The Owl and The Witch

This past year has been, for me, the season of the wolf and the witch, the great remembering and breaking of chains. In reflection, it has been a year of just that. I have continued to do the deep work of removing the illusion of separation in my great journey towards wholeness. This work does not have an end, it only changes. With silent wings, the requirement for change has a way of showing up in the darkness and forcing it to light.

With those silent wings in the dark, the guide for this year to come made itself known earlier than usual. 

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The Journey

I ran into an owl during a journey once, it was one of those spiritually messy journeys where I shapeshifted for only a moment into this beautiful bird that was forcing marble-sized pieces of my soul back into my heart. Like I said, it was a bit messy. After that, I was not visited by owl again until 6 weeks ago, when I went outside early one morning and there was an owl in the oak tree (one I have a great friendship with now) in my back yard.

I enjoyed the hoots.

I just let it be. 

I was aware of it.

Within a week, a peer of mine described an owl outside of her window screeching and she sent pictures. Owl began to visit in my dream space and of course, in my face, through a spirit doll that just “happened” to pop up for sale. The owl has medicine for me, and I have been deeply contemplating the medicine in connection with transcendence, transformation, and deep darkness. The medicine of the Owl requires that I release my deepest, darkest fears for they no longer serve me.

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Fear of The Dark

I am afraid of the dark. In more ways than one. Of the unknown, that which I cannot see nor make a contingency plan for. In the actual dark, I am forced to rely on other senses and my intuition to navigate a place. 

I fear my own Spiritual darkness and have a fear of being unenlightened. 

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Fears of not knowing “all” of the things. The fear of not being quite expert enough to teach others how to work with the dark.

Especially if I am also apprehensive of darkness. 

Even beyond that, Owl can teach me to transform and transcend my darkness if I am willing to release my fear of it and those fears tied to it.

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Fear of Death – Deeper in the Dark

With Scorpio season in full swing, there is not a way for me to turn a blind eye to death. In general, this year has been more so about death than any other that I can remember. Between the pandemic and the state of the US during an election year, I have spent a great deal of time with owl lately contemplating death and my own fear of it. 

Owl can teach me about releasing the fear of death by understanding the transformative function of the energy of it. 

By releasing the fear of it, I can get more into acceptance of impermanence. The acceptance of grief. Owl medicine will give me wings to view this from a higher perspective, but I must release the fear of it to fly.

That higher perspective ~ Photo by Deva Darshan via Unsplash

Go Deep, Fly Higher

Deepening the contemplation of releasing my fear is a part of transformation and transcendence. Owl transforms me with wings to fly higher. Owl is teaching me how I can view things from a higher perspective by releasing my blindingly narrow focus and attachment to outcomes. By seeing the full layout and spread of my life before me, I am learning to recognize that what I am seeing below are many different paths I can take and still arrive with meaningful and fulfilling experiences.

There is not only one way to get to where I am going.

I must stop being afraid of taking a different path or worried that the outcome is not what I hope it is. It will be what it needs to be at precisely the moment it needs to happen. Owl advises for the moment I would do better to pay attention to how heavy it is to carry around such a narrow focus.

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I can see that even in darkness, between this moment and the next, there are torch lit paths all leading to the same place. Some paths have more obstacles than others, but all the obstacles make the purpose (not the destination) that much more fulfilling. From that higher perspective, I can witness the ripples outwardly from my path, the experiences of what it takes to reach my final transformation and transcendence.

If I go deeper, even the Medicine has questions:

How will releasing fear impact my steps forward on my path?

Is my current path one that intuitively feeds my forward purpose (even when I hit obstacles)?

Have I fully released my desire to control every aspect of my arrival to integration and I have included darkness in the journey?

Have I embraced my own darkness?  

Have I allowed the cocoon of darkness to transform me in a way that supplies strength and purpose, or am I still blaming others for where I stand within my own life?

As one can see, there are many faces and many names of darkness. This season, I will be utilizing Owl as my guide to release my fears and the heaviness they bring. It is a lot easier to fly that way!

A candle and a key,


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