The Foundations of Rewilding

I have begun to recognize a pattern or noticed that the word ‘witch’, especially when it is claimed for oneself, seems to be quite synonymous with a rewilding. It is a theme or pattern because that is a part of the continuous spiral that we walk. Our witchcraft and spellwork is only displayed in its full power once we also do the work to rewild at a foundational level and then continue to build upon it. It is the way we choose to become enchanted again, creative again, and imaginative again. The foundations of rewilding do not change just because we claim the word ‘witch’ for ourselves, the foundations of rewilding become sources of power for the Witch.

“Rewilding is achieved through the most radical of acts: opening ourselves to others. In essence, it is about unleashing our hearts.” Richard Louv

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I have had a few people show up within my sphere of influence lately and I have been profoundly privileged in sparking deeper conversations on what rewilding looks like in our everyday lives. Typically, this is the season where New Year’s Resolutions are reigning supreme. This is fundamentally different though. Most of the conversations surround a rewilding of the soul, a reclamation, and a remembering that can inspire deep change within our lives from the heartspace mode of being.


I describe the feeling as a pull. It is like a deep yearning or longing for something more fulfilling. The need for a way of being that is more authentic. Everyone I have been holding conversations with somehow found themselves becoming aware that their current mode of living is not aligning with their own inner world and the fact that they do, in fact, have a choice. They can choose to live a more authentic life, even if it takes work (and it does, sometimes we must get really creative!). However, I believe a part of this remembering and rewilding begins once we consciously recognize that we do have a choice.

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There is power in having choices, of having options or creating options for ourselves through our witchery where we seemingly had no choices. We honor that by actively choosing to take certain risks because the outcomes such as those of joy, contentment, bliss, or fulfillment are right on the horizon. We begin to remember that there are always choices and options because there is always change as well. That is where some of the work required comes into play simply by becoming aware of the choices we make.

“No matter what the situation, remind yourself, I have a choice.” Deepak Chopra

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The awareness of the choices we make guide us through an inner dialogue, where we are paying attention to where change is required. It is here most of the time where we encounter things like resistance, challenging situations, and challenging feelings. One of my nearest and dearest described it as a huge brick wall she just wanted to scale but could never reach the top to jump over it. When the conversation switched to listening and becoming more aware of her choices, she understood that there is no jumping over that wall. The only choice is to deconstruct it, brick by brick. The work here is that rewilding, reclaiming, and remembering who we are and what we want requires that we be authentic or vulnerable with ourselves too. A good place to start deconstructing that wall of bricks is to see what comes up when you ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want?
  • What would be fulfilling to me?
  • What choices do I have that lead to what I want?
  • Have I made those choices and implemented a strategy? If not, why?
  • Am I resistant to any of the choices? If so, why?
    • What is at the root of this resistance?
  • Does this feel challenging?
    • If so, why?
      • Is it fear?
      • What are the risks involved in the choices I have?
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One of the hardest lessons in awareness on my personal journey is learning what it looks and feels like to not be in congruency. Incongruency for me is where my inner self does not match my outward actions or choices. My personal integrity, my boundaries, and my choices are foundations upon which I had found an overgrowth of discontentment with my life. I sat with that for a long time and it felt like my ‘everyday life’ was sucking the air out of my soul and spirit ‘lungs’.

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.” Tony Robbins

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The experience of this incongruency is different for everyone but the underlying message I have been able to get from most is that it is a feeling of powerlessness to make a different choice or a continuance in making choices that do not align with our soul. The associated discontented feelings are the ways in which spirit and soul are trying to communicate with us.

A good place to start identifying places where we are incongruent is to identify:

  • Things we do everyday from a perspective or place that does not come from or lead to a place of joy, love, or fulfillment.
    • What choices do we have in the actions?
    • Can we change our perspective or do we need to change the actions?
  • What things are we not doing, but that we know are required?
  • Do we say one thing but our actions tell a different story?
  • What do we allow within our spheres of influence that do not match who we are?
    • Do we need to assert and create boundaries to be more in alignment or congruent?
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Rewilding will inevitably lead us to the interconnectedness of all things. As it eliminates the illusion of separation, it brings into awareness that there is so much paradox! A Universal constant is change and one thing I have learned that struck me as profound is that without movement, without change everything would become stagnant. Stagnant things die or crumble, but that too is type of paradox in that it creates change.

“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” Denis Waitley

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When we recognize and become aware that our current way of being is no longer working, it may be a slow death, but it is the starting point for change. It is the start of the pull, the yearning we feel for something more fulfilling and more authentic. It is a way to begin to deconstruct those walls brick by brick. It is those walls that are keeping us from a life we are excited about, one that fills our soul and spirit lungs with the fresh air that rewilding brings. What will your next season of rewilding bring?

A candle and key,


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