One Sovereign Witch: My Top 5 List of Sh*t to Ponder

As I stand in the space of the void, honoring the in between and the dark, I found major themes emerging for myself. As I pondered more and spoke with other leaders in the magical community it became apparent that this is not just a me theme. It is a collective theme of the practitioners of magic. I recognize we are in a space where there is so much noise that the only thing to do is ponder the noise that is a distraction (and removing it) so we can step out of the void into collective alignment.

Cosmos and galaxy that look like an Ouroboros
Hoag’s Object via NASA Hubble 2001, The Boundary is beautiful!


Boundaries are an important framework for how we connect, contribute, and live. When incorporated into our magic, those boundaries can help us define sacred space and our integrity. However, there are two things that came forward to me recently.

Boundaries, as a framework, have sometimes been translated as something geared toward others instead of ourselves.

For example, we state something is a boundary for us without necessarily discussing the consequence for boundary violations (or even enforcement for that matter). Which leads me to the next idea for pondering: are my boundaries for safety (for me and others) or I have I used them in the capacity that keeps me caged from effectual growth? I think in certain circumstances we will find they are both, and then revisit how we discern them from each other.

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Sometimes we want to take everyone with us, especially those that we love and have time invested in. Through the good and the bad, we know we want them to stay in our inner circle and grow with us. We want to use our voices, our magic, our connections, and sheer will to pull people along with us. We want them to enjoy success as we define it without recognizing that our friends can love us and define success differently. The greatest theme coming forward is one of reevaluation. If I stop pushing, pulling, and trying to drag everyone where I am going, how are they going to show up in my life? The answer comes in ways that I never expected, including moments where I recognize it is possible to have friends that I care about deeply but can’t be pushed or coerced into growth with me.

That is not my journey, it is theirs, and I have no right to take them to places they are unwilling, unable, or uninspired to go for themselves.

A theme to ponder is how can I love them deeply and from a distance that allows me to continue in my magic?  How can I be a good friend and set appropriate limits to the amount of noise I am allowing myself to be invested in with regards to friends I have currently outgrown?

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The practice of magic and the structures of magic we adhere to are unique to each of us, even those that have been initiated into different flavors of magic or whatever labels we take on in our study of magic. It is exactly this that I ponder, how are the structures and the practice of my magic bringing me what I want within the pillars of health, wealth, and my sacred self?

How am I connecting to magic and am I still curious about new things?

There is something to be said for recognizing that some of our magic is now habit and we don’t intentionally connect with that habit. Not all habits are amazing, including magical ones. A part of magic is combining the new with the sacred reverence for the old. In what ways should we move toward connecting and integrating those parts?

Sharing our knowledge is where it is! Photo via Pixabay.


This is going to be the one that gets my ass handed to me but hear me out. The magic that we hold in our practices, the research, the data, and the great lengths we go to in an effort to remember what was lost (to prevent it from happening again) deserves this conversation. From the tiktoks about closed practices and how certain practices are not meant for others to the gatekeeping of “this is the only way to practice”:

I sit with it, think about it, and then decide, as I always do, that my magic cannot be gatekept.

I don’t want magic, in any capacity, to be buried and forgotten again, like the Eleusinian mysteries or other ancient magics. Why create more divisiveness when the Goddesses are clearly calling us all collectively to use and share our magic with each other. From our unverified personal gnosis to deeper conversations that can change even one perspective, how are we gatekeeping magic and if we had to time-walk 200 years into the future to see our magic completely taken out of context because we gatekept the fuck out of it, how would we feel? Just something to ponder.

Photo via Unsplash – The Void is real, we need to sit in it a bit and ponder.

Funeral Rites & The Void

Sitting in the void can feel like an entire heavy world of stuckness. Where do we go from here? What have I let go of? What haven’t I let go of, but I definitely should?

There are so many things in the space of the void that deserve funeral rites so we can step over the threshold to weave the next phase of beginnings.

How can we honor (and bury) the things that have us one foot in the void and one foot over the threshold? Especially since I feel like the Goddess is screaming “in or out and close the door”.  Are they obstacles to our passion, purpose, and magic? Are they boundaries we put in place to keep us small and safe? Are they friends we don’t want to leave behind because the company we keep will find fault with our inability to do the work they should be doing themselves? Ponder away, give funeral rites where needed, and close the damn door.

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