Astro Witch: Libra Full Moon

This is courtesy of our Circle, Dark Goddess Collective, an offering to enjoy this full moon ~ Kaycee The archetypal energetics of a full moon is flavored by the various impacts of other planets in other signs. This full moon in Libra is going to be impacted by a Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries. Let’sContinue reading “Astro Witch: Libra Full Moon”

Get Your House in Order: A Witch’s Guide to Messiness with Valor

Put the tea on, come sit with me. The Goddess is awaiting us at the table for deeply sacred conversations. The veil is lifting, and before you can meet me at the cauldron to greet the spirits of land and our ancestors, these conversations are necessary. Too Much or Not Enough? Perhaps the title isContinue reading “Get Your House in Order: A Witch’s Guide to Messiness with Valor”

Full Moon Roots

As the second full moon in Aquarius comes upon me, I can feel the full energy of its airy nature drawing out the need for going within. As the outward season also begins to shift, it seems that the full moon is illuminating the need to prepare for this next cycle of rootedness.

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