Get Your House in Order: A Witch’s Guide to Messiness with Valor

Put the tea on, come sit with me. The Goddess is awaiting us at the table for deeply sacred conversations. The veil is lifting, and before you can meet me at the cauldron to greet the spirits of land and our ancestors, these conversations are necessary.

Too Much or Not Enough?

Perhaps the title is misleading, this is not a guide on cleaning your home or your physical surroundings. Not that cleaning your home or physical surroundings is a bad thing. However, there is a metaphor that applies regardless:

When we declutter, cleanse, and purge our places and spaces we usually find that it gets messier before it gets better.

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In the world of the Witch, it is time to create the space for greater focus and clarity. This is a crucible for our own growth, magic, and discernment of what has become too much and those things which are no longer enough. It is going to require true valor on an individual and collective level.


With the Full Moon arriving in Aries, it is illuminating the valor we carry individually and collectively. Do not be fooled, it is a fiery energy that can ignite our greater intuition, or it can burn it down.

Why is this important?

It is perhaps important to understand that real courage and bravery, real valor, comes with a cost. We are working hard, in this time of towers, to come together in such a way that we bring about effective change. If we are not successful here, the cost is more of the same powerful vs. powerless. If we are successful, then we must know that it is going to get messier before it gets better.

We must be brave enough to see our magic for what it is and what it is not, without making excuses for it.

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You will have to admit authentically what is no longer serving you and then do the work to remove that. You will have to admit authentically what is too much for you and then do the work to step back and find your lane. We will also have to admit exactly where we are on our path, where we are strong, and where we need more help. None of us know everything about magic or all paths, and that is okay. It would be boring if we all knew it and it would be boring if our magic was all the same. We find true valor in the unique abilities of our individual magic fostered through discipline and strategy – we need these in our collective magic too.

Photo via Pixabay – Maybe your magic is in herbs versus astrology, it is okay to admit that! Maybe other witches need that expertise from you!


The great thing about this Full Moon is that it is great for discipline and strategy. We can look at the clutter in our lives and where things feel scattered. We can take an inventory and recognize what we have control over and what has control over us. We can get disciplined surrounding our practices, what works, what does not, and choose to keep things that are resonant. We can own what is resonant and we can cull or release the rest. This is a strategy in perseverance, but also the natural order of life: She too releases what is not needed anymore to get ready for what is coming the next season. Another strategy is clearing the space to be guided by our dead, our ancestors, and the spirits of place.

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The Dead, The Ancestors, & Spirits of Place

The act of taking an inventory and releasing what does not resonate for us any longer is a great strategy for deeper attunement to our magic. It is also a great way to clear the lenses through which we honor, acknowledge, and connect with our dead, ancestors, and spirits of place. If you cannot feel them all urging you forward on your path, now more than ever, it is time to make the space for them to come through. Getting our houses in order allows this to happen, even when it gets messier first.

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Finding Clarity on the Full Moon

This Full Moon, my gift is “Questions for Clarity”. I hope they serve you well:

  • What in your practice are you still doing that does not feel authentic or are you doing because someone else told you that it must be done that way?
  • What are the places and spaces you inhabit that no longer provide you with what you need and what keeps you there?
  • If you were to change your practices or if you were to release your inhabitance of places and spaces that no longer provide you with what you need, what do you think would happen?
  • What are specific things that I can release that allow me to be open and authentic?
  • How do I define success in magic?
  • How do I define success in total?
  • How do I define discipline?
  • In what ways do I own the discipline of my practice?
  • What has proven challenging?
  • What do I know that I could do to create space for what is to come but requires me to release a certain amount of control?
  • In what ways can I clear the space to be open to new experiences and learning from others?
  • Can I accept that I am not an expert, and I don’t have all the answers?
  • How am I going to create the space to meet others at the cauldron to foster change?

A Candle & A Key,


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