Leveraging the Storms

Welcome to 2023, we’ve entered the Season of the Seeds! True to the natural rhythm in the Northern Hemisphere, the storms have been relentless. In the midst of gathering storm water, I began to feel into that energy a bit more.

It’s been storming for humans since the beginning of time, it’s been especially so for witches throughout time.


We have been in the middle of massive storms globally for 3 years now: from actual, devastating storms to the ones that we’ve experienced as the best and worst of society, structures, and foundations.

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Upon reflection, I recognize that I have learned (although not an adept, yet!) to leverage and align to the power of some of these storms. In all of their facets, their thunderous arrivals, this tempestuous energy of storms can drive creation as much as it can drive destruction.

The more I think about what has been “destroyed” or crumbling over time, especially personally, the more I realize that the storms were necessary. Perhaps you can relate?

Moving with Storms

In our community, Dark Goddess Collective, we are getting into the energy of the ancient Roman Goddess Tempestas. I’m collaborating and teaching with others on using this energy as a natural methodology of seasonal force into form. How can we understand and leverage this energy into the nourishment of our own seeds planted for 2023?

The 3 Bodies

There are 3 bodies we possess that allow us to better understand how some of this energetic force is transmitted and how we come to “know”. From how we come to “know” to how we come to have the capacity to comprehend, hold, and use that energy constructively (turn to form). These bodies are spiritual, emotional, and physical.

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The Energy

When storms are coming, some us can feel it in our joints or actually feel the pressure changes (sometimes it’s so subtle we miss it). During the storm, some of us grab tea and watch the trees dance, the lightning play, and the water in various forms fall to Earth. It’s a symbiotic relationship of force into form. It houses all of the Elements of initial creation, that pattern of nature espoused in that which known as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

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What if we could use this energy, leverage it, and get into the space of knowing fully the energetic frequencies behind it? How would we recognize the storms in our lives as they come up? In what ways could we align our magic with it, our own knowing, and increase the probability of successfully navigating those moments (such as the ones over the last three years)? How could we use those moments to become wildly abundant? I am putting my odds on Tempestas to break open the seeds of my own next season!

A Candle & A Key,


Want to learn more on the ‘how to’? I have you covered here.

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