The Wolf and The Witch

I rang in the New Year aside my partner, little people, and some great friends. I confess it was an awesome party and that I am still finding pieces of confetti in odd places. I also confess that it was the last week of December that led me to find what I really am hopeful for in the New Year that culminated for me in the New Year’s kiss, hugs, and tons of confetti. It was the magic of beginnings after reflecting that entire week on my journey through 2019.

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The Universe came for tea after my New Year’s party to remind me that it takes immense courage to embark on journeys for personal growth. I am no longer allowed to point the finger in any other direction than at myself. No one else can be accountable for my growth (or stagnation) other than me.

Change is the one constant in this Universe, and it is inevitable.

It is coming for all of us, it is neither good nor bad, it just is.

Navigating change can be difficult because the unknown can inspire fear rather than a willingness to trust the divine spark within myself. That is the currency of navigating change, the trust in myself. The calculated risks that I have taken to learn and better understand myself in 2019 are a direct reflection of the trust I have in myself and my growth in this life. I am beginning to understand how that currency works by the way that I move and connect to my world, my magic, and my unique journey. I cannot be inspired by fear.

Fear is not the currency with which I want to navigate my personal journey with change in 2020.

I have trust and I have the Wolf.

Author C. Ara Campbell

Full Wolf Moon 2020

The cost of ‘becoming’ is irrefutably high. During this full Wolf Moon of January, I recognized that I had lost so much of my wildness through a prior relationship. During the Moon Circle, as a part of the Wheel of The Year, I acknowledged that this relationship had invalidated my goals, my dreams, and my desires.

These very passions are what made me wild, free, and wolf-like.

I had been caged, trapped, and held hostage without knowing it until I was forced to bare my teeth and escape that situation after 13 years. The wolf became an energy that I used to come back to the USA and survive with almost nothing. She was teaching me how to become more resourceful and fight where I must. Over time, as this wolf helped me survive, she helped me begin to trust again by introducing the curiosity to see this world differently.

Author Gloria Steinem

Beyond the Cage

Now, I continue to look beyond what that cage taught me to be true in this world and breaking the chains of how I’ve been programmed. I will not shrink myself in order to fit into whatever cage the rest of the world wishes to put me in. I will be too much. I will be loud, assertive, wild, and free.

I will heal and I will help others do the same.

My wolf is the medicine of the soul, she is the primal, spiritual growth that is required for wholeness of self and to lead others to it. This year I will trust in myself and the wolf to navigate the changes coming in 2020, whatever they may be.

The RAW Transition to Intention for 2020

As a witch, I recognize that my own spiritual development, intentional living, and movement towards connections, healing, and wholeness are permanent aspects of my magical life. It is my magic. My greatest challenge to date has been understanding the separateness of those ideas is an illusion of the categorical words, they are only separated by the way I choose to understand what each of those words mean.

There is no balancing act required because they are all connected.

The only requirement is active application of intention and presence. My goals require ‘doing’, and not just ‘thinking about doing’. It is ‘experiencing’ the moments for what they are versus what I would like the ‘experience’ of the moments to be.

This transition to intention does not have to be difficult but it does require the actions.

I am not doing myself any favors by taking classes without applying the knowledge, I am not doing anyone justice when I light a torch for anyone but myself, and I am not living my magical life when I do nothing but work, study, or think ahead versus staying grounded and actively being aware of the ‘experiencing’ moments in my day. I need more ‘doing’ that requires me to stay in the present. My days for 2020 are going to be guided by the wolf, using trust as the currency for navigating change, and integrating intention and presence as the catalyst for living my magical life. As I will it, is so!

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