Renewal with Saturn

We collectively experienced a Saturn Cazimi this week, and many of us are being impacted by its influence. Diving deeper into an understanding of the signature of Saturn, what “cazimi” means, and how we can work with it (instead of against it) will ensure that we navigate this moment with a sense of greater purpose.Continue reading “Renewal with Saturn”

Full Moon Roots

As the second full moon in Aquarius comes upon me, I can feel the full energy of its airy nature drawing out the need for going within. As the outward season also begins to shift, it seems that the full moon is illuminating the need to prepare for this next cycle of rootedness.

Reaching Beyond the Rings

Looking to the sky and the archetypal energy contained there, I had felt the pull of the archer’s bow backward with Sagittarius and the launch of the arrow after the release. The season of Capricorn has me planted deeply, taking root, and orienting myself in preparation for my next season. I remain fully captivated byContinue reading “Reaching Beyond the Rings”

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