RAW’s Modern Guide to Summer Solstice

Today, in the Northern Hemisphere we are celebrating Summer Solstice and no matter how we refer to the day that our Earth has her Northern Pole tilted toward the sun, it is a special day for many!

Meeting & Melding

There are so many references to historical practices for Summer Solstice and what it meant to our ancestors. This is important because that is a tether that connects us all and it is why many of us feel our witchcraft is home. While not all historical practices still fit for us today, there has been a great deal of joy brought forward by the meeting and melding of historical practices with my own flavor of witchcraft. At this crossroads, I can honor my connection to the past and remain true to my practice by incorporating rituals that are meaningful to me now.

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Meeting ‘Now’

On this longest day of the year, I am choosing to meet the moment of ‘now’. As I type, I am aware of the smell of coffee in my cup. The two laptops in front of me. The dogs cuddled up on the couch. The sunshine coming in through the window in my kitchen. I can feel my toes. I have everything I need. Right now.

For me it’s about honoring the abundance that is already here. Now. In a society that continues to push the narrative of scarcity and lack being a character problem – I honor the day by using what I have already. This looks different for everyone, but there is a theme of gratitude and deep connection to the fire that gives life.

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Connecting to Fire

Abundance and fertility have historically been our ritual themes of connecting with the pattern of life on Earth during this time of year. Many locations celebrate with bonfires, gatherings, food and cheer. While pandemic restrictions have eased in many places, I still hold a little caution for gatherings and have chosen for the third year to celebrate with my little people and partner at home. Here are the ways we are meeting abundance, fire, and gratitude this Summer Solstice:

Fire and Fruit

Today we are celebrating the fire of plants, represented by flowers in bloom. We celebrate the abundance and gratitude of local fruits and veggies by eating fresh foods – ones we harvest ourselves is really meaningful, but even getting something from someone local is still a meaningful connection to this energy. Going out with the kids to harvest strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries is an amazing way to connect with this fecundity and abundance.

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Open the Door

Open the front door to be exact! Today is the day that I open my front door and do a little extra to draw in the full feeling of right now, of peace, and of calm. I will sit with it for a moment. Then grab a small bowl with rosemary and mint water to wash off the door. It allows me to have a balance with the water while cleansing away anything preventing abundance from entering my home. The kids love to do this with the doors to their rooms too.


Lastly, in my practice, finding balance is important. It is not just about the outward celebration of abundance and gratitude or drawing more of it into my home. What about my inner fire? How is my inner flame? What do I need?

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I choose this day to take a ritual bath, balancing fire with water. I wrap rosemary and mint bundles from the backyard and hang over the shower bar, I crush a little to use as incense that I light as I get into the water to wrap up my Summer Solstice celebration. It is a time for personal gratitude and creating this space of balance for myself is directly tied to my ability to navigate with my own inner flame forward for the rest of the summer season.

Blessings to All

It is my hope that however you choose to celebrate the Fire of Summer Solstice, that it is blessed with abundance, gratitude, connection, and meaning. May the energy of the day serve you and others well!

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