Reaching Beyond the Rings

Looking to the sky and the archetypal energy contained there, I had felt the pull of the archer’s bow backward with Sagittarius and the launch of the arrow after the release. The season of Capricorn has me planted deeply, taking root, and orienting myself in preparation for my next season. I remain fully captivated by just how far it continues to push me deeper but also the requirement to expand and reach higher.

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Capricorn, the sea goat, reminds me of a journey with infinite possibilities and a saying I use to profess my deepest love:

‘As high as the mountains and as deep as the sea’

It is a vastness and goes to either extreme. Like the sea goat, of water and earth, the next season is one of being able to travel deeply within to find the catalyst for reaching the highest peak. If I am honest, 2020 has provided more than enough fodder for permanent change coming from deep within.

I am more cognizant of what really matters and what does not.

This will not look the same for everyone, but for many witches I know, it is less about the things and more about relationships in general, including our relationship to ourselves. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, has much to teach us.

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As a ruler of Capricorn (and Aquarius), Saturn is on the edge, between what we can see and what we cannot see with our naked eye: much like having to traverse the watery depths of ourselves in order to expand outwardly in a way that is congruent with who we are.

As witches, we are the creators of our own seen world and we create our magical lives through utilizing the energy of the unknown (that which we cannot see) forces in the world.

It is in those relationships, with sometimes striking paradox, that Saturn urges us to take another look at our own rings that have us wrapped securely within comfortable boundaries of our own making. Are they truly comforting or are they preventing us from growing into that magical life awaiting us if we were to just take those calculated risks and break free?

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The Rings

Saturn sometimes gets the worst attention, but it is truly an amazing energy to work with in our witchery for the coming season because it requires recognizing how we connect. Not just to others, not just to correspondences and energy, but to ourselves.

The first rule of witchcraft is to know ourselves.

Being in a good relationship with myself and knowing what I need across mind, body, spirit, and soul. If we are coming from a place of knowing what we need, it becomes much easier to also know what it is that we want. In this coming season, after a daunting 2020, I believe that the season of looking at our own rings and what we truly desire to create in 2021 for ourselves and others is the medicine witches are looking for.

Sometimes it is the journey from the depths to that highest peak that is the medicine- Photo credit: Snowscat via Unsplash

The Paradox

There is a paradox with the rings in that some are meant to keep us safe. For instance, holding our own boundaries by letting healthy relationships thrive while simultaneously allowing toxic ones to die. Looking at our rings of spiritual, societal, and childhood programming: we must dig into the depths to discern the impact and if we are willing to allow it to continue.

By doing this, what we want and desire in our lives through witchcraft are no longer restricted in depth and breadth by multiple influences.

The rings of influences – Photo by Author

We simultaneously bust through the rings that keep us bound in a pattern of sameness and begin to embrace the rings that foster growth and change outward. It is the cycle of death and rebirth, it is our witchcraft, and it is one of the major platforms I use every year to plan for my next season. We cannot have a life without also embracing death. The questions are:

  • What do I want and what must go for me to create the space for that which I want?
  • What are my top 3 goals, wants, or desires that I am passionate about and where do I feel it within my body when I think about each thing?
  • How can I use my magic over the next year in relation to each one?

What do you want?

It is here that so many of us get stuck. We have a never-ending appointment book that is filled, kids, significant others, best friends, a job, a career, an education, and bills to pay.

What do we want though?

Deep down, what is it that we desire to bring into and remove from our rings? Do we have the ability to sit with what we must so we can reach the spaces and connect with those things that we cannot quite see with our naked eye? If you are having trouble, try replicating your rings and see how they might be built up like walls around us or how we can become more balanced.

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Witch, Get it Together Tips

  • Get specific – You want a job you love? What is that job? The basis for every spell we cast as witches is to create an intention and proclamation that is super specific.
  • Research and read up on it – If you are specific about what you want, the next step is to do your part! That requires research and reading up on it while also creating your magic around it.
  • Own it – All of it. If you know that more space must be created, find a way to create it. For example, struggling with feeling like you must be a top-notch guru in the field of witchcraft to open an online witch shop? What are the paths that are required to overcome it? Maybe you need more time to research or read up on it. What can you outsource to create the space for it?
  • Write it down – Make a plan. Break it down into tiny steps. Create a vision board to seal the magic in. Place it where you can see it every day. This creates perspective and grows the intention.
  • Take small risks – these are risks that require courage and are challenging. Perhaps this means donating time, money, or simply asking for exactly what it is that you want. This could mean we have to practice feeling how ‘no’ feels inside and deep diving what that feels like to us and why it feels that way.  
  • Have fun – seriously, scribble in time for things that you love and enjoy. Create the space for things that are fulfilling and fun. There is this stigma surrounding always having a busy schedule and filling up all the space available for every minute of every day. Don’t. Leave yourself some space for fun. For breathing. For relaxing. For self-care. For laughter.
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May 2021 be the year that you have courage to reach beyond the rings to find yourself living in your full magic, purpose, and passion!

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  1. Stormie, amazing article 🙂 I especially like your Saturn’s rings analogy and “where do I feel it within my body when I think about each thing?” – thank you!

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