Autumn Equinox: A Bridge to the Wisdom of the Dark

This article has been updated as of 09/12/2023!

Before you meet me at the cauldron (and before the ancestors greet us with open arms), we must prepare to cross the bridge that the Autumn Equinox puts into place. All equinoxes and solstices are powerful because they highlight a change, a turning of the wheel that is the natural, cyclical order. However, I find this one to hold a particular potency.

Photo by Francesco Sgura via Pexels ~ Are you brave enough to cross the bridge?
When courage requires we act in unison, are you able to align with the deep, dark feminine that calls you forward with rest of us?

As we move into Libra, we know it isn’t just about the air of change being swept in. Nor is it just about looking at the balance of our lives as we stand at the center.

No. There is more.

It isn’t just about what we need. It feels deeply rooted in relationship, in our way of being, and how we must shift into our places of impact together. This time, it is more than the scales and winds of change that is the Equinox. The Dark Moon in Virgo with a trine to Uranus and Mercury (ruler of Virgo) stationing direct in Virgo make it the crossroads we’ve been waiting for. It is an alignment for unified but innovative action: initiating us into ownership of our journey, realigning with purpose and intent, and the courage to pivot in relationship to humanity – not just ourselves.

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Are you brave enough to cross the bridge?

Are you brave enough to be the bridge?

Review, Reset, & Rebalance

There was an image that kept popping into my dreams for a few weeks, it was our Goddess of Justice, but in pillar form as the Goddess looking three ways. Wielding the scales, a sword, and in one hand the blindfold that has been removed from her eyes is wrapped around a torch. This image revealed to me that rituals and rhythms are important, so is our ability to change them based on intuition. Below, you will find a practice and prompts that will allow us to look three ways during our liminal time of reviewing, resetting, and rebalancing in preparation for the season of the witch.

Conjuring Our Images


As a part of reviewing, we look to where we have been this year. Pull out your journal and review the last year. For each month, write down one word themes that seem to be present and speak to you. Create an image for each month that captures these one word themes perfectly to you, it could be a sigil, or you could create a small board for each month with images you find.

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Once you have your review complete, we can reset. Like my own image of the triple Goddess, we are going to look both ways while standing at center and owning it. Here are some questions or prompts that may be helpful:

  • If I had to combine all of the images and themes for each month, what would the major theme be for this year for myself?
  • Are there any patterns that I did not notice that are now clear?
  • How many themes were present that involved others and justice?
  • Are there any themes that feel like side journeys or loose ends?
  • Is there anything that feels like clutter or themes that are present but do not fit (what stole my focus from important things?)?
  • Were there any themes that moved me to action, especially those that were not just about me?
  • At what points did I feel the most abundant and what were the major themes present during those times?
  • What feels unfinished?
  • What feels imbalanced?
  • What feels like loss and is it personal or does it involve humanity at a larger level too?
  • What ways have I contributed to or been responsible for some of these things that feel like losses?
  • After taking this inventory and reviewing the last year, in what ways am I prepared to navigate the bridge into the dark?
  • What am I willing to sacrifice as a bridge to personal growth?
  • What am I willing to sacrifice as a bridge to the growth of humanity?
  • In what ways have I been the bridge?
Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA via Pexels ~ Could the name of the photo taker be coincidence?


Rebalancing during this time is the pivot to the present and the future.

  • What can I harvest or cull that will clear up the clutter and allow greater focus on both personal growth and my own collaboration/connection with others?
  • Where am I needing to revision or repurpose my journey?
  • What is not in alignment for an initiation into the wisdom waiting in the darkness?
  • What am I wanting to learn?
  • What is my intention for the next year?
  • In what ways am I seeking more clarity and about what specifically?
  • What actions can I take to reset, repurpose, or revision my current path to one that I feel fully aligned with?
  • In what ways am I prepared to meet moments that require action for the good of all even when that may be challenging?
  • In what ways do I see the world pivoting and how am I pivoting to meet it?
  • Do I feel the need to pivot hard and if so, where?

This Autumn Equinox of the northern hemisphere is going to be an initiation, the beautiful Dark Moon as a torchbearer leading us to the bridge that we will need cross ourselves but with each other in lock step. The wisdom that we find there is sure to call us together more than it ever has, and we can plant the seeds of the next season in unison.

A Candle & A Key,


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