Health, Wealth, & Sacred Self

After this last full moon ritual, I found myself doing the work (the work we all must do) of asking some really challenging questions. The hard ones. The ones that remind us all that we can do hard things. I love this time of searching the inner landscape for what will make it bloom and what will allow that inner landscape to continue to fruit.

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Into Fruition

It is in the moments that we slow down enough to contact the Muse, or our divine creativity, that we find what we truly desire and how it differs from where we are right now.  The fruit of our labors, that which we want to birth into the next season, is not unlike the seeds we are planting for our garden. We take extra care to give those seeds what they need. What about ourselves? What are we doing for our inner landscape? The Muse did not disappoint! The landscape of our Health, Wealth, and Sacred Self is where true fruition arises.


Health is truly multifaceted. It is not just about the body, but also the mind. Being aware of how we are or are not meeting our needs as an individual. This can be very tricky. There are still places that do not have clean water (references below article). With the rising cost of food, many are without access to nutritious and whole foods as well (references below article). This type of stress that comes from not being able to access basic items such as food, water, or housing directly impacts health.

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It is recognized that the stress from such insecurity impacts our ability to think, learn, grow, and prosper. The EPA organization, as of 2019, shows data that over 90% of people in the US have access to potable water. Other sources show over 95% of people have access. If many of us fall into this category, are we sure we are getting enough water? Are we consciously aware of our bodies and minds to know when we need more water? What about food? If we perhaps fall into the privileged category of having access to nutritious and whole foods, are we eating them? What are the choices that we are making that impact our health? What are the ways in which we can make small changes to connect with our bodies and minds that improve health?

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Conscious Movement – Sleep, Focus, and Energy

This is not just about exercise, it is about our ability to give our body (and believe or not, this directly impacts cognition) meaningful moving and stretching in our current field of abilities. Our ability to feel muscles being engaged. Are we breathing deeply? Are we getting sunshine? Are we getting even 5 minutes outside? Movement also provides stimulation for certain hormones, impacts our ability to make decisions, focus, sleep, and energy levels.

Are we getting enough sleep?

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Do we live a sedentary lifestyle? Are we getting enough movement? Are we expanding our breaths deeply and purposefully? Even the movement of breath, Prana, is considered life force. Getting enough nutrients, oxygen, and rest is just as important as physical movement. I am learning to choose my health, as many facets as I can, as a priority so I can continue to birth meaningful fruit into the seasons of my life. I hope you join me in asking these tough questions (and also make an impact where you can for others through the various links at the bottom of this article).

If you are not a part of the percentages with access, I have included some links at the bottom of this article that may be helpful.

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I am not speaking to the spirit of money here. I am speaking to the wealth that comes from community, relationships, and experiences. Humans have an innate desire to belong, to be seen, and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We are social animals, even those of us that traverse liminal spaces, and our relationships are one of the key areas where our wealth can expand. The hardest questions are which ones provide meaning to us, not just a benefit? Which ones need work? Which ones need better boundaries? Which ones no longer bring joy, and can we turn that around?

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Which ones do we need to let go of?

Indeed, it feels like the spring of friction again, but a little deeper! We can look at the parts we play in them and make choices about our ability to give and take graciously. To do so full-hearted. Our experiences can set the stage for how we define our wealth and success. I am finding it to be true that there is an abundance of wealth to be had together, especially when we do so as a community. Are we taking actions in our backyards? We all find wealth together when we can find community, build it, and strengthen it.

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Sacred Self

Our life is the ritual. It is the one that has the most impact even when we are not conscious of it. It is the ritual of wholeness and I find that our daily practices further assert truth to the sacredness that we each have. We are all born with this sacredness, it is just a choice in how we honor and connect to it. It is the birthplace of our intuition, our ability to navigate the challenges, and persevere even in the face of adversity.

How do we honor the Sacred Self?

What are the rituals and traditions that we participate in because we feel connected deeply to it? Are there any other things that we feel called to? Are there any rituals that we do not feel connected to? Do we need to review and renew our commitments to self? Some of the biggest ways I have learned to honor my sacred self is to pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that arise, especially that ones that have been deemed “bad”.

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Anger, rage, grief, frustration, and apathy are all signals that something needs attention.

Being curious and open to all feelings without acting right away (also known as knee-jerk reactions) gives us an opportunity to reflect. I honor my rage, I honor my challenges with wanting to act immediately, and I can discern quickly if it is something that I need to work on in a sacred way or if there is a boundary violation somewhere. Boundaries are another way in which we honor the Sacred Self. Do I set boundaries well? How do I handle those that violate them? Do I reassert them or have I been letting it slide lately? Am I more concerned about someone’s reaction to a boundary? We find our sacredness in the challenges and the joys of every single day, but both are a requirement.

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The Trio

Health, Wealth, and the Sacred Self are all connected (as is everything). This trio is really a great starting point for the next season that we are all gestating. It gives us a ground zero from which to look back and look forward, the crossroads of the places we have been and where we are going. May your next season be as sacred as you are!

A candle and a key,


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  1. Improving my health, wealth and sacred self are not just new year resolutions, but life-long goals for me. Each day, when I take my vitamins, I pray aloud for “safety, healing and growth through sacred love for all in thought, word and deed.”

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