energy reserved for precise action forward towards my goals did not have the same frenetic feeling as years long past. I have many ideas, but the cardinal fire sign (which happens to be my sun sign as well) Aries does not bring the determined energy that typically forces me into action for the sake of action. The blooming and growth on a personal landscape would seem to have a late frost, until one would recognize that we are all on a maiden journey forward.

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The Fool

I drew The Fool tarot card at the beginning of April, of course, on April Fool’s Day. The Universe does in fact have divine timing and a sense of humor. After I wiped the tears from my face from laughing so hard, I decided to sit with it to understand how I can relate to it and what the message is for this season. From my studies and some of the symbols, I understand it to be a beginning, the 0. But from 0 comes everything: the cycle, the ouroboros, the deep darkness from which everything comes and will return. It is chaos, where force and form converge, and something new is formed. I must have continued this thought process for an hour wondering what it is I am pulling up from the darkness to greet the returning sun this season.

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The Fool is also quite liminal as an archetype. While found at Royal courts throughout history, the fool would appear to be ‘foolish’ to inspire joy and laughter, but they are clever. Some have even dubbed them as truth speakers if one can undo the symbolism or the codes in which they speak, also showing intellect and a more mercurial side of themselves. During all of this, they retain humor regarding their own attainment of goals and desires as well. Their place in the world has afforded them the luxury to get away with much more than common folk as what could be considered blasphemous is lightened by their humor. As such, The Fool can remain or appear slightly aloof with their loyalties and still navigate the landscape of their own desires with curiosity.

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The Underworld: Kore

The more I sat with this draw, the more I began to pay attention to whole picture. There, next to The Fool, was the Underworld. Immediately, the myth of Persephone came into my periphery as Kore, or maiden. It is she who goes into the underworld, guided back by Hekate in Spring where the world is birthed anew, both Persephone and the world are as ‘maiden’ again (as she returns to her mother and the world blooms).

Sitting with the idea of maiden, the space in which a maiden occupies is that of one still curious and childlike in many ways.

She is in between, because she is not completely ignorant or Foolish, she is learning from others into adulthood and embracing her desires to eventually take her throne: Mother to Crone. It also describes the journey, leading me back to The Fool, the 0, the darkness from which all comes and to which all returns. I have learned to embrace this Kore journey, from Maiden to Mother, after my initiation.

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The Journey

It would be foolish to think I am the only one on this journey. Over the last year, as a society we have been plagued (quite literally) by an illness, leaving us disconnected and in the deep dark from which a new journey begins. We are only just now beginning to see the possible end of the darkness, Hekate guiding us back out of it and to return, but to what? We are starting a maiden journey to a new normal. We are all Kore. We are curious what that new normal will look like and how we will embrace it.

I am curious about how I can connect deeper with others because the last year has taught me that it matters.

I am curious about where my heart will take me, where I surrender to the flow and feeling of connection to something much larger than myself. If you are on the same journey, here are some helpful questions to grow that curiosity:

  • What do I want?
  • In what ways I am growing?
  • What kind of people do I want to surround myself with?
  • What am I birthing into the world this season with love?
  • What makes me feel joyful?
  • Who can I bring with me?

Whether we are living the archetype of The Fool or fully embracing the journey of Kore, may this liminal time truly be the place where your curiosity grows!

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