Spirited Season of The Witch

I felt her through the breeze

That spinning of the wheel

I saw her dancing with the leaves

The fallen are her seal

I heard her nails on the trunks of trees

As I prepare her meal

What I love the most about witchcraft and my own personal practice is that there is no one right way to do things. This weekend, I found myself deeply invested in time with my home and the land where I have made my house a home. The warmth has given way to coolness and the leaves have begun their yearly descent. I found the first of her gifts to me, reminding me that there is not a specific time to begin my own deep journey through the spirited season of darkness.

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Most of us are preparing for the Autumn Equinox (and have been for weeks!), a time for coming together in celebration, veneration, and planting dreams we will harvest in the next season. I love the community and connections I have built and that have been brought forward through time. However, the first acorns and first pine cones along my path remind me that my personal journey starts now. It waits for no one and at a cellular level, my body is humming the witch’s prelude to an inner song of going within.

The Hearth, The Home, The Land             

The prelude to this song is one of the hearth and the home. As much as I would love to go collect all the leaves and create beautiful pretties to decorate my home, this modern witch spent time cleaning and decorating her space with well thought-out, store-bought decorations. The decorations are imbued with intention (and various plant spirits or oil) and arranged on the hearth, altars, doors, and entrance ways. The incense is lit as an offering to invite the Season in. I walk around my home, speaking to her in a love language of deep appreciation, allowing the incense to waft throughout.

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I find my way outside, keeping the incense going, and begin to prepare for the descent. I clean off a special place on the land, clearing the leaves and the witch’s balls that I adore. I reflect and meditate on the past season, the work, the joy, the challenges, and really feel out into the energetic landscape of my life over the last year:

  • What has it taught me?
  • What do I feel in my blood and in my bones for this inner working time that comes with the spinning of the wheel?
  • What do I need to release?
  • What will this release leave space for?
  • How can I use this space to reclaim any pieces of my witch’s spirit and power?
  • Does the spirit of the land, where I sit now, have any messages for me?

The Personal Spinning of The Wheel

Maybe you have felt the breeze of change through the leaves and are unsure what that energy is, that humming under your own skin. Maybe you feel a little stuck in your practice because this year has still been full of challenges and uncertainties for so many of us. One thing is for sure, you know exactly what you need, listen deeply. As you sink into your own Spirited Season of The Witch, I hope your prelude to the song of the dark season comes through loud and clear!

A candle and a key,


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