Sparked: The Energy of Outrage

I have written a lot about healing, about calling our power back, about knowing ourselves, and the importance of boundaries. I have written about trusting ourselves, understanding what is sacred to us, including finding our own purpose through our connection to ourselves and others within the ecological system of our lives. This includes the earth and the rules that we live and love by. It is all sacred.

Eyes Wide Open

Some of these rules and structures we are living by have kept us bound and complicit in a system of living that has not supported an opportunity for thriving for a majority of the population. Society is awakening, demanding change, we are fierce, and we are eyes wide open. We recognize that we have work to do and the climate of 2020 has literally set the stage for us to take action.

This year has been the ultimate set up to force our society to shift.

This does not mean we will not have to fight for the changes that must take place, but that we become aware of how the Universe created the atmosphere to awaken the warriors in us all. It is a sacred call to action. The Universe is sipping her tea, aligning the destruction of what is no longer serving us to create the space for lasting change. She is Hekate Brimo, she is fierce. She is a force that is calling us to rise in fierceness too. This is sacred.

The Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

May her life be for a blessing

– AND –

A Revolution

Instead of mourning the loss of a human, an icon, a champion for equality, and a symbolic embodiment of evolution of thought, I and many of my peers, mentors, and closest friends felt two things: fear and outrage.

Upon her departure from this physical world, I knew I would feel anger and a deep sadness.

Anger and sadness are a normal part of grieving, but that is not what I felt. I felt outrage for the very real possibility that this small woman, who was large enough to hold the line for us all these years, was the only thing keeping our democracy in check and taking the slowest of slow steps forward for humanity in the USA. My outrage grew. Within an hour of her death, the government officials were looking to replace her swiftly with those who would seek to dismantle her legacy.

Photo and Projection Credit: Daniel Scully

As if her life’s work was nothing important to humanity in general. Like she was not fundamentally crucial in the laws for equality and the laws surrounding body autonomy. Choices. The fundamental right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. Including marginalized groups of people not privileged enough to have a seat at the table automatically by the majority of those who are still holding the power.

I do not know how else to feel other than outraged.

Outrage is also sacred.

When forward progress and change are hindered, we understand the sacredness of righteous rage, integrity, and connection to ourselves and others more than ever…

Silence and Stillness with Outrage

A part of the Witch’s pyramid is to be silent. This is a lesson on discernment- of knowing when to keep silent and when to take loud action (or be still). When I sat with my outrage for a moment, when I became still, I began to really understand the underlying theme that this outrage was bringing. Not only am I experiencing cognitive dissonance or a jolt of imbalance to my own integrity, but also that I am passionate about how much is still going on in 2020 that demands attention and requires action.

Photo by Author

It is an act of trust to know when it is time to no longer stay silent and complicit.

It is an act of being fully in our power to make the choice to act and speak out. A witch’s mind and her voice are both forms of power – they are energy. It is sacred to know where to focus our energy and act, to use our voice. We must also understand that fear and outrage are not just feelings, but also carry energy. That energy can radically transform us and our environment through our actions. I am here for it.

It is all sacred.

Integrity, Love, and Outrage

When I originally wrote about Integrity, I did not know just how much this year would become an unprecedented time of revolutionary rebellion against the structures and rules that have kept us small, untrusting, and unsure. The very lack of integrity by the highest positions of authority in this land have made me question everything except this: I know my Goddesses and I know their calls. I know how to heal, I know it is going to take all of us to heal our society, and it will take us all choosing to act upon this outrage by using the energy of love for our planet and society in general.

Found on Facebook ~ Still looking for who to credit this work to! Let me know if you know!

It is still a revolutionary act of rebellion to stand up for the good of all in 2020. If you are feeling fear and outrage – I see you. You are not alone. That energy, those feelings, it is time to stop being silent and being still about them.

This openness, it is a choice in where to take a stand that will lead you to connect with others who are consciously choosing the betterment of society.

