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We are entering the unknown after the Supreme Court overturned Roe. You might be angry. Furious. Exasperated. Frightened. Ready to set fire to the whole thing. I am too. I see you. We are going to show them the strength of our Goddesses, Ancestors, and power with each other. Over the last few days, we’ve gone zero to 100 and it’s important to keep that momentum going. However, it’s also important, powerful, sovereign, and strategic to add a few things to your list today.

Petition to Impeach Alito, Jr., already underway, go sign and share here.

Stay Sovereign Within

I am passionate about my fury and outrage. I am intensely aware of the current pain in my body because I’ve allowed myself to feel it. The heaviness and tightness in my shoulders and my neck. This is how it goes in my body when I’m unable to release or channel the energy efficiently and it’s the warning that I need to get grounded.

Perhaps you’re feeling this same pain, same tightness, and same overwhelming urge to just scream into the abyss as a way to channel it.

A part of staying sovereign and strategic is recognizing when it is time to put our feet in the grass, walk through our garden, and breathe deeply. Have a cup of tea, journal for ten minutes, or take a bath. Recharge and reset those batteries because we can’t change our world if we’re all burned out.

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Get Connected

I cannot state this enough. Getting connected allows us to align and act quickly. It ensures that we can take a multi-pronged approach that moves us all in the same direction. This is a powerful strategy just by sheer numbers! Here’s an example of how this might look:

Sign up to be notified of events or how to help with one, some, or all of these organizations:

Do an internet search of local organizations and sign up for their notifications as well.

Amazing posters from fellow activists (consent for photos given) in Greenville, SC, on 06/25/2022- Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Go ahead and have a Poster Go kit ready if not multiple.

I made myself a quick kit: poster already made and some extra markers (for other folks just in case!). I have a car, but if you don’t, keep it nearby so you can grab and go if this is your preferred methodology of action. If you’re not keeping it in your car, consider adding water and snacks to your kit.

Sign up to send postcards to voters and send postcards to Government Officials – federal and local:

Postcards to Voters

Supreme Court:

Supreme Court of the United States

1 First Street, NE

Washington, D.C. 20543

Do an internet search for your local officials!

Sign up to vote or check your registration to vote!

Then go VOTE on Election Day!

Get involved with volunteering for other political campaigns that are not local!

Getting enough people in the right positions in Congress is a strategic way to align common goals!

Photo by Kaycee Reeves ~ And yes, it is my vehicle and no I don’t know how I am getting it off and no I don’t care. 🙂


It’s a tough time for everyone, but if you’ve got it, even $5 spread out across Planned Parenthood, Beto O’Rourke’s Campaign in Texas, National Network of Abortion Funds, Stacey Abrams in Georgia, Joe Cunningham in SC, and all your local legislative campaigns makes a difference. Especially if many of us are DOING IT!

Take a Personal Inventory

There are personal things we can do that impact resources of those in power or realign our use of resources with our values and our agenda. Here are some other small changes to think about from an article I wrote in 2020, Sparked: The Energy of Outrage:

  1. Where are you spending your money? Do some research.
    • The companies you spend with, where do they spend their money?
    • Are they lobbying for things you believe in?
    • Who are they financing? This is public information: Who donates, how much, and who those funds are sent to.
    • Who are their suppliers and where are they located?
    • This includes your 501c donations, it is public record where the money goes.

2)  Can you make a personal change in where you spend your money? Buying local or buying from historically marginalized small businesses trickles down and ripples out this way:

  • You spend an additional $10 a week at a local black-owned store that will use that money to pay for her daughter’s piano lessons.
  • 15 years later this daughter is a highly known musical artist that has inspired millions.
  • 30 years later, we find out that one of those people she touched became a professor of music and psychology, a leading world expert on the use of music as a modality of healing.
  • 45 years later, humankind is learning healing has a holistic methodology and is not a pseudoscience.

You literally changed the entire world. THE WHOLE WORLD. You sparked the change. The energy of outrage turned into love. Do I have your attention?

  • Can you make a change in the home or the types of products that you use for more eco-friendly options? This can be so fulfilling, and it does not have to be big changes – baby steps lead to long journeys!
  •  Cast your spells, do your rituals, set your new moon intentions, and then make the plans to help your spells manifest into results surrounding activism. Need help with the plans once your spell is cast? Reach out!
Very powerful working with a whole network of Witches. There is another one coming up, and you can use A Sovereign Chant I created.

Above All Else

I want to make sure you know that this is not a lost cause or a fight we won’t win: We will. It’s up to us to get into action mode, even if it’s small in your opinion (it isn’t, we appreciate you!).

Stay Sovereign and Strategic!

A Candle & A Key,


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