When Towers Crumble

The Lunar Eclipse has brought about a heaviness. While I’m hopeful it’s from a pending revelation or something to be revealed, this heaviness is one we’ve been experiencing in waves over the last few years. It feels a bit more intense and I believe it’s because the Saturn/Uranus square (although not exact) has come back into play.

When Saturn and Uranus square off, we have a pattern emerge. COVID, collective uprisings, and resource/supply chain issues.

It feels like structures we’ve been holding up are crumbling ~ Photo via Pixabay

It Feels…Crumbly

While the energy is intense, there is a small comfort in understanding the natural order of things. My inclination towards restlessness becomes a little less and I’m reminded that everything must change. The Earth is cycling through changes, the structures and foundations the collective are built upon are cycling through changes, and I, too, am changing. I have found, sitting within that intense energy, a certain freedom. And maybe that is the great revelation or what is being revealed:

There is a type of freedom found when we accept impermanence and the crumbling away of all things that do not evolve our connectedness to this natural order of change.

Pluto ~ Photo via Pixabay

Impermanence and Pluto

This awareness of impermanence can cause distress, but we know not everything can stay the same. In fact, I would say nothing stays the same. Everything must change. I have been personally impacted by it and over the course of the COVID pandemic It has come into full view for most of us: the death, the grief, and the breaking down of supports we have heavily relied upon.


Pluto is very much teaching us that there is growth to be had, but we must let go of our grasp on wanting things to remain the same, simply because we are uncomfortable. In fact, Jupiter and Neptune sextile Pluto in the sky to further reinforce this shift.

For those of us in the USA. This is also the Pluto return year for the country and it’s an election day. This too is heavy, intense, and crumbly.

Sometimes the natural order takes over for growth ~ Photo via Pixabay

Intensity and Growth

When the energy is intense, it has been easy to stay in a state of being concerned, confused, anxious, and fearful of what comes next. In the Season of the Bones, as things crumble and are shed away, we can intuitively get back on the ground and pick up the vibrations there. When we use our craft, and our knowing, in this way, we can get curious. Curiosity allows us to use the intensity for growth to dive into impermanence. However, it will not be through the lens of loss, but the building of fortified bones, structures, and ways of being to create and weave anew.

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