It will lead you on a journey that will be felt a thousand years from now, when history teaches about the rise of the people taking their power back and working together. Let history show us rising to remove the fear, the hatred, and the division of this society and transform it into love, equality, and compassion for all of this earth and humanity.

Photo Credit: Maxim Potkin via Unsplash

We Rise Together

We are rising. When this year began, I knew my guide would be the wolf and trust was going to be the currency for the year. It has been the year of the wolf, joining a pack of like-minded and passionate humans, and collectively baring our teeth for other humans that do not have the opportunity to do the same for themselves.

Now more than ever, she is calling us to rise and we hear her.

Outrage, The Luminaries, and Action

The luminaries, those beautiful sources of light in our sky: The Sun and The Moon. They also send an energy and we also house that energy within us. I have done my healing under the Moon, listening and trusting in who I am and how it relates to my emotional self. I have been receptive to her energy, I have embraced it, and learned how my emotions engage my thoughts and my heart as she reflects the sun onto me.

Photo by ActionVance via Unsplash

The Sun, the center of our universe, is also the center within me. It is what I call our heartspace. It is in fact a sensing organ with its own magnetic field and in the energy of outrage – we may begin to sense that we must outwardly act in ways that align with who we are (sun) and what we feel (moon). It is a lesson on our own inner balance and how that stacks up against our outward world. Many of us feel the outrage here because our sun, moon, and society are not in balance. Not even close. There is no other way to bring it back into balance without change.

May the luminaries light the way for our actions

We all have gifts

It is what makes us human and unique.

We are hearing this call to action and maybe we just are not sure where to use our gifts nor where to begin ensuring that we are in sacred alignment and fully balanced. This is not just a call to activism, donating time, or donating money (although those things do help and tend to make a big impact – any amount of time or money is helpful! I personally donate to the ACLU).

This is a call to continue taking an inventory personally, too.

Here are a few things that I have begun my own journey to making a difference with:

  • Where are you spending your money? Do some research.
    • The companies you spend with, where do they spend their money?
    • Are they lobbying for things you believe in?
    • Who are they financing? This is public information: Who donates, how much, and who those funds are sent to.
    • Who are their suppliers and where are they located?
    • This includes your 501c donations, it is public record where the money goes.

  • Can you make a personal change in where you spend your money? Buying local or buying from historically marginalized small businesses trickles down and ripples out this way:
    • You spend an additional $10 a week at a local black-owned store that will use that money to pay for her daughter’s piano lessons.
    • 15 years later this daughter is a highly known musical artist that has inspired millions.
    • 30 years later, we find out that one of those people she touched became a professor of music and psychology, a leading world expert on the use of music as a modality of healing.
    • 45 years later, humankind is learning healing has a holistic methodology and is not a pseudoscience.

You literally changed the entire world. THE WHOLE WORLD. You sparked the change. The energy of outrage turned into love. Do I have your attention?

Photo Credit: Ali Pazani via Unsplash
  • Can you make a change in the home or the types of products that you use for more eco-friendly options? This can be so fulfilling, and it does not have to be big changes – baby steps lead to long journeys!

  • Are there groups near you that support causes you are passionate about? Consider reaching out and seeing how you could help. This is a sacred space of connection to others. This promotes healing of self and fosters community through taking local action.

  • Cast your spells, your new moon intentions, and then make the plans to help your spells manifest into results for your passion projects surrounding activism. Need help with the plans once your spell is cast? Reach out!
Credit: Signe Wilkinson via Twitter

A candle and a key (we are all RBG),


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  1. This is such a wonderful post. I love how you’ve talked about channeling outrage into impactful actions that enable us to lift each other up. So timely and resonant.

    1. Thank you Evelyn! I find that by transmuting our fury into actions based around love, we can make our fury truly sacred. I am hoping that it becomes the medicine that more of us adopt in the coming days ~ we are going to need it!

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