Retrogrades and the Turning of the Wheel

Astrology has intrigued me for many years and there is a fundamental knowing that the planets impact the Earth. To think that they would not also impact humans seems like a fallacy. Currently, we have many planets in retrograde (when it appears to be moving backward). What is a witch to do when that happens as the wheel of the year is turning?

Reflect, discern, and pivot where necessary!

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The turning of the wheel towards Autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere) or Spring (Southern Hemisphere) reminds me that it is a great time to reflect over the last season as we prepare to enter a new one. With retrogrades, it is a great time to reflect upon when that planet was last in the zodiac sign it is currently in (or the last time it was in retrograde). It is entirely possible that those same things personally experienced may be making an appearance again. It comes at a perfect time, because we are turning the wheel already where we may need to discern a deeper truth and pivot where necessary.

As a side note, it is in these moments where journaling and keeping our own personal records become important.

A common understanding of planets in retrograde is Mercury (because it happens often). Here are a few questions to ask ourselves:

  • When was Mercury last retrograde?
  • What was going on our practice and in our life at that time?
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Discernment is an important tool of the witch. It means to have “the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure” or hidden (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Etymology from reveals “Its base word, the verb discern, derives from the Latin term discernere, meaning “to separate” or “to divide,” from dis-, meaning “apart,” and cernere, “toseparate”.” From, “krei” is the “Proto-Indo-European root meaning “to sieve,” thus “discriminate, distinguish”.”

In searching for deeper wisdom and truth, we must know that it’s made up of logic and intuition. The embodiment of both, paired with lived experiences, guide us in our ability to translate the world around us and impact our decisions. Our discernment and intuitive foresight may have driven us to act in ways we may not have completely understood (certain decisions or purchases made or even sacred conversations had), but now, in retrograde season, make perfect sense. We also may look back on our journals and recognize a theme that we are in fact revisiting now.

It may come up that we need to pivot just like the planets that are in retrograde.

While it may feel like we’re going backwards, it is with an understanding that it is the only way forward too.

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The Pivot

We see it in the world: the death of the Queen, Ukraine retaking land in their battle torn country and Russia forced to retreat, the great return of unionization in the US (believe it is Chipotle unionizing), and even in the personal lives of many of my closest friends and witches.

If we stand in the space of reflection and discernment as the wheel turns, we recognize that our toes are in that liminal space ready to pivot. For those working with Spider, it is her time of pause before she tears down her web, unweaves one portion, or reweaves in a different direction. Sometimes spider will disappear altogether. She looks for a new place and space to call her own where she will weave differently. I’ve been watching her, noticing the shift in her patterns as well. They match our own.

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Bring it Together

The moments of reflection, discernment, and pivot points give way to clarity. This is information that we can use to determine our future path of growth, and a deep sense of gratitude for where we’ve been. As eclipse season and the equinox approaches, it’s the time of harvesting what we can – of being abundant, and the space between this season and the next. What will we need to release and what will we continue to cultivate? Do we need to pivot hard? Is there a balance to be found? Whatever keys are to be yours, I hope they make their way to you now.

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