Summer of Sovereigns: The 3 Assertions

The song of the birds

The hug of the warm breeze

Letting go of the absurd

For I am made of magic that frees

Every single day, witches across the globe wake up and know their magic. They know the song of their hearts, they know how to align such songs with the world around them, and they harness their individual wills paired with focused actions to ensure the outcomes are in their favor. They hold within them the power of their own truths, their desires, and the will to be sovereigns.

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Assertion 1: The Remembering

Every single day, there are witches just now remembering they are witches. They are waking up from dreams that show them the path forward or teach them something new. They are remembering the power that is inherently theirs and they are learning how to harness their magic in newer, different, or modern ways. They are looking to mentors, they are looking to coaches, they are enrolled in mystery traditions, becoming members of Covens, and they are doing the work to align themselves with the true nature of their own witchery. They also remember magic is not one-size fits all, magic is unique to every witch. Our personal experiences and ability to connect or interpret our relationships in our own circles of influence are sacred matters to the witch. No two journeys are exactly the same, I am remembering to embrace mine.

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During this summer of sovereigns, the greatest remembering is that our magic is our magic. It is acceptable to be a tradition of one. While it is beautiful to share our magic, to learn and teaching others, we also remember to take what aligns with our path and leave the rest. We remember that our own intuitive nature is a voice, like our own heartbeat, reverberating loudly when we encounter the crossroads of that which will keep us aligned or that which no longer serves our purpose. The witch remembers how to translate and decode those reverberations, to follow the energetic signature forward and make decisions that reflect our sovereign nature. The witch remembers to listen to the song of the heart and reach for the paths carrying notes allowing our great symphony of magic to continue.

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Sometimes this is the hardest part of being sovereign because the song will (at some point) require us to shift and change our path. We may even feel resistance to it because we know the shift will be uncomfortable – the reverberations will get louder and ultimately the experiences can lead to this great remembering of the language or song of the heart. An orchestra of one is sometimes required because only you know the song.

Assertion 2: Releasing Expectations

Summer of Sovereigns has come to me through releasing the expectations of what my magic (and life) should: be, look like, or sound like. I released others from their expectations as well. Witchcraft and the practice of witchcraft does not have a set of requirements that one must follow. The expectations we place on rituals, outcomes, or what magic should feel like remind me that there are no absolutes in witchcraft. One witch takes 3 days to write a beautiful ritual for the full moon and another witch takes some garlic skins and rubs them on a piece of paper that has a sigil on it before it is cast into the fire…who has the most powerful working? They are both powerful – it is the witch behind it that makes it so. Stop measuring the magic you have against the magic of others. Release the expectations of how witches should practice their magic and the expectation that magic is just going to come in and bedazzle the fuck out of your life.

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Release the expectation of belonging and fitting in with other witches. There has been an explosion of teachers, mentors, or groups with their own flavors or traditions. I released the expectation that they should be able to teach me everything there is to learn about magic, about Goddesses, or about how I can connect to the energies of this world.

These teachers are amazing, and they all deserve to be paid for their work, but the best teachings and teachers come from those who allow us to have our own full experiences without having to conform to an agenda.

I already live in a society that expects and praises blind conformity, so it is a sovereign measure to stop placing myself and my witchery into some of those boxes required to belong or adhering to the absolutes of others. My magic (and sovereignty) exploded into this beautiful mosaic of organic power and freedom to expand once I released the fear and expectation that I can, should, or would do anything to fit in or be a part of any group. It is sovereign to do my own research, my own rituals, my own discovery of connections through my own witchery. Going back to assertion number one, trusting my relationship with my Goddesses, myself, and the energetic influences or interplay between myself and the world around me is where true sovereigns reign.

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Release the expectation that to move forward in life as a witch that everything must be figured out right now and that those things are unchangeable. Maybe even release the expectation that growth and forward movement should look a certain way. My beliefs, my desires, and my magic are most powerful when I bring all three together with the understanding that there is an ebb and flow to life and magic. What is important is how the witch can live intentionally and with energetic allyship in a harmonious balance not controlled by outside rules or the expectation that the outcomes will be exactly as we intend right now. This instant.

Assertion 3: The Circle is Cast

This year I planted black dahlias and black lilies in large pots, to be able to arrange them on my patio in a circle. The climate and landscape of this summer is different, I wanted to celebrate and cast the circle in a space of darkness, the wholly holy sacred space, from where all things grow and bloom in a unique way and in their own time. I choose to cast the circle in remembering my own song, releasing expectations, and calling back to me within my circle all of the energy to be focused on growing to be a better person and witch.

In the spirit of sacred circles, that means being sovereign over my focus of study, my boundaries, and what I allow to be in my circle of influence.

Casting the circle required taking an inventory of my desires, retrieving my power from things that do not align with my focus, and casting out what no longer belongs. Within the circle is the commitment forward to living a life better than yesterday, to write for witches still remembering who they are, and to be unequivocally in my magic “from the heartspace”.

Black Charm from Harts Nursery on the left and Black Satin from Sunny Meadows Flower Farm on the right

Summer of Sovereigns Circle

The Summer of Sovereigns begs the question: What do you desire? Desire is an energy that pushes us forward, like a craving that will not stop until you have it right where you want it. When it comes to witchery, we may have a thousand desires:

  • Learn tarot or other divination practices
  • Learn more about embodied witchery
  • Learn about stones
  • Learn about herbalism
  • Learn more about your decision making
  • Learn more about where your fear comes from
  • Learn to paint
  • Learn to Lucid Dream
  • Find a mentor
  • Find a community free from dogma
  • Learn to assert better boundaries
  • Learn to recognize the symbolism in your life
  • Learn to craft a working for your purpose
  • Spend more time getting to know your ancestors
  • Spend more time outside
  • Begin a meditation practice

The possibilities are endless, but for the Summer of Sovereigns Circle, what three things do you desire that will make you feel more sovereign in your wholeness as a witch? The first step is becoming aware of the desire and beginning your relationship with it. You can do this by bringing three red pillar candles into your circle, plus paper and a red pen or marker. Red, the color of blood, that which gives us life, can also give life to the relationships you are creating with your desires. Call each of them in, one by one, as you light your candles. Look behind the desire for the bigger “why”. Say it out loud.

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Sit with each of your desires, feel the energy of each, and then envision the relationships coming to life as a journey you are embarking on this summer. Take your paper and red pen and write each of your desires down, leaving plenty of space after each one. In any relationship, there is work on both sides to be done for your journey together to be one that is mutually satisfying. Under each desire, write out your next steps to foster the relationship forward so your desire may understand how to reveal itself and its uses to you better. Sit with those for a while, just breathe and write down anything additional that may come up for you.

Complete your closure process for workings and blow out your candles. Envision the smoke carrying your desires out to the universe, summoning them to you as you begin your work. If you use battery powered candles, turn them off and on three times, envisioning the flickering lights as a beacon to draw your desires to you. Keep your candles on the altar and light them each day as you begin your work to foster the relationship with your desires, sovereign in your magic forward.

A candle and a key (my witchcraft set me free),


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