Revelation of Societal Awakening

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As the world is collectively scrambling to contain and mitigate the pandemic that has become of COVID-19, I am watching many things play out in front of my eyes. The concern, the fear, the panic, the anxiety. I am no stranger to those feelings, but what I am doing is taking an inventory of what I am seeing and how I react to it. Fear-based survival instincts are beginning to kick in for many as they realize the importance of truthful and transparent government (and that some of us aren’t privy to it), of the people that make up our society, and of logistics in all forms. Closures of schools, whole cities and countries, the forced containment, and the inability of our health care systems to provide care or mitigate the outbreak is bringing about an awakening. I am hopeful is a direct reflection of what our collective society as a human race desperately needs.

There was a question earlier that provoked immense gratitude in the way the Universe speaks to me. The World Soul coming to me through this question and speaking through me to provide an answer that is now this article. That question was, “is this how our beautiful society crumbles?” and there are many variations of that question that I have seen recently. She came for tea and did not disappoint! The answer she gave me was: NO.

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Awareness and logic are proving to be some of my strong points today. As the masses seem to be flocking to grocery stores for items that are not going to help them when they are hungry or not feeling well, I am noticing a shift in thought process and buying habits. The fear of lack or the hopes of reselling or price gouging for profit are beginning to wane, but there is something else that is happening, and it made me realize that people are remembering. They are waking up. They are rising. She is rising. She has been rising. She has been calling her healers and witches to action for moments like these, when the rest of society needs hope in the face of a crisis – to remember, to awaken, to rise, and become.

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The shift is amazing, I am seeing the local people step up and offer food, I am seeing communities come together in a time when government has no idea how to get things done. While politicians are in the capital trying to figure out money and solutions, we are here as communities coming together offering eggs, milk from cows, home made soaps and shampoos, tips for gardens, and general help or well-being checks. I am seeing kindness and concern. I am watching social media light up with people on balconies playing music for the collective whole, separated and in containment, but wholly coming together. I am witnessing communities being grateful for what they have instead of what they don’t, I am witnessing kindness, I am witnessing gratitude, I am witnessing a pause and a slow down to experience joy in the little things and acts of service to others. I am witnessing both the best and worst of humanity, but the best outshines all of it. People who are fortunate to have access to things, offering up a bit of what they have, to help others.

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Here is the biggest shift I am seeing: stores sell out of seed and soil. I am seeing stores sell out of teas and thyme. I am seeing grandchildren calling grandma about a cough syrup, about getting the corn to grow, about how to work the land. I am seeing people research methods of producing their own food for the very first time. Touching the land for the first time with their hands and feet. Of stopping and taking in the smells of the Earth because there is enough time to pause.  The Universe is not trying to take us back 100 years, she is trying to bring us back together to make us stronger in community and grounded in the Earth, she is working to awaken us again to the things that matter. It’s you. It’s me. It is all the gifts that each person possesses to bring to the table of oneness. A society in unison. It’s how we connect to others because that is how we thrive. It is how we heal. It is how we become a society to be proud of again. It is how we thrive instead of just survive. The resounding answer from the Universe is No. That this is not how we crumble, this is how we rise. Together.

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Take a moment to breathe and look around. See if you can see the shift. See if you can connect to the feeling of togetherness in your community. Social isolation doesn’t mean we cannot call, that we cannot sit outside, that we cannot offer ourselves to the service of others in ways that only we are capable of – even if that gift is just listening. It doesn’t mean we have to be full of fear and anxiety. It doesn’t mean we need to go buy everything right this moment. It does mean that we must take care of ourselves and each other by using logic. Washing our hands, staying home when we can, taking effective precautions to contain the spread of the virus so our hospitals can provide care, and providing with and for our communities as we can. Be human. Remember. Awaken. Rise. Become. The only thing crumbling away is that which no longer serves our higher good.   

A candle and a key (for Humanity),


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