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We collectively experienced a Saturn Cazimi this week, and many of us are being impacted by its influence. Diving deeper into an understanding of the signature of Saturn, what “cazimi” means, and how we can work with it (instead of against it) will ensure that we navigate this moment with a sense of greater purpose.

From the Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck by Kim Krans

Saturn Cazimi

The term “cazimi” comes from an Arabic word meaning “in the heart of,” and it is used to describe a planet that is located close to the Sun or in the heart of the rays of the Sun.

When Saturn is in cazimi, there is an intensification of the qualities and energy of Saturn. However, in the heart of the Sun it is a deeper sense of renewal: it brings a sense of clarity, purpose, and focus to the areas of life that Saturn rules, such as responsibility, discipline, hard work, and long-term planning. The signature of Saturn and its imprint upon us as the last Saturn cazimi in Aquarius for a very long time and it is absolutely an ending. Which means it is also a beginning!

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A New Cycle Begins

This cycle of entering the rays of the sun, Saturn is initiating a new cycle. While it is considered a good time for initiating important projects, making long-term plans, and establishing new habits or routines – the commitment is so much larger than that! When Saturn entered Aquarius in March of 2020, the world was shutting down due to COVID-19. Since that time, not only have the structures of the world changed, so have we. In many ways it was a Saturn return for societal structures and now, this feels like the process of shifting to a more individual (and self-imposed) Saturn return for the betterment of the collective as we continue to break the boundaries for ourselves.

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Self-Imposed Saturn Return

In our private community, we are working with Medea, and she has revealed so much through an energetic signature that feels very much like Saturn. As a great granddaughter of the Sun (Helios), no wonder this force is ever present as Saturn moves through the rays of the sun. It clarifies for each us the ways in which we must break the boundaries we have worked to live comfortably within, because our magic and the purpose of the essence we hold say “no more playing small, I am coming for everything I deserve and will show up for it”. This is how many of us have faced our actual Saturn returns, but now we are more aware than ever of how much this new cycle requires we commit, step up, and evolve.

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Saturn Returns

A Saturn return occurs when the planet Saturn completes one orbit around the Sun and returns to the same position it was in at the time of a person’s birth, occurring every 28-29 years.

During a Saturn return, we tend to experience a period of reflection and evaluation: taking stock of our lives, our goals, our ambitions, and evaluating our current path towards them. This can be a time of significant change and transformation, as we may feel a strong sense of pressure or urgency to make important decisions and take concrete steps towards the future.

Saturn’s energy can also bring challenges and obstacles, as it can highlight areas of our lives where we need to develop greater discipline, responsibility, and maturity. This can be a time when we confront limitations, setbacks, or failures, but these challenges can ultimately lead to greater growth and self-awareness.

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Some common themes and experiences associated with a Saturn return include:

  • A sense of time running out or the need to make significant life changes
  • Increased focus on career, finances, and long-term goals
  • A period of intense self-reflection and self-awareness
  • Greater clarity and maturity in decision-making
  • Confronting limiting beliefs, fears, or patterns of behavior
  • A need to establish greater stability and structure in one’s life

If we look at the signature of Saturn and Saturn Returns, perhaps this resonates with the current frequency you have found yourself confronting. Even if it is not your Saturn return currently, the energetic signature is reflecting through the rays of the Sun as Saturn enters the heart of it. If we look even deeper at this energy, we know that the Sun can be mapped upon the body as the heart. As Saturn begins this new cycle, so do we: we begin to understand what matters and what calls to our own heart. In this space between the seasons, we are tasked with having the courage to review our own legacy and the congruency of our purpose, passion, and magic with that legacy.

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