Spring of Friction

I felt my own bones snapping

The pain of resetting

The requirement of transcending

My evolution written among the stars

The Spirit of embracing change

The Spirit of Friction

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The Energetic Landscape

What is the energetic landscape?

What thoughts come to mind when you think of an energetic landscape?

How would you define your own?

Do you feel into it?

I have been deeply investing my time in my own energetic landscape. Working to remain at the center and grounded in my body has provided ample space to become aware of the energetic influences at play in my realm of responsibility (my thoughts, my feelings, and my actions). And then I dive deeper…

My thoughts are not always my own but have been fueled by the landscape that I am showing up for and plugging in to. It is becoming aware of this landscape, in its wholeness, and the impact to what I have control over that has led me to confront places and spaces in that realm of responsibility experiencing friction. What is the source? What is the force? This is the Spring of Spirit, the wild birthing of conscious awareness or evolution of it to that which brings force (energy) into form (material representation of that energy).

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Looking in the Mirror

Coming back to my center and my relationship with the world around me requires that I look in the mirror and understand what is being reflected is the form, the material aspect of the energetics that make up my world. It is all connected to a certain energy and that energy is connected to everyone (and everything) in my realm. If I know that my interactions with the world is an energetic mirror as well, then I can get deeper into the energy behind my thoughts, feelings, and actions as they present themselves from a place of being grounded and centered in my own truth.

Looking to the Stars

A part of the return to center and the energetic landscape has forced many of us to look up. To look to the stars to derive and understand the stories from ancient times that still offer so many threads of truth today. Understanding the symbolism and the stories are great mirrors to our connections with the stars.

This year, the driving force (and you can absolutely see it in physical form) is the Saturn/Uranus square.

At the considerably basic level of understanding, it is a squaring off of energies, conflict, or great friction. If we also understand the mirror concept of as within so without, as above so below, we can utilize the understanding of these two planets and how the energy appears within and around us.

Saturn and its rings
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In my article Courage of Chiron, I got in a little deeper about where Chiron transits (between Saturn and Uranus) and why it is so important to look there. Saturn being the physical planet we can still ‘see’ in the sky with the naked eye, its form also represents the structures and conformity we surround ourselves with (including our ability to transform it). Uranus is the planet just outside of our field of vision in the sky, it is the energy of what lies outside of that physical awareness (force), for me it has been understanding the energy behind that conformity and whether it fits my own sovereign truth. This is where the great friction resides.

We can see it play out in society now, as the great collective is confronting (force) the rigid structures of power and conformity that has manifested (form) in ways that are in direct conflict with our own inner boundaries and relationships. I like to think of it as an internal course correction on an individual scale that (as we all do the work to understand our energy landscape) will have larger impacts on Saturnian elements that need great transformation and evolution. It is bringing the focus back to our own great work.

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The Conformity

My personal gnosis of conformity is strict boundaries of acceptableness or agreeableness. As a human, I understand that I am a social creature by nature and have a need to belong. It is a part of the human experience to want to belong and be accepted. The friction comes into play when I come back to center and recognize that my own need to belong is directly in conflict with my greater need to experience or share my truth as it is and not as others wish or try to will upon me. It may seem rebellious but understanding the energy behind it is one of love and curiosity is what has given me grace and compassion for the friction that is necessary for me to evolve beyond certain boundaries. It is pure magic!

Friction: Healing and Growth with Love

I certainly believe we see an abundance of healers, ancient wisdom, and plant spirit medicine making a comeback because it is about the personal gnosis of ancient wisdom that has been silenced due to its power to help others transcend, heal, and evolve in love (even when we experience rage). I am even beginning to experience this in my very corporate world (I am having more people focused discussions than ever and connecting with others in a way that is authentic).

We can connect to the energy that is vibrating higher and is vibrating behind the mirror that reflects the material form.

I love plant medicine and I am so glad more teachers are bringing this back to communities! Photo by Elena Mozhvilo via Unsplash

This reemergence allows others to exist as they are and not as others tell them they should be. It is a synthesis of humanity coming together, of me coming back to my center, being an embodied human and exploring my experiences (and my magic) as they are. It is “power with” instead of this “power over” dynamic, and the energetic force behind “power over” has been rearing its ugly head demanding conformity or face unbelonging.

This is where I see the energy reflecting back to me, the boundaries simultaneously being broken and rewoven.

Breaking the fear boundary of not belonging while simultaneously asserting my own boundaries of showing up to experience and share my magic as it is. To really feel into the energy of others, of the stories that continuously play out (archetypally or otherwise), and where I have situated myself in relationship to it. Is the relationship congruent, is the energy reflecting back one I am able to hold in love or is it one that I must let go or change (also with love)? Love is where the power is.

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A Daily Landscape Practice

Getting back to our own energetic landscapes and unplugging for a bit is important as a practice in awareness. Many of my followers already understanding that witchcraft is a practice, and any practice (magick or otherwise) requires actually practicing or doing the work. Whether 5 minutes or 5 hours, the work is still the work we do to become better aligned with our witchery and understanding of energetic forces we connect to. We are going to start with ten minutes, 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes right before bed.

What you need:

Note-taking materials (notepad app, notebook and a pen, voice recorder, etc.)

Oracle or Tarot deck

Astrology app (I prefer TimePassages and it is free)

What to do:


  • Take a deep breath and shuffle your cards, ask them to reveal to you the energy you need to be aware of for the day.
  • Pull a card and take notes:
    • The card
    • The symbolism on the card
    • What the symbolism means to you (if you are still learning, it is OKAY to look it up and write down what really resonates with you).
  • Look up the day’s astro forecast, start with the sun and moon and any notable aspects (the TimePassages app is amazing for this!) and take notes.


  • Take two deep breaths and picture in your mind’s eye the day winding down.
  • Pull out your notes from earlier in the day and see how the energy landscape presented itself to you today, write it down:
    • Did you notice any subtle connections to your energy landscape notes from the morning?
    • Do you have any thoughts or feelings that seem notable or profound that you may have connected with?
    • Anything that you may have questions about or seek deeper guidance about.

This is a great starting point to building up knowledge of symbolism and energetics in relationship to self. It is a calling back to our own awareness and continuing to build it each day as a part of our practice.

A candle and a key,


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