Finding the Medicine of Scorpio

This month has so far found me being rebellious, my inner observer seeming to become more challenging. After the new moon in Scorpio, many of us may feel overly sensitive to our own thoughts, feelings, or actions that may not fit into a societal status quo. The upcoming Mars transit in Scorpio, especially when squaringContinue reading “Finding the Medicine of Scorpio”

Initiation into Witchcraft: 5 Things to Know

Witchcraft is not a hobby.
You can have all the shiny things you want. You can have the aesthetic even! Just remember this honest warning: collecting is not connecting. You can collect 50 tarot decks, 35 stones, buy all the books, and collect herbs with the intention of using it all for spellwork or rituals. However, rituals and spells versus successful rituals and spells are not the same things. Successful rituals and spells require work and that type of work does not stop.

Magic and Medicine of Edges: Under the Oak Tree

I added a hammock to my backyard recently. If I am being truthful, it was my partner’s idea and we set out to make it happen. A day later I was wrapped in a cocoon of parachute material at the edge of our property enjoying the breeze and swaying ever so gently. My Goddess broughtContinue reading “Magic and Medicine of Edges: Under the Oak Tree”

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