Everyday Magic: The Pendulum

When the Pendulum speaks, what voice do you hear? When the Pendulum speaks, does the answer come forth loud and clear? When the Pendulum speaks, can you feel the liminal near? When the Pendulum speaks, do you feel curiosity or fear? The pendulum is one of many tools a witch may use in magic orContinue reading “Everyday Magic: The Pendulum”

Everyday Magic: Balance

With the sun in Libra, that sign holding the symbol of the scales, the timing seems perfect to speak on balance and the interplay between our internal and external world that we are living in. It is common to find ourselves restless or in our own righteous rage these days. How do we balance ourselvesContinue reading “Everyday Magic: Balance”

Magic and Medicine of Edges: Under the Oak Tree

I added a hammock to my backyard recently. If I am being truthful, it was my partner’s idea and we set out to make it happen. A day later I was wrapped in a cocoon of parachute material at the edge of our property enjoying the breeze and swaying ever so gently. My Goddess broughtContinue reading “Magic and Medicine of Edges: Under the Oak Tree”

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