Evolution in Personal Witchcraft Practices

The one thing I know to be true is that nothing can stay the same, from one breath to the next, our inner and outer worlds are in a constant state of change. It is in that awareness of change that I recognize the beauty of the evolution of my witchcraft practice.

Witchcraft is a practice, it is cultivated, it is ever changing, and I forever belong to it.

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Reconstruction or Modern…or Evolutionary

Witches are used to not belonging, historically we have always been powerful and thus feared. It has rendered us gleefully to the fringes of society or burning in the center of it. What remains, regardless of where we are situated, is that we are still powerful. I would even go as far to say that we are more powerful now because so many of us are taking a more evolutionary path in our practices of witchcraft. We are embracing the not belonging, whether it be to a set of rules that do not fit us or even to past practices that we no longer find the same connection that once benefited us greatly.

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What does that even mean?

We are seeking out knowledge of past practices of ancient peoples, learning from those who have modernized past practices to fit in today’s world, and then actively choosing how to connect and shape our practices to fit our lives. We are wildcrafting our practice, experiencing the fullness of our magic, passion, and purpose through the lens of what drives meaning to us based on our understanding, and experimenting instead of following blindly. We are evolving.


The evolution of my own witchcraft practice has been one of the greatest and most frustrating experiences. It is a period of darkness, almost empty, barely breathing, a winter of the spirit (even in summer!) and I felt like I was grasping for anything. Completely overwhelmed and restless by the nothingness that seemed to be obliterating the meaning of my practice. A dark night of the witch’s soul? The Void. That is a thing.

Seems to fit – I have felt exasperation just searching my soul for meaningful content to release~ Photo by Lucas Mordzin via Unsplash

The synergy comes from embracing where we are and allowing the experience to wash over us with a curiosity and understanding that where there is darkness, there is something coagulating, something gestating, something that will break through into our awareness. It allows the space for the spring of spirit, our collaboration with the abundance we can manifest once we embrace our own cycles of being.

A Working

This is a quick 5-minute working I completed daily over the last few weeks that helped to redefine and evolve my witchcraft practice that I feel fully grounded with and connected to.


  • Black candle (dress it how you feel led)
  • Lighter
  • Intention papers (if you have specific paper you use to write out intentions)
  • A writing utensil

All of the above supplies can be placed on an altar out of reach of children or pets. It needs to be a space that is not moved, if possible, because it is going to be a beacon each day to the universe or your chosen deity. Think of it as a light flickering on and off in the same spot. The world of energy notices that. We as humans notice that too.

You will need a few pieces of paper, one for each day! ~ Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash


Light your candle

  • Drop your shoulders away from your ears, unclench your jaw, breathe in deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth. You want your exhale to be slower and longer than your inhale. Repeat three times while staring into the flame.
  • Put your hands near the candle, palms toward the flame as if you were cold and just wanted to warm them up during a cold winter. Do not put them too close, just enough to feel the warmth. (safe candle usage protocol and fire safety should always be followed*)
  • Visualize the warmth coming into your palms, up your arms, and converging at the heart. Feel the force, the warmth, and the power of the flame caressing your heart center and feel your heart opening to it.
Feeling the warmth of your candle as if it were a fire during the winter ~ Photo by Thought Catalog via Unsplash

Set the intention

  • Chant (yes out loud, even in a low pitch, because of the vibration it creates):

I call myself ‘witch’, my power I own

I seek an evolution, wisdom of crone

The great Sophia, a crown I hold

My heart is open, truth to be told

Do the work

  • Grab a piece of your paper and jot down the first thing that comes to mind that you:
    • Want to connect more fully with in your practice
    • Do not feel a connection to in your practice anymore, but you do out of habit
  • Place your paper over your heart with hands over the paper and prepare to blow out your candle.

Send the message

  • Visualize the warmth and power that has converged in your heart from the initial lighting of your candle
  • Feel it growing and exiting up through your throat with the breath that blows out your candle.
  • Place the paper next to your candle

You can do this each day (for at least a week) and you may see recurring themes at the end of this practice based on your answers that you have collected each day. Do not try to preplan your answers for the next day. Let the answers come as they do in the moment. At the end of the week (or two or three!), sit down and investigate some of the themes you have brought to light. Meditate on them. Sink into your awareness. Trust in the guidance of your own wisdom and evolve your practice to include more of the things you want to connect with and clear out any practices that no longer truly fit or that you no longer meaningfully connect to.



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* Revelations of a Witch (RAW), and any content contributor of RAW, does not assume any liability for incorrect usage of or interaction with candles, fire, flames, or any utensils utilized in the creation of fire or flames.

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  1. As always. Thank you so much Kaycee. Your writings still resonate deeply within me 😘🩸

    1. You’re so welcome! If you try the practice in the article, please let me know it goes for you. I love to see how it works for others!

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