The Spring of Spirit and Soul

We all know the story of Hekate guiding Persephone back to the land of the alive from her underworld throne and Demeter gave the spirit of spring back to the natural world. In celebration the land began to bloom and became prosperous. I weave the story slightly differently for myself, having made my own Persephone Journey and the Supreme Hekate guiding me back to my own Spring of the Spirit and Soul. The wheel does not spin without Her.

I know Spring has arrived when these types of arrangements are abundant at the local store – Photo by Author

Hekate Kyria

I have been feeling it in my bones and in my veins as the sunshine comes back out to play. As I am watching the plants show signs of budding and growth, I become aware of it. It is a feeling there – the urge. Simmering. It has slipped slowly into my consciousness and I am preparing for it to spring forth like the bursting of flowers into bloom.

It is my own Spring of the Soul, a becoming, the desire to have my hands full of dirt, to celebrate out in the sunshine, to be with the wilderness coming back to life after a very deep, dark, and cold winter.

Much like Persephone, I met Hekate in the cave. She brought her medicine to guide me gloriously back into the land of the alive and I feel my Spring of Spirit fully connected to Hekate Kyria, as I watch the plants also get ready for the celebration of spring. I too, am becoming and I too, am Kyria.

The Spring Welcoming

A process full of meaning and gratitude – Photo by Author

For the Home

I like to kick it off the return of the sun with a meditation to get into balance and with the besom! I decorate a cinnamon besom and sprinkle some of my Spring Connection to Wholeness incense blend in the fireplace and on the hearth altar. I use this same blend to dress my working candles for the season. The decoration of this besom is done with gratitude and placed over the hearth to invite in the magic, abundance, and the passion of the Spring Season. Many also go through a period of “spring cleaning” as well, you can check out more on cleaning your most sacred spaces here.

For the Spirit

The Spring Connection to Wholeness Blend

Spirit is about my connection to the divine, to Hekate Kyria. This is a blend of powerful allies, drawing together the wholeness of the underworld, middle world, and upper world energies for wholeness of the Supreme Mother while honoring the relationships I have built with these allies. The allies invite in passion, the ability to see in the liminal places where we can learn and grow, and the ability to manifest or bloom where we are. Keep in mind the recipe below was enough for sprinkling the hearth altar, dress 3 working candles, and some to burn as incense as an offering to Hekate and to welcome in the season. I included the incantation for each plant spirit that I used too. It is important to direct the correspondences, this is next level witchcraft.

Note: Please substitute as you feel led and practice all safety precautions related to health indications, contraindications, and fire hazards.

What was leftover to burn – Photo by Author

Plant allies:

Lavender – 3 TBSP

  • I call upon you Lavender, as the base of my blend, to help me be here now and the blessings to transcend.

Benzoin – 3 small pieces of resin

  • I call upon you Benzoin, to welcome in spring, opening the third eye to the celebration of the fire and wholeness it brings.

Clove – ¼ tsp

  • I call upon you Clove, celebrating the return of the sun, to illuminate my knowing and prosperity, may they be one.

Cinnamon – ¼ tsp

  • I call upon you Cinnamon, wielding a Spring of inspiration, passion, and fire, to stand in my magic with realized desire.

Frankincense – 2 small pieces

  • I call upon you Frankincense, in this season of growth and rebirth, may this transformation be filled with mirth.

Myrrh – 2 small pieces

  • I call upon you Myrrh, bringing in continued transformation, protection, and wealth, I know you will do it and with great stealth.

Mugwort – ¼ tsp

  • I call upon you Mighty Mugwort, my liminal guide, increasing the clairs and my knowing, together this mixture will abide.

Sage – ¼ tsp

  • I call upon you Sage, the stabilizing protector of knowledge, peace, and power, bind this mix as the connection to a springtime wholeness this very hour.

For the Soul

What I love about traditions the most is that they have a tendency to evolve, just like us. For me, the soul is our embodied fire and I want something to light up my senses. Usually this time of year I am able to find cherimoya at a world market near me, and I cut it up and place it in white sparkling wine. Maybe next year I will return to the Spirit of the Spritzer, but this year, I chose to go with a special carbonated Passion & Purpose Potion.

Slightly tart, but so refreshing! Photo by Author

Passion & Purpose Potion


Dried hibiscus flowers – for passion and focus

Cinnamon – for inspiration

Orange peel – make the fire burn a little hotter, from passion to creation…it burns hotter with orange!

Rosehips – to attract abundance

Elderberries – blessings and power for purpose

Pineapple juice – Achievement and happiness, but also of hospitality and travel (I am looking forward to getting back to that travel thing…)

Honey – sweet, sweet abundance, prosperity, and wisdom (also the love kind of passion)

Club Soda – Wanted it for the fizz, but thinking of fizz, we see bubbles coming to the surface – so I am going with manifestation on this one.


  • First make a tea with hibiscus flowers, cinnamon, orange peel, rosehips, and elderberries. I didn’t measure these out exactly, but here is how I pinched it out:
    • 2-finger pinch of hibiscus
    • two shakes of cinnamon from a container
    • small two-finger pinch of dried orange peel
    • 3-finger pinch of rosehips
    • 6 elderberries

Pour 8 oz of boiling water over and let it steep for 10 minutes and strain.

  • Add 3 TBSP of honey and mix well.
  • Add ½ cup of pineapple juice and mix.
  • Add ½ cup of club soda.

Once mixed, serve over ice! (I will add that I made a second batch with some mint…it was pretty good too!)

A blessing, from my home to yours ~ Photo by Author

Breathe in the Season

I find myself able to take a big, deep, calming breath when Spring returns! This is just a little glimpse into how my family welcomes Spring and magic into our homes (and bodies) on the Spring Equinox, I will save the Lavender and Lemon egg custard for next year!

What are your sacred rituals for welcoming Spring into your home, your soul, and your spirit?

May you be well blessed and the spark ignited for whatever you will be blooming into this season!

A candle and a key,


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