Full Moon Roots

As the second full moon in Aquarius comes upon me, I can feel the full energy of its airy nature drawing out the need for going within. As the outward season also begins to shift, it seems that the full moon is illuminating the need to prepare for this next cycle of rootedness.

The Wheel Spins

The harvest is in full swing in my little piece of the world. I am deeply engaged with the spirit of gratitude, but there is something else just beneath the surface asking me to connect deeper. The wind whispers through the trees as they drop their leaves to finish telling me the secrets of letting go. The seeds hitting the soil, reminding me that coming back to the Earth is where the greatest sustenance is found. I find myself, hands and feet in the mud, contemplating the ways in which I must go within to connect deeper with those buried passions longing to grow roots of their own.

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Going Within

 As the outside world is heading into the fallow, I know I must go within to find the fallow as well. This full moon will be a ritual of going within to illuminate those dormant seeds, to plant them within the fertile knowingness of what lies on the other side of fallow: the spark and desire that allow the roots to grow deeper, stretch further, and the outward expression of bringing my passions to life.

The Layers

Before we dive into the Full Moon Ritual of Rootedness, the layers of ritual and spell work require a deeper understanding and connection to each part. Will your ritual be successful without this understanding? Yes. Will it be more powerful with this deeper understanding of the layers? So. Much. Yes.

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The Moon

The moon corresponds to that glorious receptivity of our inner nature, our deepest truths. Although there are many phases, the Full Moon illuminates the sky and has the ability to illuminate those truths that we may hide from the rest of the world. If we are receptive to the energy, we can draw this down into the ritual for our use.


Every element has a mode of expression: fixed, mutable, and cardinal. It has correspondence to the wheel of the year and to astrological signs. Our astrological signs also have planetary rulerships that allow deeper understanding to the way in which the energies are expressed or how we can harness them fully.

 I like to think of them as keys, the more doors I open, the more truth and understanding I find.

Aquarius is the water bearer and Fixed Air. Water provides life-giving properties on Earth and is associated with our deeper emotional natures. If we think of correspondences of air, it is our thoughts, ideas, communication, and at fixed mode we can see the conceptualization nature of air. It is the drawing down from ethers, a bringing inward towards solidity and realization. Things are no longer flying around out there as thoughts, we are awakened to a deeper need to bring it solidly into being for ourselves. It is this down and in movement indicative of the season we are going into, recognition of what we desire, and the energetic force to root into it fully, provide the life-giving waters, and integrate through Aquarius’ planetary rulers.

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Saturn and Uranus are the planetary rulers of Aquarius. Saturn corresponding the solidified structures, tribal and otherwise, restrictions, and boundaries; Uranus on renewal, ingenuity, individuality, and progressive ideas in alignment with our beliefs and gifts to offer the world.

The key here, the lesson that we are drawing down and in, to ourselves, starts with our roots here on Earth and our embodiment of it.

This is including the root chakra (another Saturnian correspondence) related to the tribe we are born into: our families, society, and other environmental factors that have shaped us. To integrate and balance the rulership is to let go of rigidity, structure, and certain ideologies we may cling to, and instead to plant the dream seeds of individual purpose that may have been dormant until now. This is a ritual to bring illumination to those things so we may allow them the space to root deeply while we await the spark of beginning so the branches may grow upward and outward.

It is a discovery of what we want and how to release what holds us back.

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The Full Moon Ritual of Rootedness


  • An egg (hardboiled) or seeds (recommend the egg if you are burying in the yard versus in a planter)
  • A pot or planter with dirt (or dig a small hole in your yard)
  • A small candle (chime candle) and holder
  • A lighter
  • Dirt, sand, or salt to fill a plate
  • A plate
  • A toothpick to shape the dirt, sand, or salt.

Important: During the contemplation stage, the first thing that comes up for you is going to yield deeper insight. Don’t question it. After the ritual you can contemplate it deeper once the ritual is complete.

To Begin

Create your energetic space through your normal process, with the above supplies nearby. Take a few minutes to go within, breathing deeply. Once you have reached a state of calm and grounded awareness, you may begin.

Put your dirt, sand, or salt on your small plate evenly. Using a toothpick. draw the astrological symbol for Earth in the center of the plate.

Above the symbol of the Earth draw the astrological symbol for the moon and then next to it, the symbol for Aquarius.

On the left side of the Earth symbol, draw the astrological symbol for Saturn.

On the right side of the Earth symbol, draw the astrological symbol for Uranus.

At the bottom of the Earth symbol, place your candle and light it.

Hold your egg or seeds in your hands.

Photo by Author

The Visualization

As you are holding the egg or seeds in your hands, turn your eyes towards the top of the Earth symbol, where you drew the symbol for the Moon and Aquarius. Focus there for a moment. In your witch’s eye, draw the energetic force of the moon down into the symbols. Pull the energy in a counterclockwise motion, through the symbol of Saturn, through the flame of your candle, through the symbol of Uranus, and back up again. Repeat this, visualizing the energetic force picking up speed until your witch’s eye can pick up on the energy creating a wheel of red and orange flames around the symbols. Place your egg or seeds at the center, within the symbol for the Earth element. Visualize the wheel of energy slowing down and sinking into the center of your egg or seeds. Breathe deeply, you are now in the space of the full moon power of intuitive insight and rootedness.

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  • What within you is longing to grow roots?
  • What passion or purpose within have you hidden deeply? Let the full moon illuminate it for you now.
  • Where are those roots stretching? Do they touch and illuminate any others that you may have hidden? Are they all connected in various ways?
  • What needs to be removed to provide the space to bring these rooted ideas into reality?
  • Like the seed or the egg that brings an essence forward into reality, it must first shed its outer layer that is restrictive (although protective). What is one thing you are going to shed during the fallow time that is arriving?


Take your seeds or your egg and bury it in the pot or in the hole you have dug in the yard. Place your candle on top, saying “As I will it, so it becomes” and blow out the flame to send it out into the Universe upon the air. Send out gratitude to the energetic forces you have called upon.

Take notes about your ritual, any insights that you have that you want to contemplate deeper. Sleep on it, see what the full moon illuminates during the dream time. Revisit the planter and your notes over the next few months as the wheel turns and we dive further inward in the northern hemisphere,

A candle and a key,

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