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Many of my articles are conceptual in nature, storytelling even, where I am pulling together psychology and spirituality to foster a higher level of intentional living or consciousness. This method creates a type of synergy where awareness has the space to flourish and allows others to dig deeper into their own lives.

It is like finding a key that fits perfectly into a lock and the door opens for others.

That is the entire purpose of my articles and my own spiritual practice of witchcraft: understanding how to navigate our paths forward through our own inquiry and experiences in a conscious, intentional way. Through an understanding of our own layers, we can recognize the patterns in our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We begin to stand in our power, we become fierce, and we are courageous when we own it!

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The Shift

Slowly, almost without warning, we begin to shift. We recognize and connect to the layers, patterns, and energies in the world around us. We learn to utilize (and read) the patterns we understand in a way that allows us to layer our own energy with those layers of universal energies to create the change we are seeking. It is all connected anyway, we just begin to become aware of how to harness the connectedness for our own purposes. I have been spellcrafting a life I love one moon phase, one moon cycle, one solar return at a time for a few years now. This article is not conceptual. It is a full-on experience of that next level, layered spellcrafting:

Buckle. Up. Witches.

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The Layers

The concept of layering spells is not new, our own layers and the layers or patterns in the world around us are not new. The power of every spell we cast lies within us in the way we bring everything together. From our intention to our incantation, our spell is not solely relying on that plant spirit or that animal spirit or:

that color.

that stone.

that sigil.

that number.

that doll or effigy.

They each carry an energy or pattern that we can harness and use, but they must be brought together in such a way that the layers they create render our spells powerful and successful. You are the power that brings them together in an almost alchemical way, to send the message out to the universe. That is the utilization of layers to bring everything into alignment, but what connects it all is the Witch.

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It’s a Big Party

I think of my spells like a big party I am throwing at my house for a very special occasion. All of my chosen correspondences need an invite and I have to tell them what to bring! No point in inviting Susan Skullcap to bring a dish she can’t cook up as well as her cousin Marilyn Mugwort, but she might be able to bring something else instead. It takes a lot of focus, connection, engagement, and effort to be the hostess, but this my bash and it is a requirement if I want a successful party.

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 Everything gets an invite, knows what to bring to the party, and upon arrival and circle casting it becomes a fascinating, energetic symphony for me to command. Everything falls in line, we have a great time, I thank everyone for coming, and then everyone leaves upon me calling the spell cast. Awesome party, super successful, things out in the world hear about the party and things to start to happen!

Mary Mugwort told me a secret during a dream after the party that allowed me to discern what I should do next.

Malachite gave me some great advice on growth a few days after the party.

Hekate sent her horde to remove some roadblocks for me.

It all starts with connecting to what I want and inviting the energies to the party.

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The Prelude

Like a party requiring planning, so do my spells! It is getting close to the Witch’s New Year and I spend a lot of time reflecting on the abundance of the year while contemplating the focus for the upcoming one. That is really the prelude: what do I want? I must be specific about my goals before I can ask the Universe for her help in aligning it for me. This becomes my intention and incantation. This is the super magic of goal setting and spellcrafting:

  • I am specific
  • I ensure I have a way to measure the outcome (why would I have a goal and cast a spell with no way of measuring if it is working or not?)
  • I ensure that I feel the goal is attainable with the right “party” happening (including myself)
  • I ensure that it is relevant to my passion or purpose (do I want to put energy here or is there something else that would drive me towards my purpose?)
  • I give the goal a timeframe.
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The Calling of the Allies

I look at the words in my goal and think about what friends I have that would be able to lend a certain energy towards my goals. I find it important to invite any that I know are all about showing up for me (those that I have a pretty well-established relationship with). My allies include (but are not limited to):

  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Stones
  • Plant spirits
  • Animal guides (effigies, bones, pictures)
  • Tarot
  • Runes
  • Deity
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The Creation of Sacred Space – The Next Level

At this point, it is time for me to create the sacred space in which we will all come together as well as my offerings. This is not circle casting, but the sacred space in which I will be working: my altar. I decided to completely own my process of spellcrafting and the devotion to learning more about alchemy. I choose to keep each piece of my spell separate or at the base level of their energy and then build them up together in a unifying way to emit a powerful frequency attuned to my intention.  I decided to utilize 3 tiers of a 5-tiered bookshelf as my altar that my allies would ascend until they came together on the top shelf together in wholeness of my spell in a witch bottle.

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The Action

It took quite a bit of time to not only layer the allies with my incantation, but also in my invocation to create the relationships and then move them together up a level on my altar. This was the party of the year! While I do not share the specifics of spells of this nature, I can share some of the correspondences and pictures of how this looks:

Herbs: Mugwort, Bay, Sage, Mandrake

Stones: Malachite, Selenite, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz

Tarot: Death, High Priestess, Moon, Sun

Epithets: Soteira, Enodia, Lampadios, Kleidoukos

Guides: Wolf, Owl, Bear

Words of Power added: 6

Taking all of that into consideration, the numbers represented are 3 and 9. I chose to utilize the magic and meaning behind those numbers to add an additional layer with numbers.

The After Party of RAW’s First Birthday

The active spell in its entirety took 30 minutes as most of the work of relationship was actively completed during the spell. The amount of energy created during this time was almost overwhelming and the temperature within my space easily increased 8-10 degrees. It was a force outwardly once I released the space and put the sacred Witch Bottle Beacon in her rightful place in the Witch’s Cabinet.

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My dream space has been highly active and insightful. The daily clarity and focus are increasing, while I continue my sacred daily practices and stay grounded. The last year has been a wild journey into my own expression and freedom. RAW is officially one year old and I am overwhelmed with the excitement of what is in store for the next year. In this spell I will it, and it is so!

A candle and a key,


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