Leo and Lùnastal

I have been digging deeper into my ancestral line and of course I am always deeply moved by the stars. This season of Leo has illuminated not only my ancestry but also the season of change that Lùnastal represents. While we may be preparing for harvest in a literal sense, I am also sitting with the harvest and the culling that comes with cultivating a life filled with meaning, purpose, and witchery.

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The Great Purge

I still believe that 2021 has been one of purging and creating space for what we really want and aspire to be as individuals, although it has not been without grief, frustration, cycles of rage, and one of the most important: courage. This year, I have been utilizing owl for both transformation and for a higher view into the darkest nights. Somehow, I knew this would be an ally I needed to see the paths clearly this year. Of course, owl and lion seem to be working together as hunters, preying upon anything left that must be removed. Perhaps you have noticed this in your own life now that I have mentioned it.

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Venus and Mars

It wasn’t until Venus and Mars went into the sign of Leo a couple of weeks back did things begin to really heat up. Venus seemed to light up my witchcraft, pushing me to go for what I really want, to stay grounded but clear in my intentions. Mars stoked by the fiery energy even higher, illuminating and heating up the motivation to remove everything I didn’t want to continue to take with me on this journey. While the insights continue to come long after they left Leo, Leo is still shining and illuminating the path forward as the wheel of the year continues to turn.

Still lighting the way forward ~ Photo by Jez Timms via Unsplash


Being of Celtic descent, I wanted to connect to the land in a way that seemed fitting but also cultivated a sense of moving with a heart-centered purpose as Leo, ruled by the Sun, also corresponds with the heart. I wanted to offer up something from the garden that is my life as the northern hemisphere begins to cross the bridge into Autumn.

Photo by Poke Rie via Pexels

I harvested some of my strawberries as the offering to continue to detoxify my world, as an offering to the planet Venus to amplify and fill the spaces I am creating with more joy, more love, and more fruitful self-awareness as I think about how my magic is growing through connecting with others. As the wheel turns, I light my sacred candle as a reminder to celebrate the wins and the losses, the polarities of a life well-lived require both.

A candle and key,


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Feature Image Credit: Bisakha Datta via Pexels

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