As the Fire Returns

The Spring Equinox, or Vernal Equinox, is celebrated as the moment of balance between light and dark as the sun continues its return to us here in the Northern Hemisphere. The images, symbols, and celebrations of the return to abundance with the return of the Sun are everywhere. As the fire returns, I want to offer up a bit of sacred conversation.

This season is one I adore, although I have heard we are tiptoeing in (and not touching anything) after the last 6 months.

Just to add to the calling in of abundance – I had to! Photo via Pixabay

A Collective Map

This year started slowly. Entrance into 2023 felt like an entire year all by itself. While many seeds have been planted, we’re recognizing the rise of a collective alignment. Not only does the equinox signal a huge energetic shift towards growth and abundance, but it’s the “how” that is so vastly different.

The Spark of The Heart

In a recent workshop, I spoke about unearthing essence and how Medea was an unimaginable force in recognizing that the spark of the heart was a requirement in our ability to link arms collectively. To unearth our own unique essence, to follow our own heartspace of purpose and passion, would mean that we are wildly unique. That our magic is unique.

Photo by Mikael Blomkvist via Pexels

How powerful of a force would that be to share with each other?

When we share, it becomes a collective power of linking arms in such a way that honors that individual and raises the vibration of all. It is, again, a shift from lower frequency of power over to this dynamic and higher frequency of power with. While I’ve been stating this for a while, Pluto is showing up in a big way to bring it into focus.

Here Comes Pluto

Pluto is going to be shifting into and out of Aquarius this year to give us a bit of a taste of what is to come in the next 20 years or so. The era that has seen various collapses and individualistic methods of attaining power is (hopefully) shifting towards the collective. Specifically, collective consciousness that will allow us to communicate and facilitate growth in new ways that better humanity and the Earth that we are connected to.

This creation means the world to me. It was created by Aikat, and I link arms with her as much as possible!

However, old habits die hard and you can bet that it’s going to take us all unearthing our true essence to rise collectively. Those in power rarely just hand it over, right?

Learning to Unearth Essence

It’s a journey to find that essence, to unearth it. Between the layers of our conditioning and experiences of the world, one thing remains a necessity in your travel kit (besides the shovel):


For you’ll meet resistance at the edge. Committing to this journey is one that makes the best of us want to change course only to find the paths we’ve taken will be revisited again and again. However, something beautiful happens once we commit to it. We begin to shift and open up to that cognitive dissonance we experience because it is exactly that cognitive dissonance pushing us divinely forward to recognize what fits.

Found on the Book of Face. Still searching for who to credit!

That call you feel, that trembling of the voice coming through? It’s because it’s new and you’re learning to use it wisely. Use it any way.

That shakiness you feel, you’re evaluating the risk of your purpose, your essence, against fear. As you do it, I want you to know you’ll find the path between risk and fear. But we’ll link arms even if you didn’t, and you’ll do it any way.

When we link arms, when we connect, when we deal with our shit, learn, grow, and heal – all those things they said we couldn’t do?

We do it anyway.

A Candle & A Key,


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