The Bridge of Turtles

The year of the Spider is almost over for me. I’m strongly aware of how she transformed my entire way of seeing the world (and my place in it). I hold gratitude and a deep reverence for Spider as the new inscription upon the bones revealed themselves on Hekate’s Night.

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The Bridge

“Bridge” has been revealing itself, as a focus word, for a bit now. Well, at least my recognition of it, as I think I’ve been the bridge more than I realize. Now I’m accepting it. It’s not just me that has this beckoning to the word. The message of ‘bridge’ is one of alignment, of support, and direction. To be the bridge is to connect that which is disconnected.

It’s still a form of weaving.

I think Spider taught the lessons of weaving and time walking for myself so I could recognize the power of weaving for and with others as the bridge. It makes sense as the private community is launching, where the bridge is being built to create connections between humans and magic (including the bridge between a human and the unique magic they wish to call to the surface).

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The Turtle

Much like Spider, Turtle came to me mid-year and kept showing up! I took a trip where Turtle motifs kept popping up (I mean, beaches do typically have that) and it was a trip that reminded me to slow down.

There was a beautiful turtle figurine I found in a shop there. Its shell was purple.

That is when I noticed the universe sending me a message. I brought it home with me. The day after I got home from this trip, my husband came inside to show me a little friend he found in the front yard. You guessed it: a turtle. I made him take it back outside and pulled some of my strawberries from the garden to give Turtle.

In the past shamans, priests, and priestesses were the keepers of the sacred knowledge of life. These individuals were tied to the rhythms and forces of nature. They were capable of walking the threads that link the invisible and visible worlds. They helped people remember that all trees are divine and all animals speak to those who listen.” ~ Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

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Turtle Teachings

The energy contained within the spirit of an animal is an emanation and reflection of that which we need to connect with. From their habitats, habits, physiology, and markings, we can learn from them by allowing them to provide the medicine and knowledge.

Initially, I remembered the I-Ching, an ancient Chinese divination text and the shell of Turtle. The primordial feminine energy translation or awareness came soon after, the 13 sections upon the shell reminiscent of the lunar calendar.

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The shell also being home, and the life of turtle being between water and land, reminds me that home is where I birth it.

It reminded me of the land I call home is also known, by its Original Indigenous Stewards of the Land, as Turtle Island. In this space of home, I can walk across thresholds, like the turtle, over the shore from water to land (and back again). The most interesting part is that not only am I learning from Turtle, I’m learning that I too can be the shore itself when I must. I’m welcoming 2023 as one of being The Bridge of Turtles, and it is so.

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