The Importance of Sacred Conversations

Revelations of a Witch has long been my personal creative venture surrounding my craft. It’s about what I have learned, what I observe, how I experiment, and document my pursuit of purpose, magic, and passion. It can be especially helpful for other people who are deepening their practice, just curious, or looking for new perspectives.

I don’t do it for money or fame.

It’s a time capsule of the sacred that I am. My words are powerful and so are yours. Written or spoken, our words have the ability to transform each other, uplift, or tear down. In our words lives a sacredness that manifests as connection. However, far too few of us are connecting through that lens.

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Sacred Spaces

In the Witch world, there is so much wisdom and also a lot of comparison: Who is better at being a Witch, who is actually reclaiming the word and living it, who is a Professional Witch (and then the looking down upon them because they make their living that way and live a comfortable life). These are all human tendencies, and for Witches it helps us and it harms us. When looking for where we fit, who can we connect to with like-mindedness, and who has magic similar to ours, it may feel a lot like acceptance and belonging. It feels safe.

To be honest, I don’t blame, shame, or want to guilt anyone for searching for safe.

Look around, look at the last 3 years, we all need our safe spaces. However, it can harm us when we are unable to be curious, unable to have a differing opinion or perspective, and unable to speak up because what makes that space safe sometimes becomes a place lacking growth. In those spaces, it lacks a certain sovereignty and personal accountability in a time when the divine feminine is no longer asking that we reclaim it – she is requiring it. It’s going to require sacred spaces and sacred conversations.

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Sacred Conversations

Aside from the sacredness of connecting deeply with others (which should be enough), there are other important considerations for sacred conversations: differing perspectives, learning experiences, new ideas, and growth with grace and gratitude.

Differing Perspectives

People are diverse. We go through life perceiving the world as it is for us:

  • the interactions we’ve had with others
  • the spaces and places we live, work, and play
  • our education, our parents, and our ability to survive/thrive

If we take into consideration that another person may see the exact same scenario and process or perceive it differently than we do (and let’s be real, we’ve all had those moments!), then communicating from a place of truth is sacred. Even if the perspective is different than our own, neither are invalid. When we take time in sacred conversation to listen, instead of trying to prove we are correct or our way of thought/perception is the only way, we create a connection of wisdom and belongingness that is powerful. Sacred conversations aren’t about winning. It’s about learning.

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Learning Experiences

Another important feature of sacred conversations is the ample opportunity to learn and grow, even if that means letting go! So often I see or have been impacted this inability to let go of a person, place, idea, or vision because we don’t want to get real. Not getting real, not having that conversation, not being uncomfortable for a moment, not pivoting, or waiting for the “right time” is the biggest roadblock to our own growth and our purpose. Maybe the learning experience is that not everyone is meant to go with you on your path. Maybe our passion and purpose that we envisioned has changed. The learning experiences are vast, and if we keep allowing things, people, and places not meant for us to take up that space then there isn’t space for what is meant for us.

Photo via Pixabay ~ Sometimes we will have to traverse the path alone.

New Ideas

When we pivot towards the sacred and sacred conversations, the muse will sometimes appear with new ideas, new ways of processing our world, and really big magic. I’ve watched as someone listened to another person speak about her flavor of magic and instead of the space for criticism (or the dreaded “you do magic wrong”), the sacred space provided an openness for curiosity to take up residence instead. I watched the excitement build during the exchange, the connections taking place, and it was absolutely glorious to watch both people learning from each other.

Photo by via Pexels ~ Sometimes those sacred conversations don’t go as planned.

Grace & Gratitude

Not every Sacred Conversation is going to go well.


Even those of us with a great deal of clarity or tact are not immune to miscommunication or misperceptions. This is especially true with the written word because it lacks tone, facial expressions, and other non-written/verbal cues. It can lead to defensiveness. When we become defensive, we need to understand what triggers it and why it feels like a personal attack because it hinders our ability to continue with a sacred conversation.

If it feels like a personal attack, we need to meet that moment with a mutual understanding that it is a reflection of everyone involved.

When we can understand that, we are also open to giving a bit of grace to ourselves and to others. Many times what feels like a personal attack is one person wants to be seen or heard, or they’re telling us what they need from us. And here’s the deal: sometimes it’s something we’re are unable to provide. If it requires that we step away, that’s ok. If it requires a change that is difficult, that’s an opportunity to show up and take personal responsibility (that’s growth!). Learning to have a little grace with each other goes a long way and allows gratitude for the learning experience or different perspectives to make an appearance.

Photo via Pixabay ~ This is an initiation into alignment to change the landscape of the societies in which we live.

Not a Request

The divine feminine has made it clear (in so many ways) that she’s no longer asking for us to align in sacred spaces and have sacred conversations. Building alignment through discourse and connecting with others (even when there is no agreement to be had) is a requirement of the change we want to see in ourselves, each other, and in society. We are more powerful together and we become more sovereign and strategic too. So clear the space, have the conversations, connect with each other authentically, and watch the landscape of lives change.

A candle & a key,


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